Jebusites and Jerusalem

Who are the Jebusites?

The Jebusites are believed to be the descendants of Jebus, a descendant of Canaan, Ham’s son. They were thought to be a warlike people and were mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as a nation living in the mountains.  The Amazing Bible Timeline with World History places them with the other nations of Ham beginning about 2300 BC

They are one of the tribes mentioned in the Bible that God promised to expel from the Promised Land. One of the seven nations that God commanded the Israelites to destroy completely.

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The Jebusites settled and constructed Jerusalem, then called Jebus. They lost the battle against Joshua that also killed their king, Adonizedek, but managed to stay in Jebus until the invasion of King David.

In spite of the number of times that the Jebusites are mentioned in the Bible, other evidence concerning them is limited.


Jebusites,_Biblical_People_and_Places revised
On this slope, it is now believed stood the original Jerusalem

The Biblical town, Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel and one of the most ancient Canaanite cities in the world. It is found in the Judean Mountains in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea on the north rim of the Dead Sea.

The city was known by the name Jebus before it was conquered by King David. This holy land to the three main Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) has currently extended its borders outside that of the Old City.

Jerusalem is entirely surrounded by valleys and arid riverbanks resulting in a great problem in water supply since Biblical times. To supply water, the farmers constructed stone terraces along the valleys.

Years of war and abandonment resulted in the destruction of the forests including almond, olive, and pine trees that enclosed Jerusalem during the ancient times. Over time, this city was ruined twice, hit with plague 23 times, assaulted 52 times, and invaded 44 times.

Jebusites and Jerusalem Today

The position of Jerusalem is currently a primary part of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Jerusalem is not internationally identified as the capital of Israel while under the Basic Law of Israel they referred to this city as their nation’s “undivided capital”.

Despite the absence of scholastic back-up, many Palestinian Arabs believe that the Jebusites are the forefathers of the Palestinians.  Why? Because this claim would help to support legally their declaration that Jerusalem and Israel belong to the Palestinians.

What does the Bible say about the Jebusites and the city of Jerusalem?

  • Genesis 10:15-16. The first time the name Jebusites appeared in Bible as one of the descendants of Canaan.
  • Joshua 10:1-26. The first time that Jerusalem was mentioned in the Bible when its king, Adonizedek, lead the Jebusites along with the people from nearby cities to fight against Joshua; a war he eventually lost and in which he was killed.
  • Joshua 11:3, Numbers 13:29. Jebusites dwell in the “hill country”.
  • Genesis 15:18-21. The Jebusites are listed as one of the clans that inhabit land that is promised to Abram.
  • Exodus 3:6-8. God rescued the people of Moses from the Egyptians and brought them to the “good and spacious” land abundant of “milk and honey” where the Jebusites resided along with five other tribes.
  • Exodus 33:2. God sent an angel to move out the six tribes, including the Jebusites, from the Promised Land.
  • Deuteronomy 7:1-2. God ordered the Israelites to completely destroy the Jebusites together with the other six mighty nations.
  • Judges 1:21. The Jebusites still live in Jerusalem with the Benjamites.
  • Judges 1:8. Jerusalem was captured by the people of Judah.
  • Joshua 15:63. Judah failed to expel the Jebusites from Jerusalem, and they continued to live in the city with the children of Judah.
  • Judges 19:10, 11. Jerusalem was also known as Jebus.
  • 2 Samuel 5:6-10. The Jebusites protested against King David’s arrival in Jerusalem, but David invaded Zion (Jerusalem), lived in its stronghold, and called it the City of David.
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73 thoughts on “Jebusites and Jerusalem

  1. Dear Bible researchers,
    Ham is the father of the Jebusites. Ham was cursed for intercoursing with his father…so, the Jebusites were cursed and successfully bought enough time to find and establish a city on the ground still disputed today called Jerusalem…I am currently working with Jews AND Arabs in uncovering the mystery and power of Jerusalem…So far, all that Jehovah will tell me is that underneath temple mount lays ALL the ley lines, currents, frequencies, and charges which governs not just planet earth…but, the Whole Universe…serious stuff…thanx for your research…sincerely, Ed Gainer — (main) — — USA — September 23, 2013…

    1. There are no remains of a King David or a King Solomon ever existing. Don’t bother. The OT is not an accurate and historical book. The OT Hebrew god is a cruel god who slaughters and kills people but only saves one life from a flood. Don’t buy into the nonsense. Focus on the NT and Jesus’ teachings.

