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Octavianus First Caesar 

Octavianus was the main heir of the Roman Julius Caesar he can be located on the Biblical Timeline Poster with History starting 31 BC. His career started when he supported Caesar during the Spanish expedition that was held in 46 BC. When Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC, he returned to Rome. At age 19, the young Octavius was appointed as consul, and he was soon known as Octavian.

As a child, Octavian lived a comfortable life. His father was Gaius Octavius, who was a senator. His mother was the daughter of Julius Caesar’s sister. Thus, his family had an honorable and distinguished lineage because of his parents, specifically his mother.

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Octavian was handsome and possessed grace, although he was of short stature with poor health. Many people considered him as somewhat cruel during his younger years, yet he was regarded as quite mild as he grew older. Primarily, this change in character was brought about by his more stable political position, thus the less need for him to express brutality. Octavian was also more tolerant of negative comments or criticism given to him, and he had a good sense of humor. He fond of playing dice, and most people knew him as someone who gave money to guests so that they could place their bets.

‘The Death of Caesar, by Jean-Léon Gérôme’

As a husband, Octavian was not quite faithful. He was married to Livia Drusilla. Nevertheless, he was devoted to Livia despite his unfaithfulness. Octavian also had strict moral attitudes, which caused him to put into exile his granddaughter and daughter who went against these principles. In 46 BC, Octavian supported Julius Caesar during the Spanish expedition, and he did this even when he suffered from an unstable health condition. He was also supposed to handle an important role as a senior military commander of the Parthian expedition, in 44 BC. At this time, Octavian was only 18 years of age.

Octavianus, Augustus Gaius.

Octavian learned that Caesar was assassinated, and this prompted him to head back to Rome. His main goal was to avenge Caesar and defeat those who have murdered him. However, upon reaching Rome, he met with Marcus Lepidus and Mark Antony, who wanted amnesty and compromise.

Along with Marcus Lepidus and Mark Antony, Octavian formed Rome’s second triumvirate. The senate of Rome was forced to give these three individuals consular power that would last for five years. Prior to executing revenge on the people who killed Caesar, the triumvirate successfully killed or sent into exile about 2000 equestrians and 300 senators.

As a Leader

At a certain point in history, Rome was under so much chaos and insecurity that there was constant violence throughout the land. Hence, Octavian decided to change this situation by improving the military conditions in Rome. He obtained the support of soldiers that protected Rome by giving land to about 100,000 veterans situated in Italy. Octavian also succeeded in forming a navy and army.

The triumvirate was soon abolished, and Octavian became the consul. By 27 BC, Octavian took the name Augustus, which made his even more powerful than the governors in Rome.

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