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Macedonian War, Second

The Republic of Rome might not have been fully aware of the fact that it was slowly becoming a powerful force in the world. Rome had been expanding all over the known world and even into the outer fringes of distant lands. Their power was growing immensely, and they had the tendency to involve themselves in foreign affairs. King Philip V of Macedonia knew about the Romans from his confrontation with them in Illyria, which took place during the 1st Macedonian War.  The second Macedonian war takes place at the very end of the second century BC that is where it appears on the Biblical Timeline with World History.  It ended in 196 BC.

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1st Macedonian Conflict with Rome

Rome got involved in Greek and Macedonian affairs during the 1st Macedonian War, and it set the stage for their invasion of Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and the Middle East. In the 1st Macedonian War, King Philip V of Macedonia aligned himself with Hannibal in 215-205 B.C. against Rome, who was encroaching on the region.

King Philip V sided with another Greek kingdom known as the Illyrians against the Romans in two wars that occurred between 230 and 219 B.C. These conflicts were known as the Illyrian wars. King Demetrius, the leader of Illyria, had fled to King Philip’s court after his defeat to the Romans in 219 and became an adviser against the Romans. Rome had decided to push into Greece for some reasons and some them was to keep Illyrians under control and to keep King Philip V power in check. They knew about Alexander‘s conquest and how the Greeks were able to dominate the world through them and did not want King Philip V making Macedonia repeat his success.

King Philip V got tired of Rome measuring in his affairs. During the 1st Macedonian War, Philip and Hannibal became allies. The Romans did not like this situation because Hannibal had been such a problem for them for many years. Even though this was the case, Rome ultimately decided to make a peace treaty with Macedonia. The Treaty of Phoenice was signed in 205 B.C., and five years later the 2nd Macedonian War had begun.

Second Macedonian War with Rome

nd Macedonian War,200 BC

The conflict started when the Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy Philopator had died around 204 B.C. When he passed away his son Ptolemy was just a young six-year-old boy when he became the king. The child did not have the ability to rule his empire, and it was controlled by incompetent or incapable ministers who could not effectively govern Egypt. As a result, King Antiochus III of the Seleucid Empire decided to take some of Egypt’s possessions in the Middle East. And the Mediterranean and King Philip wanted to gain some territories in Greece and Asia Minor that were allied with or under the control of Egypt.

King Philip V’s actions caused so much turmoil in the Greek world that Rome was called in to aid various Greek and Asia Minor city states against him. Rome feared King Philip V gaining power and they also feared Antiochius III becoming too strong. So they decided to go to war and with Philip once again. Also, they had not forgotten the past feelings that resulted from the first Macedonian conflict. Rome wanted the captured Greek states to see them as liberators and to defeat Macedonia once and for all.

A series of battles occurred between Rome and the Macedonia until 197 B.C. when Roman legions defeated the Macedonian phalanx at the Battle of Cynoscephalae. Peace was finally declared in 196 BC. Rome gained a strong holding in the Greece with this defeat and Macedonia never again rose to power. Macedonia had lost all of its former possessions and had to accept Roman dominance.

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