      1. The New Testament has its entire foundation in the OT. Anyone who tries to deny the Father by nullifying His Holy Commandments and His People, through which line Yeshua (Jesus) was born through, the line of David, and all the prophets… This person be accursed and is a hater of Yeshua and of the Father whom sent Him forth. Woe is he or she who wrote those comments or even thinks such blasphemy.

        1. As Christians, we are first commanded to be loving. The Apostle Paul said he was once a blasphemer. But God forgave him and showed him the college of knowledge. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If JEHOVAH were all about bringing down HIS wrath, HE would not have sent HIS Son.

          1. God is all about bringing His wrath and that is why He sent His Son. God wishes and will bring His wrath against all those who sin against Him (do not choose to follow Him) but like the merciful God that He is, gives thr choice through His Son to be saved from that wrath. He wishes to destroy evil in the world and all those who participate in it. However, not before He saves those whom He calls to salvation through His Son. This is evident in Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, the taking of the promise land, and in the coming of Christ. God is absolutely all about bringing His wrath, just not before letting the innocent escape through the salvation His Son came to provide by choosing Him.

        2. Yes… That is absolutely true. If they repent of their blasphemies and wicked ways and put their faith in their Creator and Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ… They will find mercy. If not they are condemned forever

      2. Whataya mean “don’t believe the Old Testament, its not an accurate book”, That’s furthest from the truth lady!
        Without the Old Testament there would be no New Testament. The New is anchored by the Underlying Old Testament. You cannot refer to the New without drawing from the Old Testament. They go together like hand in glove. The Old is Messianic to to New…

        1. I agree Bearma,
          Recent archaeology also supports the existence of David and Solomon. Someone needs to do a bit more research before commenting on something as critical as completely throwing out over half of the Bible.

      3. The OT foreshadows in every way the NT. Throw out the OT, and you can make the NT mean anything you want it to. Truth goes out the window. Without an understanding of the “very good” creation, the poor free will decision of humans and their falling away from God, God’s 1st Covenant, meant to convince man of his sin and consequent need for God, and God’s 2nd Covenant granting pardon and resoration to those truly desiring an end to their alienation from God, there is no possibility of a radically changed life that brings one back into the family of God which includes the indwelling presence of God. Read both OT and NT. THERE IS A CURSE ON THOSE WHO ADD TO OR TAKEAWAY FROM GOD’S WORD. REMEMBER, JESUS QUOTED OFTEN FROM THE OT!!! DO AWAY WITH THE OT AND YOU HIDE JESUS’S OWN WORDS.

      4. Hi Anita who put you on this Planet trust me there is a God you will no this one day.

        1. Amen to that

      5. And Christ said…
        ” I have come to fulfill the law and not abolish it”
        The OT was to show man’s helpless condition and the NT as a new covenent between God and his children that through Christ we are all brought back to a relationship with our creator.

      6. Why don’t you address your concerns to the Creator? Yes. Him. If you believe JEHOVAH is unfair, ask HIM to help you understand better why HE brought the flood. THE GOD I know is not like many paint HIM: all thunder-and-lightning fury and scare. HE’s more humble than Jesus: that’s Where HIS Son got it from: more like a little child: that’s why Jesus said to be like little children: because THE FATHER is like that.
        HE’s The Big Daddy. HE is Love. Not hate. It is not in HIS nature to destroy HIS creatures. But when evil arises and people choose evil, would it not be evil on HIS part if HE allowed it to continue indefinitely?
        Example: now.
        Torture, persecution, murder, rape, unspeakable horrors happening to man and animal alike. Genetic tampering: men playing God. Wars, famine, sickness, crime. Depression, despair, pain. All stemming from Satan and his followers.
        Tell me: if JEHOVAH said: Well… ummm… I’d be cruel if I destroyed a bunch of people…
        Would that not be unjust?
        Or ought HE to LOVINGLY consider not just HIS own NAME but HIS people, HIS animals, HIS earth?
        In the case of Noah’s time, there was genetic altering too. Angels slept with women and produced hybrids. Who did evil, who corrupted everything so badly that the very earth herself cried to GOD.
        The truth is: because GOD is good, HE was forced to take measures against HIS own gentle, peaceful nature to deliver what was HIS. If HE did not, where would we be today, Ma’am?
        And HE is again faced with this because if HE doesn’t stick to HIS “day and hour” HE won’t have a planet.
        Ask GOD to show HIS Person to you. Jesus said to glorify and worship His FATHER.

