Nations of Ham

The Bible directly refers to Egypt as the Land of Ham. The word Ham is believed to come from the word Khawm which means “black, hot, and burnt” in Hebrew and chamam, also a Hebrew word for “to be hot”.

Ham is the youngest of Noah’s three sons along with Japheth and Shem. Ham himself has four sons, namely:  Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Put (Libya), and lastly, Canaan (Canaanites are believed to be the first people in Israel). The Bible stated that Ham and his sons, and their soon-to-be descendants lived and became the forefathers of the African continent and the Middle East.

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Known as distant travellers and explorers, Ham and his family had discovered and extended their horizon in various unfamiliar countries. It has been said that whatsoever country the children of Ham happened to occupy, there began the ignorance of true godliness.

What does the Bible tell about Nations of Ham?

  • Genesis 5:32.  The name Ham was first mentioned in the Bible as one of Noah’s three sons.
  • Genesis 9:18. Ham as the father of Canaan.
  • Psalms 105:23, 78:51, 1Ch 4:40. Egypt referred to as the land of Ham.
  • Genesis 10:6. The four sons of Ham.
  • Genesis 9:20-27. The curse of Noah on Ham’s youngest son, Canaan after Ham “saw the nakedness of his father” and told his two brothers about it.

The Curse of Ham in Present Times
The Curse of Ham was used by some sectors to rationalize racism and slavery of Black African, who are believed to have descended from Ham. They were branded as Hamites whose forefathers are believed to be Canaan or his older brothers. This has changed in the 21st century.

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66 thoughts on “Nations of Ham

  1. I was curious when i l saw the name Shemaka in old Persia. Is that where Shem settled near Arrarat?

  2. As a Christian we must be careful not to curse others

    1. are you telling God to be a christian so that not to curse.

      1. Reading comprehension is a must when reading a sentence.

      2. It wasn’t God who cursed Ham. It was Noah.

        1. Hello friend Noah curses Canaan not Ham

  3. I have never heard of the thirty nations before, never ever. Yet I had a dream and looked it up and found it on this web site. At 9am.
    When I was a boy some people who would talk to me about god and his son, would have facial features contort and look like demons with long pointy noses and ears .
    I was confused most of my life and beloved god and didn’t understand Jesus.

    Recently I have become fully aware of Jesus and fully understand the old testimate is the prophecy of Jesus to come or the foundation.
    The New Testament reveals the project fofiled one thousand years later!

  4. Where does it does the Bible say Hams descendants settled in Africa and the East?

    1. The lands that are named after their names show you where they have settled. Sometimes you need to read between the lines to understand.

      Ham had 4 sons, Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Lybians), Cush (Ethiopians) and Canaan (Original inhabitants of the land that we call Israel today)

      People easily get confused today when they look at Egyptians for example. Egyptians are mostly of a mixed race today like all 3 countries of the sons of Ham. The reason why these countries now have mixed race populations is because Alexander the Greek, after conquering a nation or country, he would flood that country with his own people, the Romans in order to force down intermingling of races. Hence the mixed races that you see today.

      But the original inhabitants of these four countries are Black people. We still have them today in those countries.

      1. Even back in Biblical times, the descendants of the 3 sons of Noah, intermingled with each other. Plus, the Kings and Pharaohs would have many wives and concubines. Some of the wives would come from foreign royalty in foreign lands, to bind treaties of the powerful nations at that time. Egypt was a major trading center. Ordinary people also mingled together.
        Excerpt from the Australian Navy report on ancient ships in Egypt,, Inter-regional trade did occur during the Egyptian Predynastic period if not before. The presence of Syrian pottery, imported stone tools and metals, and the remains of Lebanese cedar confirm the existence of maritime trade links between Egyptian and Syrian communities. However, the earliest depictions of seagoing ships that provide information on Ancient Egyptian ship technologies are dated to the beginning of the 5th Dynasty during the Old Kingdom, c. 2500 BCE. Fragmentary reliefs from King Sahura’s Temple depict a fleet of seagoing ships returning from an expedition, while the number of Syrians onboard suggests the ships had sailed the Mediterranean to Byblos or some other destination in Syria. There were at least four ships in the fleet and each ship was crewed by approximately 20 people made up of Egyptians, Syrians and perhaps other maritime peoples.
        So, there was much race mixing even in biblical times. Remember when a tribe conquered another tribe, they took the strong men and women as slaves. Anyone else that was weak was killed. So the sex may have been consensual or not.
        Example: The Jewish King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. The wives were described as foreign princesses, including Pharaoh’s daughter and women of Moab, Ammon, Edom, Sidon and of the Hittites.
        Kings 11:18-20 18They arose from Midian and came to Paran; and they took men with them from Paran and came to Egypt, to Pharaoh king of Egypt, who gave him a house and assigned him food and gave him land.
        Pharaoh Amenhotep III is known to have married several foreign princesses as part of treaties which balanced power between nations.:
        • Gilukhepa, the daughter of Shuttarna II of Mitanni, in the tenth year of his reign.
        • Tadukhepa, the daughter of his ally Tushratta of Mitanni, Around Year 36 of his reign
        • A daughter of Kurigalzu, king of Babylon.
        • A daughter of Kadashman-Enlil, king of Babylon.
        • A daughter of Tarhundaradu, ruler of Arzawa.
        • A daughter of the ruler of Ammia (in modern Syria).

