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Zidon The Principal Seaport

Zidon is an ancient Phoenician city that has been in existence for over 3000 years. The Phoenicians used the city as one of their major seaports, and it was an important place of economic trade and commerce. According to the Book of Genesis, the Canaanites established the people and city of Zidon. Keep in mind that Canaan was the son of Ham and the grandson of Noah. Canaan then produced a child named Zidon and he is apparently the father of the Zidonian people. Zidon as a principal seaport of the ancient world is found on the Bible Timeline around 1400 BC. According to the Bible, many of the ancient cultures of the Old Testament were established by people who had the same name as a particular ethnic group.

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Sidon Sea Castle, built by the Crusaders in AD 1228

The city of Zidon is mentioned in different scriptures within the Old Testament. Many of the references about Zidon reveals that the people there were Mariners, seafarers, traders and the worshippers of many gods. Since they were descendants of the Canaanites, they also believed in a lot of their deities. Even though this is the case, they primarily worshiped Baal, Ashtoreth and the fish-god Dagon.

The ancient Phoenician city of Tyre is supposed to have been started by members of Zidon. Once Tyre became an established seaport an instant rivalry formed between both of the cities. They competed with one another to dominate the trade in the sea. Though Zidon competed hard against Tyre to gain prominence as the major economic center for the Phoenicians, Tyre managed to become the most important seaport. Zidon wasn’t far behind of them and constantly challenged their position as a major economic power of the ancient world. Zidon specialized in producing glass and purple dye.

Religion is one of the most important themes throughout the Bible. The type of gods that each ancient culture believed in is mentioned by the authors of each book. One reason God has inspired these writers to mention ancient cultures and their deities is to warn people today about worshipping false gods. Zidon was an ancient culture that worshipped false gods. God had to judge the people of Zidon because of their worshipped of false gods.

The Bible mentions the people of Zidon as being enemies of Israel. They were usually allied and sympathetic toward other nations who were similar to their own culture. They have played a role in some of the attacks against God’s chosen people. Economics also played a large role with Zidon being united with other heathen nations.

The Bible condemns false religion and worship, and it also condemns an overabundance and emphasis on wealth. The people of Zidon pursued wealth and economic power and lived their lives for the purpose of financial gain. Even though money is an important part of life, God does not want people to rely on it more than him. God ultimately tells the prophet, Ezekiel, to speak against Zidon and to inform them that they are going to acknowledge him as Lord after he causes them to be destroyed. Since then Zidon has been rebuilt and is now called Sidon. It is a modern day city in Lebanon.

Bible References:

  • Genesis 10: 15-19 List the table of nations from the descendants of Noah. Canaan is listed as the father of Zidon.
  • Judges 10:6 Israel offends God by worshipping the gods of various nations including Zidon.
  • Judges 10:12 The Zidonians attacks Israel.
  • I King 17: 9 Elijah the prophet is commanded to go to a Zidon city called Zeraphath.
  • Ezra 3:7 the Israelites do business with the people of Zidon to gain materials for building the wall.
  • Jeremiah 47:4 God cuts off the power of the evil nations and Zidon’s ability to help them
  • .Ezekiel 28: 21-22 God tells Ezekiel to prophesy judgment against Zidon.
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  1. The history you provide is priceless, I am in the process of reading through the Bible and I’m currently in 2nd Kings, honestly, it is hard to keep up with who everyone is. Your detailed information brings it all to life and helps tremendously in following the timeline of history.

  2. Thank you! Very interesting and informative. God bless you.

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