      7. This ignorant person doesn’t seem to know that Jesus often referred to scripture in His teachings…He obviously didn’t consider the OT to be nonsense

        1. Q: Why is your God always a HE and if HE loves his people why does he destroy them with floods, famine, war, pestilence? Its more likely God was a SHE as we all know there is no FURY like a woman scorned!

      8. Anita Wow!
        Without the Hebrew Bible OT we wouldn’t have a NT. Jesus taught out of the Torah/OT because there wasn’t a NT. He said He’s the same yesterday,today and Forever. He’s the Alef and the Tav, alpha and omega, beginning and end. He’s the same God one and only and He doesn’t change.
        I’m wondering if you ever read the book of Revelation in the NT. The Things that are coming on the earth. His wrath.

      9. My faith came through Jesus and if hè did not judge the way you do, why do you do IT?

      10. Jesus quoted extensively from the OT. In fact, as a rabbi he taught from it on a weekly basis. Also, Jesus is the Old Testament God.

      11. Anita, Where do you think Yahshua’s teachings come from? Did he not quote Moses and the prophets? You obviously haven’t been to Israel to see with your own eyes the artifacts that prove Jerusalem is the City of David where the 1st and 2nd Temples stood. There is no lack of ignorance among Christians.

        1. If you see it’s Abraham’s tomb which Hebrew is not even a language
          LeBron and Jerusalem are separate from Israel
          King David was of Israel he’s actually Israelites
          Amar is Jerusalem in Syria

      12. Its Jesus’s teachings that point to the old testament.

      13. your comment is NOT POROPER. If you would know the OT God, then only you can recommend the NT to the world. dont you see and know and understand the same OT God is LORD JESUS CHRIST. TIME TO time the things change. that is nature of God and is natural. dont you understand. why you take the side of SATAN in your mind and boast as a spiritual Guide to the universe? are you bigger than JEHOVAH God? where were you when the OT was going on? repent and turn your heart from paganism and judgemental over the God of History, and earth. akthomas India.8989019322

      14. How you choose to believe the New Testament and forgo the Old Testament when one is the precursor to the other baffles me. It is the Old Testament God who chooses to send His son in order to save the whole world.
        Are you a ‘Jesus only’ believer? If you are, then you need help seriously.

      15. Yet Yeshua said … if you believed Moses… he wrote about me. He also said “ as the serpent was lifted up, so to the son of man must be lifted up”. He also became upset with the money changers doing business in the house of His Father… that they conducted business on temple grounds, and fastened a whip to get them out, overturning their tables… also He was circumcised on the 8th day and being the lamb of G-d commited no sins… He did said not one jot or tiddle until all is accomplished… He was the passaover lamb ( unblemished my sin).
        I however am a sinful man, yet by His grace and mercy we receive forgiveness, that His blood was shed once and for all ( the many whom believe). And He went on to say that He would raise the temple in three days, speaking of His death and resurrection. That the physical temple would be destroyed and it was destroyed with not one stone standing. Again, this is Christian theology 101. Blessed Saint Paul, although He made one man get circumcised, he fought the good fight and died a Martyr. He said and spoke honestly that if one does not believe that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected again on the third day as He promised, your faith is in vain.

        1. He said I and the Father are One. That you are in me and I Am in the Father.
          The true Jesus Christ ( Yeshua) ALWAYS REFERENCES HIS FATHER.
          He was a Judean. Born in Beth-Lahem. Root and descendant of King David, High Priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. He said if you deny Him He will deny you to the Father. “This is my Beloved Son listen to Him.”

      16. So much ignorance

      17. The God of the OT. Was still dealing with the fallen Angels who had intermarried into those nations. So they had to be dealt with.
        The Son of man (Jesus) was not to be mixed blood, so the Israelites were not to mix (marry) with these people.
        To be a sacrifice for our sin’s, He had to be spotless, without sin & without the mixture.
        God dealt harshly with those people, so that we might be saved, through the spotless blood of the Lamb of God. It was HIS LOVE, not HIS crualty

      18. This is not true. Yes he is just and holy, but does have to punish sin. Sinners who don’t repent will still be punished. Jesus talked more about He’ll than all the old testament. Yes sin has to be punished and He’ll is where all unrepentant sinners will spend eternity. But yes the Elohim of the old testament loved you enough to send his son Jesus to take your punishment …if you choose to confess him and make him your Lord. Your choice. But who would want a father who doesn’t correct a child whom he loves?

