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Rome into 10 Parts, Division of West

Beginning the early parts of the 4th century, the emperors at Rome were already aware of the increasing weakness of the Western Roman Empire. By 330 AD, Constantine decided to move the capital of his empire to Byzantium, which was located in the eastern portion of the empire. While the empire was divided into the east and west, it still functioned as one.

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Invasions of the Western Roman Empire

Slowly, the western portion of the Roman Empire was breaking up because of frequent invasions and lack of control by its rulers. When Odoacer became the new ruler in 476 AD, Anglo-Saxon invaders established a German kingdom in England. On the other hand, other tribes founded their own kingdoms in other parts of the empire with the Visigoths settling in Spain, Vandals in North Africa, the Franks in Gaul and the Ostrogoths in the Italian peninsula.

‘Division of the Roman Empire among the Caesars appointed by Constantine I: from left to right, the territories of Constantine II, Constans I, Dalmatius, and Constantius II. After the death of Constantine I (May 337), this was the formal division of the Empire until Dalmatius was killed and his territory divided between Constans and Constantius.’

With the death of Attila the Hun in 453 AD, the Ostrogoths were finally free from these Mongolian invaders. This also gave them an opportunity to settle within the empire to the south and west part of the Danube. Theodoric became their ruler, and he led the march heading to the eastern Roman empire. The ruler of the Roman Empire in the East attempted to stop the Ostrogoths from entering his lands. So, he encouraged Theodoric to divert his attention to invading Italy.

The Roman emperor also suggested that the Ostrogoths should overthrow Odoacer, who has been Italy’s ruler since 476. Theodoric succeeded in his plans for invading Italy and defeating Odoacer, in 493 AD. Thus, he became the king of Italy while establishing a capital at Ravenna. During his reign, he was able to provide peace and prosperity to Italy. However, civil strife resumed when he died in 526 AD. Justinian, a Roman emperor, regained Italy in the 6th century and managed to maintain its progress for a few years.

Division of Western Rome

The Western Roman Empire was divided into ten parts by 351 to 476 AD where it is located on the Bible Timeline Poster with World History. This era in the history of the Roman Empire lasted for about 125 years, which was from the middle part of the 4th century and up to the last quarter of the 5th century.

By 476 AD, there was a final general agreement made regarding the different parts that made up Western Rome. At this period, the map of the empire underwent a significant change that was often abruptly made. There were also details about the paths of several aggressive nations that charged towards their territories and crossed or re-crossed each of these places for many times. Despite the confusion, historians have arrived at the conclusion that there were ten parts or kingdoms established in the division of West Rome.

The division was made possible by several nations that were largely instrumental in the collapse and breaking up of the Roman Empire. The groups that held Roman territories and formed their own kingdoms included the Franks, Huns, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Heruli, Lombards, Anglo-Saxons, Suevi, Vandals, and Burgundians. Each of the kingdoms established were independent from each other unlike the method followed by the Roman Empire

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63 thoughts on “Rome into 10 Parts, Division of West

  1. Thank you for such important historical information.

  2. I liked your site. I enjoy world and Biblical history as well as Biblical prophecy.

  3. Hi there
    Can someone help me out here pls. My question is – Was Britain originally part of or broke off from the Roman Empire?

    Kind regards

    1. Yes, because when the power of Greece melted due to the death of Alexander at 33 yrs of age, His 4 Generals devided the then the known world and the Rome sprang up to power and claim sovereignty over the whole earth which included Anglo-Saxon and that is Great Bretain Islands.

    2. Yes, Britain was originally part of empire but Rome abandoned Britain around 400 ad.

    3. Yes, when Rome fell, England was one of the 10 country’s , only it was called Anglo-Saxon

  4. “Read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12. What similarities are there between the man of lawlessness and the little horn? What power do we believe that this is talking about—and why? What is the only power that arose out of pagan Rome but remains part of Rome, a power that extends from the time of pagan Rome until the end of the world, meaning that it still exists today?”

