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Vandals in France (425 AD)

One of the strongest groups of people that fought against the Romans in 425 AD was the Vandals. These people were of East Germanic descent, and they were ruled by King Genseric during that year. In 425 AD, the Vandals entered Africa, under the commands of Genseric. By about 439 AD, these people successfully established a kingdom, which was made up of African provinces aside from various islands including Sardinia, Balearics, Malta, Corsica and Sicily. By 455 AD, the Vandals sacked Rome, which made them among the most powerful opponents of the empire.

According to scholars in the Renaissance era, the Vandals were characterized as barbarians. These people were among those that looted and sacked Rome with much success. Because of their destructive ways, the term vandalism was eventually used to describe the senseless and extensive destruction. Also, the Vandals tend to deface artworks, which destroyed the beauty of these pieces.

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‘The Vandal Kingdom at its greatest extent in the 470s.’

Modern historians have a different viewpoint of Vandals as they consider these people as perpetrators of the Roman culture. This was evident of the Vandals during the early middle ages or the transitional period in Europe.

During the Vandalic War that took place in 533 to 544 where it is located on the Biblical Timeline Chart with World History. The kingdom of the Vandals soon collapsed; this allowed Justinian I to regain the Africa province, which was originally a portion of the Byzantine Empire.

Invasion of Gaul

By 406 AD, the Vandals travelled to the west coming from Pannonia. They passed the Danube with barely any difficulties. Upon reaching the Rhine, though, they had some challenges as they were faced with the Franks. The Franks were situated in Romanized regions that were established in northern Gaul.

According to studies, at least 20,000 Vandals died during the battle with the Franks. However, the Alans came to help the Vandals, and the Franks were finally defeated. This prompted the Vandals to proceed to the Rhine so that they could invade Gaul. The Vandals destroyed much of Gaul until they decided to head to the west and south under the leadership of Gunderic, who was the son of Godigisel.

Uniting with Other Tribes

In 405, Radagaisus united the Burgundians, Suevi and Vandals. With his commands, he and some of his army proceeded to Northern Italy from Pannonia where they destroyed many cities along the way. Honorius was the western emperor at that time, and he had no choice but to go to Florence to seek refuge from the war.

He sought for help to defeat the invaders, yet no military forces or volunteers came to his help. Fortunately, Stilicho came to his aid and rescued the emperor including what was left to the city of Florence. He also ordered the capture and murder of Radagaisus while his surviving troops were sold as slaves.

Stilicho conquered some areas that were once owned by Radagaisus’ army. He also did his best to establish an alliance and gain support from the Franks. He even obtained the neutrality of another tribe called the Alamanni. With his success in defeating the last of Radagaisus’ army (with the Franks’ help), he was coined as the Deliverer of Italy.

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