      19. Jesus is God.

      20. I believe the whole Bible, OT & NT I historical and true. Lots of its writings are testified to on the NT. The OT was written by prophets though visions, dreams, and the voice of God himself. The violence came from a rebellious people who refused to obey God. Our God is a God of love but he is also a God of wrath. If you don’t believe that, stick around for the last seven years of earth. You’ll see violence like nobody has ever seen before. Please study into the OT with an open mind. Some things are hard for us to understand, but are true whether we believe them or not. Don’t jeopardize a relationship with God by blaspheming his holy word. Prayers for you.

    2. It is logical to agree that the Jebusites were the forefathers of the Palestinian Arabs. The problem exist when the Palestinians deny that GOD took Jerusalem (Jebus) from them and gave it to the children of Israel (Jacob). The Palestinians simply refuse to accept defeat. The answer is to simply obey GOD and utterly destroy the Palestinians in the West bank and Gaza as he instructed in Deuteronomy 7:1-2. Israel did not, so now we have this problem today with the descendants of the Jebusites. When David beat Goliath (knock him out) he had to finish the fight by cutting his (Goliath’s) head off and by so doing the battle was over.

      1. your comments are very misguided, Jesus Christ gave his life for us and his apostles and disciples in the first century church followed in his example, so we can have our salvation faith today the early Christian church never killed anybody, future religions did but that was through human corruption, anyway the Palestinians can not be traced back to any connection with jerusalem, beyond a hundred years, the name palastinians was given to the jews in the second century by Hadrian to mock the jews reminding them of their great enemy the Philistines, who were extinct by then, so when history talks about Palastinians it was originally referring to the jews

        1. Christians never killed anyone??? Did you miss the Sieges, Crusades and the current “Mission” that is spreading around the world. The United States of America was created by 2 Jesuit missionaries and a lay brother that arrived on the Ark and the Dove and EXTERMINATED everyone to create a country of Christian believing people. I can pull you laws from the 1700s in my state the if you offended (didn’t believe in the Godhead, the story of Christ or the Virgin Mary) they boarded your tongue, the second time they branded a B in your forehead and the third time put you to DEATH without clergy. Believers in Christ have murdered more people in the history than any other religion. If you think this is a lie, put the Bible down and start researching the HISTORY OF RELIGION. Right now they are getting ready to do it again to bring in their new world religion lead by the Jerusalem cross, not the Christian cross.

          1. We are commanded to love as believers. If you don’t you are not a follower of Christ.

          2. Sorry but religion killed those people, not true followers of Christ that have a personal relationship with Him.

      2. Thanks for the Info on the Jebusites, thats the information i was seeking as i scrolled down this comments!!

    3. Faulty info… Ham was not cursed it was Noah’s grandson Canaan (Ham’s son) whom Noah cursed. Also, Ham did not have intercourse with his Noah. That is not supported by the Canonized or Apocrypha text anywhere. To the contrary the Book of Jasher says Ham stole the garments of Adam and Eve that Noah had preserved, while he (Noah) was drunk. Lastly, Jebus was Jerusalem and built the city and inhabited it for roughly 1500 years before David seized it.

      1. very correct God bless you and keep you. be clothed with boldness and work and serve Loed Jesus Christ. destroy the works of the Devil by all means. akthomas India 8989019322

      2. Amen to that brother

    4. Leviticus 18:8
      The nakedness of thy fathers wife shalt thou not uncover. It is thy fathers nakedness.
      Even though it could be the other way as well. I just know that drunk or not, I’d def know if someone was poking around my back door. There’s a internal and “eternal” alarm system on most guys that would instantly be set off just by crossing the outer perimeter of said property!!! Lol

    5. Where on God’s green earth did you come up with the idea that Ham committed sodomy against Noah? I find nothing of the sort in the Bible.

    6. I am interested in your findings. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for you for All of your hard work , I’am very interested in your results. I believe you are on the level. Good Luck all the way .