    1. Papacy, particularly, the catholic system or “church”.

    2. It seems obvious that the boastful horn that arises was Adolf Hitler.

      1. The pope… Papacy… Speak against God (2 thes 2:4) exalt himself as God.. Destroy gods people in dark ages iver 50 million in inquisition… The litle horn in Daniel prophecy..
        Roman catholic church.. And all who follow its doctrine.

      2. Not true. The horn that arises was a blasphemous horn. This was Holy roman empire. It persecuted the saints. Pope exalts himself above all others as “supreme pontiff”.

    3. The pope… Papacy… Speak against God (2 thes 2:4) exalt himself as God.. Destroy gods people in dark ages iver 50 million in inquisition… The litle horn in Daniel prophecy..
      Roman catholic church.. And all who follow its doctrine.

    4. The Man of lawlessness is the little horn

  5. Hello,
    I am Anthony Gabriel Kunda,
    I really love and enjoy amazing Bible time line.
    Continue with this service, God bless you

  6. This was super interesting… so I have a huge feeling Trump is the antichrist.. his blood comes from the roman empire. Remember as long as your saved through Jesus Christ, God will win you over. Do not be fooled by Satan’s games. He is really trying to get everyone. You are no exception. Repent your sins and stop doing the sin. Jesus loves you so why can’t you love him back..

    1. Trump is not the anti christ. Trump is actually that wall that’s holding back what is to come next which is the Antichrist. He’s actually the only president that fought for our rights as Christians. Once Trump is out if office then the Antichrist is to come.

      1. How very right you are Aquina!

      2. Trump got the US Embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is showing that Jerusalem is now recognized as the capital. No president has done this since 1966. Crap started hitting the fan after this move.

      3. Trump claims he is the most homosexual friendly president in history. He also is pushing for the uniting of the Abrahamic religions. He is not a defender of Christianity.

      4. Trump is masquerading as a Christian only to deceive them into taking the coming Warp Speed vaccine that was created by the CIA, and DARPA, Google, Homeland Security, Silicon Valley and more globalists. Satan is using Trump for his last and greatest deception on the Church. Trump is a liar and a deceiver and a Jesuit. He is also setting Israel up for the Slaughter and so the Papacy can take what they have been after for many. many years, Jerusalem, and that is why they also created Islam.

      5. Where exactly in scripture do you find this?

      6. Wow! Interesting. I want to learn more.

    2. You are spot on David. I’ve been researching the prophecies in Daniel and rev and Thessalonians. Trump fits perfectly into all the prophecy equations. It helps to know what’s really going on in the world right now. I was one of Trumps biggest fans until God revealed to me who he was on Inauguration Day 2021. About 3 days before I started praying and asking God if I was being deceived by supporting Trump. 3 days later on Inauguration Day when Nothing happened and Biden was inaugurated, I was upset. That date was rumored to be the day Trump plays the Trump card. But, there was also the date of 4/1/21. When it didn’t happen 1/20/21, I knew it would be the other date. (Been studying all this foe over 10 years, obsessively.). I was quite upset because I really want the bad guys to go down. So, I asked God on 1/20/21, why we have to wait until April for Trump to come back. In a flash the info was downloaded into my head by God (I don’t know how else to explain that.). This is the message: “Today Trump has received his ‘deadly’ wound. When he comes back in April, that deadly wound will be healed.” This is the first time I realized who Trump really is and I was shocked. Since then, I have done even more research into the prophecies, inserting Trump into the beast slot, he fits them all. Plus, I made a huge discovery a few days ago that really tripped me out. The operation going on right now (to take down the cabal and the old regime) is connected to JFK. I was trying to figure out who the 10 kings (10 horns) in Daniel 7:7. They are all US presidents (kings without crowns) They are the 10 presidents after JFK. Biden does not count because he is not really president. It’s part of the plan. Trump is the 10th and 11th king. He is 10 as president and 11 as beast. The 3 kings who are uprooted and subdued are Clinton, Bush Jr., and BO. They are all traitors and involved in sex trafficking, etc. They will be X’ed out as ever having been president because of their crimes. This will move Trump into place 7 and 8. He is now the 7th and 8th king/horns. Now this picks back up in Rev 17. This beast has 7 heads (kings or presidents because they have no crowns). These 7 heads are the seven heads left from Daniel plus the beast who is the 8th king. Rev 17: 9 & 10. The 7 heads are 7 kings. 5 have fallen, one is, one is yet to come. The five fallen are Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Regan and Bush Sr. Fallen = dead. One is = Carter, he IS still living, one yet to come is Trump. The 8th king is the beast. The beast has to be both 7 and 8, because rev 13 says, “one of the heads SEEMED to have a fatal wound, but the fatal wound was healed. His presidency SEEMED to have a deadly wound, but the wound was healed. Here’s another big one: on September 23, 2017, there was a star alignment in the sky. The star alignment formed the first two sentences in Rev 12. I knew about the star alignment before it came. Many thought it was gonna be the rapture. I didn’t because the timing wasn’t right. (You can google star alignment on 9/23/17 and it will pop up.). But, I thought, what if it’s a time line, showing us where we are in biblical times. After the star alignment in Rev 12, 3/12 years go by (a time, times, and half a times). Shortly AFTER the 3 1/2 years are over, the beast arises in rev 13. 3 1/2 years from 9/23/17 = 3/23/21, which just happens to be the same time period that Trump is returning, 4/1/21. Look into what I’ve told you and let me know what you think. You can shoot me a message to my messenger if it’s more convenient. Alana Bakke on Facebook and messenger. I’d be quite surprised if there is anyone else with that name. My email address is Thank you very much. It was very brave of you to say what you did over a year ago because Trump has such a large following. I’m proud of you for sticking your neck out like that. Turns out, your are most probably right.

