Joshua or Hoshea

Hoshea or more popularly known by the name given to him by Moses, Joshua, was the son of Nun, who belonged to the lineage of Ephraim, a descendant of Abraham. He was born in Egypt. His birth name Hoshea means “salvation” and Joshua, the shortened form of Jehoshua that means “Jehovah is salvation” in Hebrew. Joshua was also the name of Jesus in Hebrew. He is found on the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History around 1500 BC. He is in the Torah as the loyal assistant of Moses, the leader of the Jews when they explored Mount Sinai and wandered in the desert for 40 years.

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Moses and the Messengers from Canaan

Joshua and Caleb were the only two of the twelve spies sent to investigate the Canaan that were allowed to enter the Promised Land. Because of their honest reports and willingness to follow God’s commands to take the land. Canaan was a legendary ancient land that was now represented by Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, and the western Jordan. Later, he became the legendary military leader of the Jews who continued the campaign in Canaan when Moses died in the Hebrew Bible.

He was known for being a good leader and under his leadership, the Jews were able to win numerous encounters with the people of Canaan. He headed the Jews in their success on the Battle of Jericho. Three more battles succeeded before they finally invaded Canaan pushing out the majority of the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. Thirty-one kings and six nations were demolished. The battle between the Canaanites and the Jews persisted for centuries after Joshua died. Joshua lived to the age of 110 years old. He was buried in Timnath-sereh in the mountainous area of Ephraim located at the northern part of Mount Gaash. Before he died, the aging Joshua made a pact in Shechem together with the Jews creating an eternal covenant with God and this promise was kept until the death of Joshua. But because Joshua was not able to leave a successor, the Jews started to deviate from this covenant shortly after he died. Instead of continuing the campaign, they mixed themselves with the other inhabitants and slowly absorbed their cultures and beliefs, including paganism.

Joshua in the Bible

Exodus 24:13. Joshua as the assistant of Moses.

Exodus 33:11. Joshua as the son of Nun.

Numbers 13:16. Hoshea was renamed Joshua by Moses and was one of the men sent by Moses to investigate the Canaan.

Numbers 14:6. Joshua being associated with Caleb.

Numbers 14:38. Joshua together with Caleb as the only two men who explored Canaan that survived.

Joshua 1:1-3. Joshua as the successor of Moses.

Joshua 1:12. Joshua as the leader of Reubenites, Gadites, and half of the nation of Mannaseh.

Joshua 3:1. Joshua started his campaign for Jordan.

Joshua 5:3. Joshua circumcised the Israelites.

Joshua 5:12-14. Joshua successfully invaded Jericho.

Joshua 8:30. Joshua rebuilt the altar at Mount Ebal.

Joshua 10:28. Joshua invaded Makkedah.

Joshua 10:32-33. Joshua annihilated Lachish killing its king and armies.

Joshua 10:34-37. Joshua and the Israelites also invaded the lands of Eglon and Hebron.

Joshua 10:38-42. Joshua was also successful in his campaigns at Debir, Negev, from Kadesh Barnea to Gaza and from Goshen to Gibeon.

Joshua 14:13. Joshua allotted the land of Hebron to Caleb as an inheritance.

Joshua 24:1-3. Joshua made a covenant with the Israelites at Shechem making them promise that they would remain faithful to God.

Joshua 2:8. Joshua died at age 110 years old.

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  2. How old was Joshua when he was with Moses on Mount Sinai?

  3. This is incredibly amazing. My name is Joshua David. Thank you for informing me the origin of my namesake. God bless you and everything you stand clr. AMen

  4. As the successor of Moses, Joshua was leader of the Israelites, not just the Jews.

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