        1. But does that mean all blacks are from cush mezrian puth and Canaan? All those you mentioned in relation to intermarriage are from middle east.

          1. Where is the so-called middle East? Africa. The name Middle East is a modern term. Look it up. In ancient times Isreal, Egypt and Middle East were all a part of one continent. If you take the time to study real history you will be amazed at all the lies that the gate keepers have told. The truth will come to light!

      2. Wow thank you for breaking that down. You brought so much clarity to me. So if im understanding this right. Egyptians were also Israelites but they were inslaving another tribe who were Israelites. Moses came into free them from the Israelites who lost site of God. Which is why they were believing in which craft and what not.

        1. Uhm no the flood happened before Jacob was born and Jacob who is Israel aka father of the Israelites is the descendant of Shem. So No and God made his covenant with Abraham who was a descendant of Shem so that is why no other nations are included.

          1. God told Abram he would be the Father of MANY Nations, (Genesis 17) and the name Ham was added to his name renaming him Abraham, God knew Abram’s seed would intermingled with Ham’s descendants and Japheth’s descendants.

        2. The Egyptians and Israelites are two different people. The Israelites were enslaved after Joseph died because the new Pharoah didn’t know Joseph and he was scared that the Israel would take over and mistreat his people.

          1. I have long had the view that the people of the world came from three common ancestors, the sons of Noah. Shem Ham and Japhet. Ham the black negroid race and occupied the continent of Africa with remnants in the pacific called melenesians. Shem the mongoloid race and occupy the continent of Asia. Japhet the caucasoid race occupies the continent of Europe. Without the Asians and Europeans, the world would not be the one it is today.
            The original egyptians and cananites were black. The descendants of Shem pushed them to the continent of africa and further south. Arabs are descendants of mixed marriages of the descendants of the 3 sons of Noah.
            3500 years ago the chinese built the great wall of China.Europeans came up with inventions.
            It was only 400 years ago, when people of all races migrated everywhere.
            For black nations to progress in civilisation, the mongoloid and caucasoid races must be present in key areas and live side by side with them.

        3. The Egyptians were the descendants of Ham, not the Israelites. The Israelites were named after Jacob when God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. Jacob was the son of Issac, the son of Abraham.

    2. I became curious about this because of this verse..

      “And destroyed all the firstborn in Egypt, The first of their strength in the tents of Ham.”
      Psalms 78:51 NKJV

  5. This article has cleared my doubt. I can see reasons to why things are the way they are now.

    Reasons for boundaries, continents, races and developmental growths in the world.

  6. Thank God for those who take the time to research Old Testament history that we might know the truth. When you know the truth, the truth will make you free.

  7. Does it mean that blacks in africa fall in the same curse

    1. No. Out of 4 sons of Ham, Canaan was cursed not Cush, Mizraim or Phut

  8. Every curse has an expiry date. Accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and persnal saviour free u of any curse because he has nailed it on the cross of calvary over 2000 yrs ago

    1. Its great that all or seeking out more truth. Now why don’t you take it all the way. The words you use are pagan the religion you claim is also. Look up the word God and see who it was given to first . Also the name Jesus is not the Son name and has No power. Its a lot that we have been told that was not true. The blacks in the European nations are from Sham we are the lost tribe.

      1. Please continue to Read also, about pagans, and Read more about sham and descendants

    2. And it would also mean Jesus would be cursed and we know that would not be the case. Jesus had a ancestor by the name of Rahab who was a Canaanite. (Matthew 1:5) and Canaan was Ham’s seed.

      1. Ruth, the Moabite, married Boaz too. This is about heart condition though – not complexion.

        1. Yes. I am glad that someone knows that God made all of us equally and it has never been about color until man brought it up which is a tool of Satan to divide and conquer.