      1. The 10 kings will rise up out of Europe, not America. Europe will be the super power in the last days… a 10 nation confederacy. Perhaps it’s the European Union? East and west divisions of Rome (the 2 legs) split into 10 toes. 5 East and 5 west?

        I don’t believe Trump is the antichrist, for many reasons. One reason… Remember, it’s the non Christians who will be deceived and will love the antichrist. Trump doesn’t fit this description. He doesn’t have such admiration from the sons of disobedience. It looks to me like satanic forces are trying to crush Trump. He interrupted the satanic agenda and exposed them. Now they’re trying to destroy him. I believe God wanted to expose things that were hidden, which has woken up the church.

        The future antichrist will be embraced by non christians and rejected by Christians.

        In the last days it seems that America is no longer a super power. Either it’s no longer here, or has no power. Could it be punishment god wickedness, to allow America to be destroyed from within. Maybe God gives the country a bit more time. It would take a miracle to fix the current mess under Biden, as it’s feeling like things are beyond repair currently and still 3 more years of this,

        1. Correct. Like Daniel all Christians can do is keep their eyes on God and pray and read. The Antichrist is coming but no matter who it is the Lord has us and will defeat him in the end.

          1. Amen to your comment. That is what Jesus said for us to do. ‘”WATCH, PRAY & KEEP OUR EYES & HEART UPON THE LORD, OUR SAVIOUR.”‘

  7. My question is…were these Old Testament timelines computed by using the Hebrew Masoretic text (from which, came our current KJV Bible) or form the earlier manuscripts of which the Pentateuch came from?

    The Pentateuch is what the New Testament writers like Paul, etc., read and used. This question is important because the timelines found in the Pentateuch are different from those found in the Hebrew Masoretic text.

  8. My question is, whats the difference between “mystery Babylon, the mother of Harlots” and the beast with seven heads and ten horns? Which one between the two represent religion?

