Caleb is found in both the Bible and in the Qur’an. He is the propagator of the Calebites who occupied the south of Judah. The Calebites stayed in the area until they were pushed north close to Jerusalem by the Edomites. Caleb is found on the Biblical Timeline chart around 1500 BC

He was an Israelite son of a Kenizzite named Jephunneh. Jephunneh was an outsider of Jacob’s clan who married an Israelite woman.

Caleb was married to a woman named Azubah. When Azubah died, he married Ephrath and they became the parents of Hur. The rabbinical accounts say he was able to marry the daughter of Amram and the sister of Moses and Aaron, Miriam.

He declared that whichever great Israelite man was able to invade Kiriath-Sepher or Debir would marry his daughter named either Achsah or Axa.

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Othoniel Ben Kenaz

His half-brother, Othniel Ben Kenaz succeeded at the task and because of that he was able to marry Achsah making him the son-in-law of Caleb, too. This is the last account of Caleb mentioned in the Bible.

Caleb is mentioned in the Bible with Joshua as the only two among the twelve Israelite spies who survived and were allowed to enter Canaan after they were given the punishment of roaming around the desert as a consequence of disobeying God. After the conquest in Canaan, Hebron was given by Joshua to the 85-year-old Caleb after he asked Joshua to award him a land inside Judah.

The Territory of Caleb

Complying with the Divine covenant at Cades, Caleb asked Joshua to grant him a land within the territory of Judah, and he was given the town of Hebron. The 85-year-old yet able Caleb successfully conquered the city taking it from the hands of Anakim who occupied the area then.

Hebron is situated at the southern part of Jerusalem. It is the second most sacred city in Judaism and considered one of the four most important religious lands for the Muslims. It is where the Cave of the Patriarchs is located, a very important sacred spot for the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims. In modern days, it became the legendary site for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

When the priests arrived, Caleb sacrificed and let the priests stay and seek refuge in Hebron yet kept the neighboring cities under his command.

Caleb in the Bible

Numbers 13:6, 34:19. Caleb as a member of a nation in Judah and the son of Jephunneh

Numbers 14:6, 14:30. Caleb associated with the son of Nun, Joshua.

Numbers 14:38. Caleb and Joshua as the only ones among the Israelites who survived the 40 years of wandering.

Deuteronomy 1:36. Caleb is the sincere follower of God.

Joshua 14:6. Caleb reminded Joshua about the covenant of God and Moses in Kadesh Barnea about him and Joshua.

Joshua 14:13-14, 15:13, Judges 1:20. Joshua gave the land of Hebron to Caleb as his allotment as a reward for following God sincerely.

Joshua 15:14. Caleb successfully invaded Hebron taking it from the Anakites headed by Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai.

Joshua 15:16-17, Judges 1:12-13. Caleb announced that the man who could conquer Kiriath Sepher would wed his daughter Aksah and this was achieved by his half-brother, Othniel.

1 Chronicles 2:19. Caleb wed Ephrath, the mother of Hur after his first wife Azubah died.

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  5. how old was caleb before his dead?

  6. If Miriam is 86yrs old when she comes out of Egypt (Are in is 83, Moses is 80 and Miriam is said to be 6 years older than Moses). Caleb is 131 years old when they come out of egypt. How can Caleb be 40yrs old when he is called to be a spy ?

    1. Where in scripture do you get that Caleb is 131 years old?

      1. Exactly. Where does the 131 years come from?

    2. Caleb was 85 when he ask for that mountain. He was not 131 coming out of Egypt. Still the question remains, how old was Caleb @ his death?

      1. This is the question I need answered where do we read of the death of Caleb? And how old was he? Is Simeon and Caleb connected?

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  11. The first Caleb is said to be grand farther of Caleb who went with Joshua
    He was about 3 years younger than Joshua and so did not participate in invasions done under leadership of Joshua
    He was not assigned any responsibility to take over after Joshua
    So retired
    Dr N J Paul

    1. Where in the bible it is written my dear brother Paul?


    2. read it again Joshua was younger than Caleb.

      1. Where did you read that Joshua was younger than Caleb? If it were so, then Caleb would have lived to at least 110 years of age.

  12. Is there any Scripture that tell us how old Caleb was when he died?

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