  3. Thank you for the very clear teaching on the Jebusites. I was reading Joshua the other day and was curious about why the Jebusites were never run out of Jerusalem and then I started to wonder if there is a connection between the Ishmaelites and the Jebusites, other than that they are a thorn in the sides of the Jews. I know that the Ishmaelites are descendants of Shem while the Jebusites (supposedly) are descendants of Ham. I also read about the Palestinian connection, but I thought that Ishmael was their forefather. If there is no connection, it almost seems like the Jews were doomed to fail because they were surrounded by people who would be constantly trying to destroy them. So, my question: is there a connection that I didn’t find somewhere? Thanks.

    1. Ishmael father is Abraham Semite and his mother Hagar (African Egyptian) Hamite. Ishmael is both a Semite and Hamite. Jebusites are descendants of Jebus (one of Canaan’s son) a Canaanite. Although the descendants of Ham is black, the entire black/Africans were not cursed. And the law against intermarriage was based on religion not race. ( I know you didn’t ask, I just added).
      Lastly, the instructions for the children of Israel was to annihilate all of the Jebusites and Jacobs descendants could not. The bible says they still live there unto this day. And guess what… they intermarried too!!

  4. Correction if we read Genesis 9 Canaan was cursed. Not Ham. (Referring to Edward Courtney comment above)

  5. error (Genesis 15:18-21. Jebusites are among the descendants of Abram the Lord mentioned when He made a covenant with Abram.) The Jebusites are listed as one of the clans that inhabit land that is promised to Abram. Also, the Jebusites are descendants of Ham, while Abram is descendant from Ham’s brother Shem.

    1. Agreed Shawn, we have made the update. Thanks for visting, reading and your feedback!

    2. So Shawn, you’re saying that the Jebusites are a descendent of Abram, and Abram a descendent of Sham, how can you also say that the Jebusites are descendent of Ham? Are they both?

      1. Lucy… The Jebusites are not descendants of Abram. The Jebusites are Hamitic by way of Canaan their father. Their land was a part of the promise to Abraham.

  6. So does it mean that there were Palenstinian Arabs from Jebusite tribe still living in desert, barren land around Jerbu (Jerusalem} after the last destruction of the Temple around 70 a.d.? Seems that most of the Jewish and Gentile Christian communities scattered for fear of political dangers. I Keep wondering who remained from that time until 1900’s to try and hack out a living in that deserted area or was it deserted?

    1. according to an ottoman empire census from 1900 it was about 92% arab, 6% jews, 2% others, so by that i would assume it was not deserted, certainly not by the arabs anyway

  7. Arabs are part Semite by way of their father Abraham. As in the beginning Abraham (Semite) and Hagar (Hamite) and Abraham (Semite) and Keturah (Hamite)…
    Islam happened 1000’s of years later, after the book of revelation had been written.

  8. Thanks a lot for the information.

  9. Why would Yahweh curse anyone, whether Canaan or Ham or whoever? And order the total destruction of a nation, not sparing anyone, women and children included? Because they sinned by worshipping other gods? How insecure and jealous can Yahweh be? We all sin, no one is perfect. How can this be reconciled with a gracious and loving god, slow to anger, showing unconditional mercy and love? This just reinforces my theory that Yahweh, the Israelite god was a creation of the Israeli tribes. Each tribe had their own god and people literally put words into god’s mouth (thus saith the Lord, etc) to justify their actions.

    1. Exodus 34:14 (New Living Translation)

      “You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you”

      First and foremost, The God of Israel, of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac is always spelled with a capital “G” as the one and only true God, The almighty creator of the universe. “Who always was and is and is to come”. The concern you point out about Gods Jealousy should not be interpreted as a negative thing as Exodus 34:14 states, He is jealous about the relationship He has with you because He desires to know you and have your adoration. We as humans crave to be desired. The need to give and receive love is inately embedded in our DNA. But most of us can only dream about having this kind of desire lavished on us in our human relationships. Consider 1 John 3:1, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” The simple fact of the matter is, Anyone demonstrating that level of committment in a relationship expects it to be reciprical and unadulterated. God Loves You and Desires a relationship with you. Which is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

      1. Thanks Gary, I agree 100 percent. God loved us so much, He took part of Himself, part of His attributes, His Tribune nature, in the Son and lived and died for us to show how much He lived us. He did this to bring Ys back into relationship with Him. He had to do this because if the fall if man in the garden if Eden. If that isn’t live, I don’t know what is.
        Well spoken brother, just thought I’d elaborate done more. Be blessed all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