    1. religion is often mistaken for true worship, GOD’S TRUTH is about his actual WORD and not someone else’s opinion. JESUS said I tell you exactly like my FATHER told me. RELIGION is something you do often, it could be anything but true worship is about the SPIRIT from the only true living YAHAWAH that gave his only begotten SON; JESUS LORD, KING OF KING GOD’S HIGH PRIEST AND OUR MEDIATOR,THE ONLY WAY TO GOD

      1. Amen

    2. The beast is the antichrist. The woman, Mother of all prostitutes, is Jerusalem. Rev 17:18 says the woman is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth. In order to be a prostitute in the biblical world, you would be someone that God claimed as his own and made a covenant with (like a marriage). God chose Israel but they chose another, therefore they are prostitutes. The description in rev 17 and 18 both sound like they could be the US too. But, I believe the US is the “daughter of the harlot”. We are the only other country that has a covenant with God and Jesus. Some say Mystery Babylon and Babylon are two different cities. They may be, but I’m. It quite certain. So, you could say, that Jersalem sits on the beast. The beast is connected to Israel/Jerusalem. The beast is from the US.

      1. Learn historicism eschatology, please. Your speculation would end.

        The “BEAST” of Revelation is broken into two … the beast from the sea and the beast from the earth. Daniyl 7 describes 4 beast earthly government that would manifest before the second coming, or the true Kingdom of Yahweh on Earth. The 4 beast governments: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome. In Daniyl 2 the statue is dealing with the same 4 governments. Yet, there we see the fourth, ROME, is depicted as two legs. In Revelation John is simply pointing out details of this destruction of this fourth government in both its manifestations. The beast from the sea (IMPERIAL ROME) and the beast from the earth (PAPAL ROME). Therefore, look for your fulfillments within that parameter.

      2. The great is not Jerusalem, a city in a city that has its own government,and that city is the Vatican city. Thanks.

        1. You can’t make stuff up. Scripture tells us who the great city is.
          Revelation 11:8, it can’t be any other than Jerusalem.

    3. There used to be a statue outside of EU a woman riding a beast. Woman is Catholic Church. Beast is Papacy with political power. Catholic Church is the mother Church.

  9. My question is sabbath fall on which day

    1. The sabbath is Saturday not Sunday. “On the 7th day God rested.” Saturday is the seventh day. It is no accident that it was changed many years ago. Most people don’t even know that Saturday is the true Sabbath day.

      1. That’s the question I have been asking myself. All my life I have been going to church on Sunday I even stopped working on Sunday. After listening to the bible and reading it over and over again I’m so confused!!! Should I stop going to church on Sunday do I say goodbye to my church? And start going to church on Saturdays?

        1. I believe that the Sabbath is on Saturday. This info graphic tells the reasons why I believe so. I think you will be interested to read this also.

        2. No, you can still honor the correct sabbath day which is Saturday. It’s still okay to go to church on Sunday to worship and honor God. There’s no law against honoring Jesus everyday.

      2. Exactly right. The Antichrist in Daniel changed times and laws changed the 4th commandment from Saturday to Sunday. No where in the Bible does God authorize this change. Jesus said that not one jot or one Title would be changed from the Law. He also said If you love him to keep his commandments. So then who dared to Make this change? None other than the papacy system who Is the Antichrist prophecied in the Bible! The mortal wound the beast received was in 1798 when the pope was captured and died in captivity and then lost their power. The papacy also persecuted and killed the saints during the dark ages along with an estimated 60 million people who work not accept her doctrines. If it were not for Martian Luther and the reformation we would not have the religious freedom we now have. Martin Luther declared the papacy to be the Antichrist! Church and State will again be reunited with even more power than before and then the 2nd beast (America will force all to be obey the first beast (Papacy system) This is yet to happen in the near future I believe we will all have to choose from what is popular in this world or what is unpopular Which is God and keeping the commandments of God.which were never abolished. The ceremonial Law was abolished but not the commandments of God. If the commandments were abolished then Gods word contradicts itself which I do not believe! Anyone who prayerfully studies this matter with an open heart and mind willing to put aside their own pride and ideas Letting God show the truth! I pray you will all look into these matters I have mentioned. None of us need a human mediator or church to be saved We need a close relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ revealed to us through the scriptures.

        1. I agree with you on this. It’s a CREATION week that is spoken about. It has nothing to do with what calendar. It is that the LORD spoke on the first day of creation and ended his work on the 6th day and rested from His work on the 7th day. Why did the Roman Catholic Church specifically Constantine change Saturday to Sunday in the first place just like Daniel said would happen? Why does the 4th commandment specifically say the 7th day and not moon days? I think it is overly complicated when it’s very simple.

