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Eusebius, the Great Ecclesiastical

Eusebius, who is also referred to as Eusebius Pamphili or Eusebius of Caesarea, was a renowned Christian polemicist and historian. He also served as the bishop of the Caesarean centers during 314 AD where he is listed on the Bible Timeline with World History. However, his greatest contribution was when he wrote the Ecclesiastical History, which was one of the books he has produced.

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Interesting Facts about Eusebius

When Agapius completed his term as bishop of Caesarea, he was succeeded by Eusebius. This brilliant man took a special role during the Council of Nicaea, which was in 325 AD. Emperor Constantine considered Eusebius as a wise and noble man, and it was one of the reasons why the latter was chosen to present his own creed to the 318 attendees during the Council. One of Eusebius’ powerful opponents was Athanasius of Alexandria. At the synod held in Caesarea in 334, Athanasius was summoned to attend, but he refused to do so. During the year after that, he was requested to take part in the synod, in Tyre. It was in this event that Eusebius of Caesaria was tasked to preside. Athanasius was able to foresee the possible result of this situation, and he proceeded to Constantinople to speak about this matter to the emperor. Afterwards, Constantine summoned the bishops including Eusebius.

Following some deliberations, Athanasius was condemned, and he was put into exile in 335 AD. Since then, Eusebius gained the trust and favor of the emperor. He was also inspired to write about the life of the emperor shortly after his death in 337. Moreover, his work entitled “The Life of Constantine” became a significant historical masterpiece since it included numerous accounts from actual witnesses and primary sources that strengthened the credibility of his work.

About the Church History

Eusebius, the Roman bishop of Caesarea, wrote the Church History during the fourth century. This served as his brilliant masterpiece, which chronicled the development and progress of early Christianity during the first to the fourth century. Originally, the text was written in Koine Greek, yet it was eventually translated into Armenian, Syriac and Latin. This fine work by Eusebius was depicted as the very first and full-length narrative that was historical in nature and expressed the viewpoint of a Christian. Also, the text was continued by Sozomen and Socrates Scholasticus, who were the two great advocates of this masterpiece in Constantinople.

Along with Theodoret of Cyrrhus, a bishop, they continued this exceptional work written by Eusebius. It is worth noting that the chronicle written by Eusebius was intended to give a layout of a comparative timeline featuring the Old Testament and pagan history. It included a few other historiographical genres and universal history. This great masterpiece served historical importance, although the author did not have any intentions of making this text a vindication of Christianity as a religion. Nevertheless, the eloquence and wisdom that the author exuded in completing this text has turned it into one of the finest works in the history of the Catholic Church.

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