      2. “Cursed is The One who hangs on a tree.”
        (Deuteronomy 21:22-23; Galatians 3:13)


        “No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him.”
        (Revelation 22:3)

  9. The scripture Genesis 9:18-29 tells where Ham told his brothers of seeing their father naked. It goes on to say: “Noah awoke from his wine and knew what his son had done to him.” He cursed Canaan (his grandson) for whatever it was his son, Ham had done! When you realize that the land of Canaan was the land God gave to Israel, I get confused by all of this!
    Why did Canaan get the curse if Ham was the one who “did something” to Noah? Why did Noah curse Canaan when this was the promised land of Israel?

    1. Bonnie,

      I have exactly the same question, could anyone explain this please I am so curious.

      1. Yes, to uncover ones nakedness implies a sexual act. “What Ham had done to him.” This was more than just seeing. Thus the severity of the curse.
        Genesis 9:22 Ham, the father of Canaan saw his father’s nakedness. The word saw in the Hebrew language is RAW-aw and it means to enjoy or have experience. I believe it indicates a sexual act.
        Leviticus 18:6-19 in the KJ version reads: None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to uncover their nakedness. Thus the
        Severity of the punishment. I also believe that the curse covered Ham and all his four sons. Canaan is the four and last son. It is possible that Ham and the four sons were involved in whatever happened.

        1. We must be careful about inferring what is not in the Bible. Some people may take it as truth. Revelation tells us not to add or subtract from God’s word. If He didn’t say it then we should not say it. We would place ourselves in danger as scripture states. Many are mislead because we try to think like God and the Bible tells us that His thoughts are higher than ours. Also, we must study the root of the words in order to understand it. Many words don’t have the same meaning as ours.

      2. It is possible that Canaan himself had been involved directly in the incident and that his father ham had failed to correct him.Or Noah,speaking prophetically by inspiration,foresaw that the bad tendency in Ham,perhaps already manifest in his son Canaan,would be inherited by Canaan’s offspring. The curse was partly fulfilled when the Semitic Israelite’s subjugated the Canaanites. Those who were not destroyed (for example, the Gibeonites (Jos 9) were made slaves to Israel. Centuries later, the curse was further fulfilled when descendants of the Japhetic world powers of Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.

    2. Noah curse Canaan because he could not curse Ham directly,because they all(Noah and his 3 sons) were blesed by God when they came out of the Arch

    3. When the Bible says he uncovered his father’s nakedness the book of Deuteronomy explains that means he slept with his father’s wife. Could have been a step mom. Canaan was the child of that illicit pairing

      1. That is wrong teaching sir,
        The Bible said he saw and not uncovered.
        Secondly, if Ham has slept with his step mother, how come Japheth and Shem went backward to cover their father. Check the text used when the daughter’s of Lot slept with their father and see if they are the same.
        What Ham saw was his father’s nakedness and made fun of it to his brothers.

        1. Chris, Fred is correct. If you will read Leviticus 18, this phrase is used several times. Uncover the nakedness has to do with sexual relations with a spouse. Ham had a sexual relationship with his mother therefore the offspring of that illicit act was cursed. Please consult the use of Hebrew idioms. Blessings.

    4. I believe you would have to find out what “saw the nakedness of his father “ means from the original language. I was told it had something to do with Ham sleeping with someone in Noah’s household, I’m sure it wasn’t his mother, but it could have been one of his brothers descendants, find out who Canaan’s mother was. Ham was a married man, maybe Ham committed adultery and Canaan was the result. Maybe the brothers kept it a secret “covered it up” . But the important thing is God didn’t curse Canaan, Noah did, I have never heard that God was in agreement or rebuke him for saying it. Plus Noah said Canaan would be a servant of servants , not the seed of Canaan.

    5. Noah could not curse what God had already blessed..hope this helps

    6. Hey guys, *nakedness in scripture means TRUTH*, Christ cursed the figtree for *covering up TRUTH!!!*

  10. Diana, thanks for this response. It clearer now to me.

  11. Really encouraging & edifying historical theological content,good for your effort.

  12. Ham is the father of all the black people on the earth.Shem the father of the semites ( Jews and Arabs) while Japheth is the Father off all the blonde haired European nations (Russia ,east Germany etc)….who was the father of the Hindu, Japanese, Chinese Eskimos and all the nations ending in …stan ( Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan,tukmenistan etc)

    1. your question is very important
      in truth many explanations and conceptions we are giving to the biblical personage and landscapes are not carying the exact data of some human historical facts.
      many of us we are searching the scrptures with today landscaprs image or illusion .
      bible a selection of some 66books and they rejected many books too called apocryphal manuscript .
      somehow there a rewritting involvement of human history.