          God miraculously provided manna for His people for forty years. After they entered the land of promise, God stopped the giving of manna. Let us see when God stopped it:
          And the children of Israel encamped in Gilgal, and kept the passover on the fourteenth day of the month at even in the plains of Jericho. And they did eat of the old corn of the land on the morrow after the passover, unleavened cakes, and parched corn in the selfsame day. And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year. (Joshua 5:10–12)
          The Passover is the fourteenth day of the first month. The next day (the fifteenth) they ate unleavened cakes and parched (roasted) corn. And the manna ceased on the sixteenth, the day after they ate the corn of the land.
          So we have three days mentioned in the passage of scripture—the fourteenth, the fifteenth and the sixteenth.
          The days of the week are not mentioned in the passage. Only the dates of the month are known from the passage of scripture.
          And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land . . . (Joshua 5:12)
          It doesn’t say the manna ceased from the sixteenth, but the manna ceased on the sixteenth. It means it did not come on the sixteenth.
          The Septuagint version says:
          In this day the manna failed, after they had eaten of the corn of the land.
          If the manna stopped coming on the sixteenth, it means the last day of its coming was the fifteenth!
          Now the fifteenth is a Sabbath for the lunar Sabbatarians, so they won’t like to agree that it came on the fifteenth. If it came on the fifteenth, it means the fifteenth was not a Sabbath that month because God never gave manna on the Sabbath.
          Now on which day did God always stop sending manna week after week for forty years? The Sabbath day!
          There is linguistic evidence to support the concept that the final time that God stopped sending the manna was also on the Sabbath day, and that day was the sixteenth, not the fifteenth.
          And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna any more; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year. (Joshua 5:12)
          The word ceased is shabath in the Hebrew text, the root word from which Sabbath is derived. The manna Sabbath-ed on the sixteenth because that was the day of the Sabbath. On the Sabbath it always ceased, week after week, and according to the language, there is evidence that the final time it ceased was on the same day of the week that it had ceased for forty years.
          So this text is clear beyond any doubt that the manna fell on the fifteenth, a day on which it would never have fallen if it had been the Sabbath, and the language of the text indicates that the day that the manna ceased was the Sabbath.

          Lunar flawed

      3. You REALLY think the BIBLE CALENDAR is aligned to the ROMAN SOLAR CULT CALENDAR??? No, it is not. Neither “Saturday” not “Sunday” is the Bible Sabbath. The Bible Sabbath is determined by the MOON Phases predominantly, along with the Sun’s setting. The jews stopped setting the Sabbath by the moon, under threat of death from Constantius, around 359 A.D., and because they practice talmudic judaism, which allows Rabbis to declare NEW law, i.e. traditions of the elders, they’ve never went back to it.

      4. Nope.
        There is no Saturday nor Sunday in the Bible. The Bible Sabbath is set by the MOON, every month. Bible Sabbath is ALWAYS the 8th, 15th 22nd and 29th of the BIBLE MONTH, which has nothing to do with Rome’s solar cult calendar you’re still using.

    2. The seventh day. In today’s practice it’s Saturday.

  10. Answer to Davlin Juma’ s question;-
    ” MYSTERY MOTHER OF HARLOTS” stands for RELIGION aka ROMAN CATHOLIC! as the MOTHER and ALL PROTESTANTS including CARISMATICS being the halots/ prostitutes that were birthed or broke away from the ‘MOTHER ‘ ‘CATHOLIC’!.
    NOW the SEVEN HEADS represent KINGDOM’S! FIVE of them ancient/ past, ONE RULING probably AMERICA! AND the last one yet to re- emerge, for the scripture says “the seventh kingdom represents a Kingdom that once was, now is dormant for it was once conquered, but it will rise again into power”. THIS SEVENTH KINGDOM that is denoted here is ‘ROME’! That will get back into power through installation of THE ANTICHRIST aka POPE who will be installed into power by the TEN HORNS representing TEN KINGS/ TEN WORLD RULERS/ TEN PRESIDENTS!!! who someday in the near future will gather together in a CONVENTION that will resolve to APPOINT THE’ ” POPE” TO RULE THE WORLD!! Thus handing over POWER to him “POPE” making him ruler of the world, thus MARKING the begging of the END!! As prophesied in the book of Daniel. This will mark the beginning of the 70TH WEEK/ SEVEN last years of tribulation as prophesied in the book of Daniel.

