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Peleg: biblical figure, ‘when the earth was divided’

Peleg or Phalec (Luke 3:35 KJV) is one of the sons of Eber. At the age of thirty-four, Eber begat Peleg, brother of Joktan. The name Peleg means “division”, as Genesis 10:25 KJV reads “…for in his (Peleg) days was the earth divided…” The phrase “was the earth divided” is a little bit vague.

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We can interpret this literally as the earth had this massive earthquake that resulted in the continental separation. Or it can refer to the separation of the people of the earth. Based on the chronological structure of the Bible Genesis 11: 1 – 9 speaks of how God baffled the language of the people resulting in their division. The following verses, Genesis 11:10-32 KJV, tells about the Generation of Shem including Peleg. So, another interpretation would be the earth was divided since people no longer shared the same language after the incident at the Tower of Babel. At the age of thirty, Peleg begat Reu. After two hundred and nine years, Peleg begat other sons and daughters (Genesis 11:18-19 KJV). He lived a total of two hundred thirty-nine years. Charting this on the Biblical Timeline, Peleg’s existence is from 2247 BC to 2008 BC.

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3 thoughts on “Peleg: biblical figure, ‘when the earth was divided’

  1. you are depicting the descendants of Sheam as white people. According to the Holy Word; none of the descendants of Sheam were white. They were all; dark brown and black. None of them were endowed with a long nose, pale skin, thin lips, blue, green, or hazel eyes. and blonde hair. Some of them were endowed with, straight, dark brown hair. And some were endowed with curly black hair. Their were only three blood mixes in the family of Sheam. They were: Sheam, Kahaam, and Kanaan. None of Japheth’s blood came into this family until 1600 BC. This was the time period of the Aryan invasion of the land of Kush.i.e. Semaria. There were many pale skin people inj the land of Shinar. Their fathers were the Fallen Gods: Enki, Annu, and Enlil.

      1. I believe that “in the days of Peleg, the land was divided ” the Northern ice cap melted , cutting of land bridges to all continents. Makes more sense for the dispersion of the rements of the tower of Bable. They were not boat builders . They walked to the ends of the flat earth until the land bridges were under water.

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