Madai which means measure, judging, or middle land, was a descendant of Noah through Japheth. He is listed as the third son of Japheth in the Bible. He is located on the Biblical Timeline after the Great Flood.

According to the Book of Jubilees, he married the daughter of Shem and pleaded with the three brothers of his wife to let him live on their land instead of occupying an area in Japheth’s land. They gave him a spot to dwell on with his family and it was later on named Media.

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He was associated with different nations such as the Mitanni, the Iranian Medes, the Kachin, the Kurd, and the Medes. The Mitanni and the Medes were Indo-Aryan nations. Media and Medes Media was an ancient city situated in the northwest of Iran and south of Azerbaijan.

The capital city of Media was Ecbatana or the present city of Hamadan

The capital city of Media was Ecbatana or the present city of Hamadan in Iran. Facts of this ancient land are somewhat limited and vague. On its west is the Zagros plateau bordered by Assyria. Elam and Persis marked the territories in the south, whereas on the east the Caspian Gate separated it from Parthia. The mountains of Elburz separated Media from the Caspian Sea and Armenia.

The Silk Road connects the country to other nations like Babylonia, Assyria, Armenia, Mediterranean, Parthia, Aria, Bactria, Sogdia, and China making the country accessible for trading. Media flourished in the trade industry and was also blessed in the field of agriculture. Its lands were fertile; suitable not only for farming but for animals like sheep, goats, and horses. The country was also known for the clover-like plant named Medicago.

Media was the place where the Medes first lived. Medes were conquered and ruled by the Midianites later on. Then later on they were seen inside the territory of Scythia. They were named Sauro-Matae by the Greeks. The presence of Medes was also seen in Ukraine during the time of Herodotus. Medes were migrants who occupied the north of Thrace. Medes was also associated with Persians through Cyrus the Great because of his mother whose father was a king of Media.

Madai, Medes, and Media in the Bible

  • Genesis 10:2, 1 Chronicles 1:5. Madai listed as the third son of Japheth.
  • Isaiah 21:2. Media associated with Elam.
  • Ezra 6:2. Ecbatana as the capital of Media.
  • Acts 2:9. Medes associated with the Elamites.
  • Isaiah 13:17. Medes as an enemy of Babylon.
  • Daniel 5:28. The kingdom being split for the Medes and Persians.
  • Daniel 6:8, 12, 15. The irrevocable laws of the Medes and Persians.
  • Daniel 5:31. The 62-year old Median named Darius, who conquered the kingdom.
  • Daniel 6:1. The 120 satraps of King Darius throughout the kingdom.
  • Daniel 6:28. Daniel became successful in the sovereignty of King Darius the Mede.
  • 2 Kings 17:6. The exiled people of Israel went to live in the lands of the Medes.
  • Jeremiah 51:11. The Lord lifted up the spirits of the Medes’ kings to fight against the Babylon.
  • Jeremiah 51:28. The nations of Medes to attack Babylon.
  •  Jeremiah 25:25. The king of Media associated to the kings of Zimri and Elam.
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