    1. The seven heads = seven kings, also 7 hills Rev 17:8 says, “The 7 head you saw are seven hills on which the lady sits.”
      Rev 17:9 says, “They are also 7 kings. Five have fallen = dead, one is= still living, one is yet to come.” Rev 17:11 says, “The beast who once was, and now is not is the 8th king. “. These 7 kings are all from America, they do not have crowns. These are also the 7 kings (horns), who are left from the 10. Daniel 7:7-8 paraphrasing “There are 10 kings who come from the same country. And then an 11th king from the same country pops up. 3 are uprooted before the 11th king. That leaves 8 kings (7 kings and the beast). , the ones listed in rev 17,

      1. Very good.

        The 10 horns began with jfk – Trump.

        The first 3 that fell “that were plucked up” was jfk, johnson, and Nixon. But before who? Pope Francis.

        Who began rising up from a small people in 1960, the same year the first of the three horns became president.

    2. The 70 week Daniel prophecy finished in AD33-34.

  11. Please match the 10 countries of ancient western Rome with Rome today. Thanks

  12. the ten western countries that come from roman empire were they named according to names of their generals

  13. Hello, I have a question about this division,

    why are the Rugii not counted as one of them? The Rugii esteblished a kingdom in west roman territory and became a kingdom? I am a christian and believe these divisions are true, but how do we explain the Rugii?

    1. The Rugi did form a kingdom but it seems to have been the North side of the Danube. Also, it appears that Rugi did not form on Roman (beast) controlled territory, it formed on lands controlled by the Huns.

  14. what are the 10 kingdoms that came out of old Roman Empire?
    they are referred to as the 10 horns in Dan. ch 7.

    1. the 10 horns are future, not past. The rock smites the statue on the feet with ten toes in the book of Daniel, signifying Christ establishing his kingdom.

      The ten last kings will arrive in the end times, and according to the church fathers, they will be 10 democracies, possibly a D-10 that is arising to counter China and establish a new world order.

  15. I’m sorry to say this towards a fellow Christian. But no where in the Bible is America even mentioned. It’s a big claim to say our Presidents are the 10 horns.
    Horns represent Nations. Not Presidents. The 10 horns from Daniel’s prophecy are 10 nations that came out of Rome. These exist today. I’ll let you research that.
    There is so much to bible prophesy and it’s really sad that so many Christians today place America in bible prophesy. The middle east is where the AntiChrist will come from, not any American president’s.
    Trump is not a beast, doesn’t even fit the meaning of the beast in the Bible.
    Please find a good Bible understanding church to help you with this. Pastor Jack Hibbs is a good prophecy teacher.
    Satan is deceiving you about Trump. Obviously because your prediction he would come back into office in April did not come true. So you debunked your studies.

    1. If the Anti-Christ rises in the Middle East and sits on the throne of Jerusalem then surely that would make the Anti-Christ Jewish.
      I thought maybe the Anti-Christ would arise in Europe.
      It is one of the most difficult subjects of all time.

  16. Overview:
    The pope will be appointed as religious leader of the world, soon. The primary religions of the world will all unite to attempt to appease God, after experiencing the first 4 trumpets.

