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Constantinus I 301 AD

Constantius I, also referred to as Constantius Chlorus, was the man behind the dynasty called Constantinian. He was Constantine the Great‘s father, and he ruled Rome during the years 293 to 306 where he can be found on the Bible Timeline Chart. When he was a Caesar, he defeated Britain’s Allectus, a usurper. He also had successful campaigns in the Rhine borders, where he was able to defeat the Franks and Alamanni. In 305, he started a punitive campaign that gained tremendous success, it was intended to defeat the Picts. Unfortunately, he died suddenly in 306, which ignited the downfall of the government system Emperor Diocletian formed.


Constantius was a native of Dardania, and his father, Eutropius was of noble background from the Moesia Superior. His mother was Claudia, Quintillus and Claudius II’s niece, which means she was of great nobility, as well.

Constantius was a part of the Protectores Augusti Nostri, a group that was formed during the reign of Emperor Aurelian. Constantius also fought against the Palmyrene Empire, which was located in the East. When Carus was the new ruler, Constantius became the governor of Dalmatia. There were also claims that he decided to support Diocletian just before defeating Carinus during the battle in Margus, during 285.

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’54th Emperor of the Roman Empire’

By 286, Maximian was noted as the new co-emperor of Rome’s western provinces. On the other hand, Diocletian ruled the provinces in the east. This was the start of the future separation that existed in the Roman Empire. In 288, Constantius’ rule as governor ended, and he became the western province’s Praetorian Prefect.

During 287 to 288, Constantius took part in the war that aimed to defeat the Alamanni. Attacks against this group of people were carried out across the Danube and Rhine rivers with the goals of gaining a victory from their opponents. He also decided to marry Theodora, the daughter of Maximian after divorcing Helena. This action was intended to increase the ties that existed between the military servant and the emperor.

Diocletian was responsible for the division of the Roman Empire’s administration in 293, which comprised of the West and East. Each of these parts of the empire was headed by one Augustus and assisted by one Caesar. At the time of the death of the Augustus, the Caesars are given the right to take his place and become the new ruler.

The Battle of Lingones during 298 happened between the Alamanni and the Roman Empire. Constantius took part in this battle and eventually defeated his opponents after remaining in the city and being rescued by his own army. He was victorious in another battle at an area in Vindonissa. This made the Rhine frontier’s defenses much stronger.

By 300, Constantius had a battle on the Rhine area, which was against the Franks. He decided to have the Franks remain in Gaul’s deserted lands. For three more years, he was much preoccupied with strengthening the Rhine frontier. In addition, he was confronted with Diocletian’s imperial edicts, which pertained to the persecutions of the Christian people. This campaign was mainly promoted by Galerius after knowing Constantius’ pleasant relationship with the Christians in Rome.

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