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Rome into 10 Parts, Division of West

Beginning the early parts of the 4th century, the emperors at Rome were already aware of the increasing weakness of the Western Roman Empire. By 330 AD, Constantine decided to move the capital of his empire to Byzantium, which was located in the eastern portion of the empire. While the empire was divided into the east and west, it still functioned as one.

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Invasions of the Western Roman Empire

Slowly, the western portion of the Roman Empire was breaking up because of frequent invasions and lack of control by its rulers. When Odoacer became the new ruler in 476 AD, Anglo-Saxon invaders established a German kingdom in England. On the other hand, other tribes founded their own kingdoms in other parts of the empire with the Visigoths settling in Spain, Vandals in North Africa, the Franks in Gaul and the Ostrogoths in the Italian peninsula.

‘Division of the Roman Empire among the Caesars appointed by Constantine I: from left to right, the territories of Constantine II, Constans I, Dalmatius, and Constantius II. After the death of Constantine I (May 337), this was the formal division of the Empire until Dalmatius was killed and his territory divided between Constans and Constantius.’

With the death of Attila the Hun in 453 AD, the Ostrogoths were finally free from these Mongolian invaders. This also gave them an opportunity to settle within the empire to the south and west part of the Danube. Theodoric became their ruler, and he led the march heading to the eastern Roman empire. The ruler of the Roman Empire in the East attempted to stop the Ostrogoths from entering his lands. So, he encouraged Theodoric to divert his attention to invading Italy.

The Roman emperor also suggested that the Ostrogoths should overthrow Odoacer, who has been Italy’s ruler since 476. Theodoric succeeded in his plans for invading Italy and defeating Odoacer, in 493 AD. Thus, he became the king of Italy while establishing a capital at Ravenna. During his reign, he was able to provide peace and prosperity to Italy. However, civil strife resumed when he died in 526 AD. Justinian, a Roman emperor, regained Italy in the 6th century and managed to maintain its progress for a few years.

Division of Western Rome

The Western Roman Empire was divided into ten parts by 351 to 476 AD where it is located on the Bible Timeline Poster with World History. This era in the history of the Roman Empire lasted for about 125 years, which was from the middle part of the 4th century and up to the last quarter of the 5th century.

By 476 AD, there was a final general agreement made regarding the different parts that made up Western Rome. At this period, the map of the empire underwent a significant change that was often abruptly made. There were also details about the paths of several aggressive nations that charged towards their territories and crossed or re-crossed each of these places for many times. Despite the confusion, historians have arrived at the conclusion that there were ten parts or kingdoms established in the division of West Rome.

The division was made possible by several nations that were largely instrumental in the collapse and breaking up of the Roman Empire. The groups that held Roman territories and formed their own kingdoms included the Franks, Huns, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Heruli, Lombards, Anglo-Saxons, Suevi, Vandals, and Burgundians. Each of the kingdoms established were independent from each other unlike the method followed by the Roman Empire

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25 thoughts on “Rome into 10 Parts, Division of West

  1. Thank you for such important historical information.

  2. I liked your site. I enjoy world and Biblical history as well as Biblical prophecy.

  3. Hi there
    Can someone help me out here pls. My question is – Was Britain originally part of or broke off from the Roman Empire?

    Kind regards

    1. Yes, because when the power of Greece melted due to the death of Alexander at 33 yrs of age, His 4 Generals devided the then the known world and the Rome sprang up to power and claim sovereignty over the whole earth which included Anglo-Saxon and that is Great Bretain Islands.

  4. “Read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12. What similarities are there between the man of lawlessness and the little horn? What power do we believe that this is talking about—and why? What is the only power that arose out of pagan Rome but remains part of Rome, a power that extends from the time of pagan Rome until the end of the world, meaning that it still exists today?”

