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Mark Antony 

Born as Marcus Antonius, Mark Antony was a politician and Roman general who performed the significant task in reforming the Republic of Rome. He is located on the Bible Timeline with History starting around 83 BC. From being an oligarchy, the Roman Empire became autocratic, with the help of Mark Antony. Antony was one of Julius Caesar‘s main supporters, he even served as a military commander for Caesar. Eventually, Antony was appointed by Caesar to become Italy’s administrator. He successfully eliminated some his opponents in politics in various locations including Spain, North Africa and Greece. In 44 BC, Antony decided to join Marcus Lepidus after Caesar was assassinated. Octavian, Marcus Lepidus and Mark Antony formed the Second Triumvirate. This group performed numerous tasks, specifically the fight against the Liberatores, a group of people who murdered Caesar. It was in 42 BC when the Liberatores were defeated, in the Battle of Philippi. Afterwards, the Roman Republic was divided among the three members of the Second Triumvirate. Antony ruled the eastern provinces of Rome, as well as Ptolemaic Egypt that was under the reign of Queen Cleopatra. Eventually, there were problems that existed among the members of the Triumvirate due to the hunger for political power. Octavian and Antony were in a civil war, although this is as averted when Antony decided to marry Octavia, who was Octavian’s sister. However, Antony remained in a relationship with Cleopatra, even though he was already married to Octavia.

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In 33 BC, the Triumvirate broke up; this was caused largely by a civil war that existed between Antony and Octavian. The Roman Senate declared Queen Cleopatra and Antony traitors to the Republic. In the Battle of Actium Octavian successfully defeated Antony. After the war, Antony went back to Egypt with Cleopatra, and he decided to commit suicide. This left Octavian as the ruler of Rome; he later obtained the title “Augustus”.

Further Details about Antony

Antony was skilled in the military, and this was evident when he joined Aulus Gabinius’ military staff, in 57 BC. He was appointed as the chief of the cavalry. This marked the start of his career in the military. Antony gained his very first distinctions in the military when he secured his victory at Machaerus and Alexandrium.

Mark Antony and Cleopatra

While Octavian ruled the western portion of Rome, Lepidus was the head of Africa. As for Mark Antony, he was assigned in the southern part of Turkey. At this time, he expressed his love for Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. This resulted in a romance between the two, and it led to an alliance that worked to his advantage in defending the eastern provinces.

Fulvia and Lucius decided to rebel against Octavian, in 40 BC. Antony had no choice but to go back to Italy. While on his way to Italy, Antony learned that Fulvia died. Soon after, there was a reconciliation between Octavian and Antony, and the latter decided to marry Octavia.

Antony’s marriage did not stop him from keeping his romance and alliance with the queen of Egypt. He also tried to gain sufficient funds that would support his planned campaigns in Judea. However, Cleopatra took this as a way for her to become even more powerful. The two remained in their love affair until Antony killed himself after losing the battle with Octavian.

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