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Thule People Expand to Alaska

Years ago during the Late Glacial Maximum, humans crossed from Asia to North America via the Bering Land Bridge and one of those groups of migrants were the Thule people. Siberia, the region where the migrants came from, was inhospitable, but Alaska was no different. The Thule people, however, managed to survive in the hostile environment. They spread out on the coasts as well as to the various islands of the Bering Sea. This is recorded on the Biblical Timeline Chart with World History around 500 AD.

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“Whalebone used in the building of an ancient Thule home.”

The period between 200 AD to about 800 AD of the Thule culture was called the Old Bering Sea Stage. This period was marked by the presence and increased use of kayaks and umiaks covered with walrus or seal skins for transportation, while stone tools gave way for slate tools. Some of the artifacts recovered from the Thule culture sites, which date back to the Old Bering Sea Stage, include harpoon points made out of bones and antlers, fishing spears, and walrus scapula shovels. They also hunted sea mammals, such as whales and seals, as sources of food and clothing. Around 1000 AD, the climate became warmer, and the Thule people decided to migrate east to follow the whale migration to the Canadian Arctic. There they interacted with the Dorset people and became the ancestors of the modern Inuit.

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