    1. Papacy, particularly, the catholic system or “church”.

    2. It seems obvious that the boastful horn that arises was Adolf Hitler.

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    I am Anthony Gabriel Kunda,
    I really love and enjoy amazing Bible time line.
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  6. This was super interesting… so I have a huge feeling Trump is the antichrist.. his blood comes from the roman empire. Remember as long as your saved through Jesus Christ, God will win you over. Do not be fooled by Satan’s games. He is really trying to get everyone. You are no exception. Repent your sins and stop doing the sin. Jesus loves you so why can’t you love him back..

    1. Trump is not the anti christ. Trump is actually that wall that’s holding back what is to come next which is the Antichrist. He’s actually the only president that fought for our rights as Christians. Once Trump is out if office then the Antichrist is to come.

      1. How very right you are Aquina!

      2. Trump got the US Embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is showing that Jerusalem is now recognized as the capital. No president has done this since 1966. Crap started hitting the fan after this move.

      3. Trump claims he is the most homosexual friendly president in history. He also is pushing for the uniting of the Abrahamic religions. He is not a defender of Christianity.

      4. Trump is masquerading as a Christian only to deceive them into taking the coming Warp Speed vaccine that was created by the CIA, and DARPA, Google, Homeland Security, Silicon Valley and more globalists. Satan is using Trump for his last and greatest deception on the Church. Trump is a liar and a deceiver and a Jesuit. He is also setting Israel up for the Slaughter and so the Papacy can take what they have been after for many. many years, Jerusalem, and that is why they also created Islam.

      5. Where exactly in scripture do you find this?

  7. My question is…were these Old Testament timelines computed by using the Hebrew Masoretic text (from which, came our current KJV Bible) or form the earlier manuscripts of which the Pentateuch came from?

    The Pentateuch is what the New Testament writers like Paul, etc., read and used. This question is important because the timelines found in the Pentateuch are different from those found in the Hebrew Masoretic text.

  8. My question is, whats the difference between “mystery Babylon, the mother of Harlots” and the beast with seven heads and ten horns? Which one between the two represent religion?

    1. religion is often mistaken for true worship, GOD’S TRUTH is about his actual WORD and not someone else’s opinion. JESUS said I tell you exactly like my FATHER told me. RELIGION is something you do often, it could be anything but true worship is about the SPIRIT from the only true living YAHAWAH that gave his only begotten SON; JESUS LORD, KING OF KING GOD’S HIGH PRIEST AND OUR MEDIATOR,THE ONLY WAY TO GOD

      1. Amen

  9. My question is sabbath fall on which day

  10. Answer to Davlin Juma’ s question;-
    ” MYSTERY MOTHER OF HARLOTS” stands for RELIGION aka ROMAN CATHOLIC! as the MOTHER and ALL PROTESTANTS including CARISMATICS being the halots/ prostitutes that were birthed or broke away from the ‘MOTHER ‘ ‘CATHOLIC’!.
    NOW the SEVEN HEADS represent KINGDOM’S! FIVE of them ancient/ past, ONE RULING probably AMERICA! AND the last one yet to re- emerge, for the scripture says “the seventh kingdom represents a Kingdom that once was, now is dormant for it was once conquered, but it will rise again into power”. THIS SEVENTH KINGDOM that is denoted here is ‘ROME’! That will get back into power through installation of THE ANTICHRIST aka POPE who will be installed into power by the TEN HORNS representing TEN KINGS/ TEN WORLD RULERS/ TEN PRESIDENTS!!! who someday in the near future will gather together in a CONVENTION that will resolve to APPOINT THE’ ” POPE” TO RULE THE WORLD!! Thus handing over POWER to him “POPE” making him ruler of the world, thus MARKING the begging of the END!! As prophesied in the book of Daniel. This will mark the beginning of the 70TH WEEK/ SEVEN last years of tribulation as prophesied in the book of Daniel.

  11. Please match the 10 countries of ancient western Rome with Rome today. Thanks

  12. the ten western countries that come from roman empire were they named according to names of their generals

  13. Hello, I have a question about this division,

    why are the Rugii not counted as one of them? The Rugii esteblished a kingdom in west roman territory and became a kingdom? I am a christian and believe these divisions are true, but how do we explain the Rugii?

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