    2. Ham IS NOT the father of ALL the black people of the earth. Ham IS the father of the black races, EXCEPT the Negroes. Blacks of Southwestern and Western Africa were the tribes of Jacobs sons. Different from Ham’s decenendents, who were eastern africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, northern Africa as well). Please Read again all chapter 10. Japhet nation’s are isles of the sea (all Europe); Ham is North to Northeastern Africa and Shem is West and Southwest Africa. Shem’s son Ashur, which means black, (he was black). Elam is the father of Elomites, who are black. Shems decendents were discribed as “Ruddy” which means Redish Brown or Brown complexion. When Moses was at the well, everyone thought he was Egyption; the children of Shem looked so much like Egypt that they couldn’t be told apart. So they were both a black race.

      1. I can’t seem to find proof of anything you have mentioned here.

  13. Why would God have favorite peoples, like Israel over Egypt?
    Surely it is the political structure of Egypt that was a problem for the Israelites, not all Egyptians. Didn’t God create all of us ?

    1. God had to have a covenant people to bring the Messiah into the world who was going to die for the whole world!

    2. My belief is the creator choose pure and untainted blood to bring our savior into the world. As it happened through one particular people. It was his way which is perfect. The important thing was the pure blood. Not one people over another.

      1. That’s a wrong believe, it’s not scriptural. If they were of pure blood there wouldn’t be a need for Jesus to be conceived by the Holy Spirit. It was precisely because they were unclean through the seed of Adam that Joseph couldn’t be the biological father of Jesus.

  14. Let draw this line, if Noah had three sons then the world was divided into three. Secondly what did Noah meant when he his sons these names because a name means a lot in helping us knowing our history. Do not be fooled God does thing to confuse people. How did they slept according to the Bible. These are some of clue to you and me.all names in the Bible had purpose even up to date.

    1. Everyone is spending to much time on what is right or wrong with Noah and his sons. Everyone needs to read the book of Enoch and they would really get an eye opener. There was other forces and being on this planet at work during their time, such as giants created by fallen angels matting with humans. David killed Goliath and his brothers. Also, if everyone would do more research they would realize that Israel is the center of the earth. This is where the Garden of Eden had 4 rivers flowing from it, one going north, one south, one east and one west. Read Genesis 2:10-14. Not only that when God created Adam the Israelites did not exists. The point is when we are in born again, we are all one in Christ. There is no color or race. We all come from the same place Heaven, created by the Father. We have the Holy Spirit living within us and we are to live the kingdom life as Jesus does. We are to be like Him. God Bless you, Shalom

  15. Still I can’t understand why there are differences between the negroid blacks and cush or Canaan?

    1. I am a decendant of pwnt and In Tanzania we learn our history the old method, basically if we use the modern urban analogy Kush (Cush) are light skinned blacks with less carbon atoms than negroid who were blacker or we can correctly saw they had the darkest shade of brown

      May the immutable creative force force of love bless you

  16. Diana thank you, you cleared one of my unanswered questions

  17. How did the ham get to reside in kaduna state in Nigeria

  18. The father of Chinese Japanese and others is Abraham and his 3rd wife keturah

  19. Much of this is speculation, but Mizraim did not have the most powerful empire of these sons. Cush’s son Nimrod came close to having a one world government. Although Cush is based near Ethiopia and straddled out to Yemen, Babel was more centrally located, especially considering the trade routes to India, Indies, Australia and the Pacific. This prefigures the British Empire, but somehow they figured out the technology to extend like this. In addition to trade and conquest, those of Shem and Japheth were involved in the empire, and there seems to be contact with the ancient Sin, Han, or Dzong culture as well as the nomads who fled from him eastward, so every language group was represented. Based on this supposition, this was an impressive empire.

  20. But why did Jesus fake his death, let his brother take his place on the cross and move to Japan to be a rice farmer?

  21. Cursed or no curse, I am still alive and i have the power to change that. All it means is we are all descendant from Noah and his 3 children and they were blessed by God. So i am blessed as well. (Rom 8:38-39)

  22. There were Was the mighty warriors The Nephlim they where on the earth before and after Noahic flood , plus another haplogroupA DNA , group could of been the Black kings from the Land of Nod , Noddy was told did mean Black Royalty or Black king from nod , being a Noddy O was named Noddy Alan Hamer my original Achient PreAdamite goes back to the 3rd mentioned land Ethiopia they do have all 88 books the worlds oldest bible , before the Ham Black King James and his Bible

  23. how can i order from Australia. you don’t recognise as a country.
    Please send information how to order.

    1. Hi Leonard – We used to ship to Australia, but have paused in doing so. We are U.S. based and the cost to ship the large 3 ft. tube the tool is rolled into is so expensive at this point. We apologize.

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