  17. I see the 7 heads as the Caesars who perseuted the church the most:
    1: Caligula
    2: Claudius
    3: Nero (666)
    *Skip 3 minor Caesars*
    4: Vespasian
    5: Titus
    6: Domitian (during John’s time in 95-96 AD)
    7: Unknown but will stay for a little while
    8: Son of Perdition (in Revelation 13)
    From John’s time the 10 horns were 10 Kings who haven’t received a kingdom as of yet.
    I agree that those 10 kingdom is from the divided Western Roman Empire, but how do they hate The Whore and eat her flesh, burn her and leave her desolate? I saw The Whore as Adulterous Israel and her being left desolate and her city burned down, but how did these 10 (now 7) Tribes/ Kings did that, and if it’s not Adulterous Israel, then who did they hate, burn down and left desolate? It seems that this happened during the time there were 10 horns before 3 were subdued.(Revelation 17:16)

  18. Hello everyone! I see by reading your comments, that some are interested in finding out about the Holy Roman Empire, the Anti-Christ etc. I got into this site by trying to check out the names of the ten kingdoms of Roman empire as I was listening to a YT video regarding the book of Daniel.

    I would like to refer you to Amazing Discovery or Clash of Minds lecture series done in 2015 by Walter Veith, Total Onslaught series. There are 36 lectures, but you could go to lecture 5 titled “The Anti-Christ Revealed”. Walter Veith goes into detail about Daniel prophesy regarding the little horn that uprooted 3 kingdoms out of ten kingdoms of the Roman Empire. Here’s the link:

    I also highly recommend watching the whole series as its quite interesting to see the prophetic times we are living in. But to get to the idea about the 70 weeks, check out lecture 1, titled “Jesus Christ, Just Another Man or An Imposter”. Walter touched on about the 70 weeks and the last week of 70 weeks. Very informative and interesting. So different from what I’ve always known about this prophecy and it makes absolutely sense that it points to Christ ministry and his crucifixion.

    Should you decide to watch the whole series, you can skip lecture 2 as Walter just talked about modern Israel, nothing exciting to know (you can watch it later if you want). Better to see the rest of the series as they are quite informative and eye opening to us bible believers.

    Additionally you will also learn about the history of the Greek Text where almost all current bible translations are based from. The two lectures “Battle of the Bibles” and “What’s the Difference Between Bible Versions”, may help you decide which bible version you can use and trust for your bible study.

    Its very shocking to find out upon comparison of just two KJV and NIV; that by deleting words or changing a word would cause us to misunderstand God’s written word. Take Romans 8:1-2 for example. You can see and read that by removing ten words from Rom 8:1, causes us to misunderstand Paul’s message about what true Christian life should be as a follower of Jesus Christ. Check it out your self. Here’s a quick link to online Bible Gateway for easy comparison of different bible versions, KJV versus other versions.

    I hope that you will find Walter Veith, Total Onslaught series very eye opening and that it renews your mind and heart in knowing what God really desires from a true follower of Jesus Christ. I am so glad I came across these series in my pursuit to find out what bible verses were changed or deleted. May these series help you on your Christian journey. God bless from your sister in Christ.

  19. Hi dear all,
    Try these thoughts out. “And the woman that thou sawest is that great City which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” “Then the Kings of the earth who fornicated with her and the merchants of the earth who were made rich by her delicacies will morn her for in one one so great riches are come to nought.”
    The Great Whore is the city system that rides the political/financial power of the world. The Ten Kings of Rev.17 have yet received no kingdom, but will reign for one hour with the beast…these shall hate the whore and burn her with fire. The Ten Horns it seems do not share in the fornication of the whore as the ”kings of the earth” but conspire against her with the Beast. “These have one purpose and they give their power and authority unto the beast”” (Rev.17.13)
    So, to sum up, in my opinion the whore is not the Catholic Church, and is not Jerusalem, as some teach but is the commercial system which the kings of the earth and the souls of men have lusted after, even John the Divine greatly wondered after her, (Rev.17.6)
    Wall St and the City of London via Black Rock and Vanguard own the world, and who owns the greatest number of shares in those companies should therefore be of great interest to all here. These are already conspiring to bring the world into their grip, only ultimately to give their power to the Antichrist.
    They are even now pushing for more control over what you eat, where you go and how far, even what you think. Remember, their system will be such that unless you comply with their ID (chip/vax) you will simply will not be able to buy or sell anything.(Rev13.16)
    The waters that thou sawest where the whore sits are peoples, nations and tongues. And the woman that thou sawest, is that great city that reigns over all the kings of earth” Rev17.15,18.

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