        1. I agree 100%

    2. The reason why the curses were put in place was to remind His people of the laws statue and commandments that were given to the way there were also blessings given for following, the laws,statue and commandments. See in the beginning was the PLAN of Yahawah, and the plan was with Yahawah, and the plan was Yahawah’s.The curses only come upon the ones who forsake Yahawah

    3. I would have to say, the curse was actually pertaining to the spirit or nature by which Ham Dishonored his father. To curse Ham, would extend to his entire send. God is a just and faithful God. The curse was laid on Canaan to identify him with his father as in the place of birth. Furthermore, we know Caanan lived to have so many children. So the curse could not have been intended for his son, but more aptly for those who would fall into Apostasy like Ham. Just consider Canaan a place marker or identifier for wickedness. Hope this helps.

      1. I just have to reply to all the conversations in these post. All curses can be broken by the Blood of Jesus.YHWH-Yireh — “The Lord will provide” (Genesis 22:13-14)
        YHWH-Rapha — “The Lord that healeth” (Exodus 15:26)
        YHWH-Niss”i — “The Lord our Banner” (Exodus 17:8-15)
        YHWH-Shalom — “The Lord our Peace” (Judges 6:24)
        YHWH-Ra-ah — “The Lord is the Way, my Shepherd” (Psalm 23:1)
        I AM THAT I AM
        i find that when i study his word he reveals himself more and more the OLD T IS OUR SCHOOL MASTER he is more than JUST LOVE HES EVERYTHING We dont know why GOD ask for the blood of animals and then he gave the greatest sacrifice of all his son Jesus. His word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and last YES HE CAN BE ANGRY AND YES he can even have vengeance we only get a sample of his word and not the entire picture but someday we will know ALL and The more i read the more i fall in love with him.

  10. Yakob, that is why we have Jesus.

  11. All in all human wisdom is so faulty!..GOD AND HIS WISDOM IS ABOVE ALL.

  12. • He created us in His Image. Life is in the blood. A full account will be required for both animal and man as it is written in Genesis. My prayer is for all the men and women of the earth, we are created in God’s Image and come from the blood line of the first man Adam. So, forgive quickly and set yourself free, make allowances for one another, offenses will come each day,yesterday is going and today is an new day, amen.

    1. Micheal, Amen. Jesus died for the whole world, that’s all if us, non of us are excluded. Praise His Holy NAME!

  13. King David was told by God to go to the threshing floor of Araunah, king of the Jebusites, to sacrifice there to stop the plague David had incurred because of the census of Israel. (See II Sam. 24: 18) It is important to note that he legally purchased that threshing floor, just as Abraham legally purchased the cave of Machpelah in Hebron. That is where the patriarchs are buried and is a holy site to the Jewish people. These two sites are claimed by the Palestinians, who say they are descended from the Jebusites. That legal claim is nullified by the legal purchase of those sites by the descendants of Jacob (Israel).

  14. Does it matter who owns jelusalem then and who owns it now.Becouse if it does
    it will also matter who owned america then and who owns it now.Let the same apply to australia and northern ireland ? Those people who are fighting for these lands are not the real…….

    1. Yes, because God promised it to Abraham. Its the Lords way of marking His authority over all creation. And its evident through prophesy and history.

  15. Lately I have been slowly reading the OT and paying attention to the ‘ways’ of God. God initiated eradicating peoples and nations for His own purposes and in order to show us many things about Himself and His requirements of “His people” if we are willing to learn.
    God does not play games and God is no-body’s fool. God’s ways are not our ways. We must honour God completely without any rebellion.
    We learn that God has always looked to find individuals including angels that are dedicated to Him to serve His purposes. He is holy and without holiness by His standard know one will see Him or inherit life in His eternal family. God Bless!

  16. In the Old Testament God commanded each of His people to trust Him completely.
    In the New Testament God again commands each of His followers to Trust Him completely.
    It is the same God in both testaments with the same standard which is ‘Repent of your sins (be holy) and Trust God alone’.
    Life on earth regards life to come… We live in a time zone, a mechanism designed by God to examine the hearts of each human.
    To those who are wholehearted to God now God gives to them His own Spirit that brings forth His own light, His qualities and the fruits of His Spirit are seen amongst those who are His. If you do not have God’s Spirit then you must seek God with all your heart.
    No one can control the time they have left, repent and trust God like you would a parachute when falling from a plane. God Bless

  17. God as nothing to do with the evil man as done.wether they call themselves Christians are not.they do not represent abba father

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