Amram Father of Moses

Amram was mentioned in the Bible as one of the four sons of Kohath and the grandson of Levi. He was named first among his siblings followed by Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel. He is found on the Bible Timeline Poster at 1600 BC

He became the founder of the Amramites, a nation that belonged to the Kohathite clan who were responsible for looking after the holy treasures inside the sanctuary. His name is believed to have come from the Hebrew words “am” which means ‘a people’ and “rum” which means ‘to be high, rise up’. It could also be derived from the word “rum” that indicates ‘height’ which can be used in referring to arrogance or pride.

He was married to Jochebed and together they became the parents of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. Amram and the Levite from Egypt, Jochebed were related by blood though their affinity was not that clear. Yet in the Book of Exodus, it is explicitly mentioned that Jochebed was the sister of Kohath thus making her the aunt of Amram.

Amram is further mentioned in the Talmud as the propagator of divorce when he divorced Jochebed after the Pharaoh gave an order that all the male children should be thrown into the river. Despite that he is believed to have lived such a completely sinless long life that his corpse was preserved as a sign of reward.

In the Book of Jubilees, he was named as one of the group of people who journeyed to Egypt to get the bones of his dead ancestors and buried it in the cave at Machpelah.

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The Kohathite clan was responsible for the holy treasure.

Amram was later changed to the Arabic name, Imran. According to the beliefs of the Muslims, there were two men bearing the name Imran in the Qur’an; one was Amram, the father of Moses and the other was Amram, the grandfather of Jesus through Mary. While in the Bible there are also two men having the name Amram; one was the legendary father of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam and the other was the Israelite man who wed and divorced a number of foreign women.

Amram died at age 137 years old in Egypt.

Amram as mentioned in the Bible

  • Exodus 6:18, 1 Chronicles 6:2, 1 Chronicles 6:18, 1 Chronicles 23:12. Amram as one of the sons of Kohath along with Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel.
  • Exodus 6:20. Amram who reached the age of 137 years old married his aunt named Jochebed and they became the parents of their two sons, Aaron and Moses.
  • Numbers 3:19. Amram being a part of the Kohathite clan.
  • Numbers 26:59. Amram got married to the Levite from Egypt named Jochebed who became the mother of his children, namely; Aaron, Moses, and Miriam.
  • 1 Chronicles 6:3. Amram being the father of Aaron, Moses, and Miriam and the grandfather of Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar through Aaron.
  • 1 Chronicles 24:20. Amram as the ancestor of Shubael and Jehdeiah.
  • 1 Chronicles 26:23. The Amramites being related to the Izharites, the Hebronites, and the Uzzielites.
  • Ezra 10:34. Amram as the descendant of Bani together with Maadai and Uel.
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  1. I want to more about the genetation of moses

  2. Wonderful teaching… God bless you soo much.

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    1. I really enjoyed reading this, it’s quite educative

  4. Insightful teaching. Thank you and God bless you for you clarity

  5. Story of Amram and his family is really touching..Almighty God is Able ,when we have faith in Him….no matter situation you are passIng through He will remember you like Amram…Through sending a destiny helpers Pharaoh princes to his son Moses….Leave God be called God ..

  6. very interesting!!!! started thinking when reading about joseph who fought a whole night against(?) God of the angel, and aftr that got the name Israel, and then trying to find out what the name Irael really means, in hebreew it seems to mean “Unknown” or “unidentified” (for me it might be a negative word) but on the other hand Jacob lured or fooled his older brother Esau and sold him to some Egyptians to be a slave in Egypt. And there I lost the thread because the whole family of Jacob emmigrated to Egypt and stayed there for hundreds of years, and who knows why thte Pharao ordered all boys born to be killed, thus Moses being adopted by the daughter of hte Pharao

    1. Each name in the bible has a root word and is symbolic. If you took the names of the generations listed, they can be correlated into the concept of what God is trying to convey in his creation. For example: What is profound is when you begin to look at the meaning of each of the names. (excerpt taken from I HIGHLY recommend investing in the KJV bible with STRONGS CONCORDANCE – that includes the Hebrew & Greek translations. You will be able to look up each name and most likely, there will be a definition or reference and connection to the root word it is derived from. It will open your spiritual eyes and deepen your understanding that ALL things, throughout History, will always point back to God offering Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice that brings us back to God! Even the universe and stars tell the story of Jesus Christ! E.W.Bullinger has a book called Witness of the Stars that talks about how the constellations are divided up into aeons and each section references that particular time in history what us humans go through! It’s amazing.

      Adam: man
      Seth: appointed
      Enosh: mortal, frail, or miserable
      Kenan (Cainan): sorrow, dirge, elegy
      Mahalalel: the Blessed God (coming from Mahalal: blessed or praise | El: name for God)
      Jared: this is from the verb which means “shall come down”
      Enoch: commencement or teaching
      Methuselah: his death shall bring (coming from Meth: death | Shalach: to bring/send forth)
      Lamech: despairing (root of this word is where we get our English word lament or lamentation)
      Noah: comfort, rest (derived from nacham: to bring relief or comfort)

  7. Wonderful teaching. Thank you so much, may God bless you

  8. the time is short and all believers need to be ready or get ready Jesus said, take my yoke upon you for my yoke is easy and my burden is light

  9. I really commended you people for your teaching inside of the origins of Moses and his historical events afterwards but my primarily concerned could had been on the conclusion of the story surrounding him based on the topics that says, ” Moses was born the time many destiny were destroyed ” but it didn’t arrive That way. Pls it full story !

  10. “Exodus 6:20. Amram who reached the age of 137 years old married his aunt named Jochebed and they became the parents of their two sons, Aaron and Moses” You.
    Are you saying that Amram was married and got children at 137 years old? I would believed the 137 years speaks to Amram’s lived on earth. Hence, is married and children came many years prior his death.

  11. Is Jesus Moses? And how do I know this…

    1. Jesus is the Christ, the son of God. Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promise Land of Caanan. Jesus was not even born to Mary at the time of the Exodus. So, no, they are definitely NOT the same person.

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