King Menes

Ancient Egypt was once composed of two kingdoms, Upper Egypt, and Lower Egypt. The Cobra symbolized Lower Egypt while the lotus symbolized Upper Egypt. King Menes of Lower Egypt unified the two kingdoms after conquering Upper Egypt is a descendant of Ham (see the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History)

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King Menes started the dynasties of Egyptian pharaohs that continued until the death of Cleopatra and the successful Roman invasion of Egypt. He was the first pharaoh who was able to wear the crowns of the two former kingdoms, the White Crown of the Upper Kingdom and the Red Crown of the Lower Kingdom.

The king of the two united kingdoms resided in the original Lower kingdom, the more industrialized portion of the two kingdoms even today. He built his capital city, Memphis in the middle of the two kingdoms. He constructed a big dam there and created another way for the river to flow.

Menes was said to have ruled for 62 years and died after being defeated when he fought against a hippopotamus, the Egyptian symbol for an invader from a distant land.

The Narmer Palette

King Menes was associated with different names such as Aha, Min, Minaios, and Manas until the discovery of the Narmer Palette discovered at Hierakonpolis along with his macehead.

Rebus of the name Narmer was found on the palette above the catfish symbol. Ancient Egyptians genealogy can be traced by a totem. And it was believed that Narmer’s ancestor must have belonged to the family whose symbol was scorpion as shown on the potteries discovered.

The palette shows Narmer to be wearing the Red Crown and the White Crown in different incidents. And it also gave evidence that writing and cloth started almost at the same era.

The macehead being found was interpreted as the Pharoah’s union to princess Nithotep by marriage. The tomb of Nithotep at Naqada shows the names of the two kings, Narmer and Aha. King Aha was believed to be the son of King Narmer and Princess Nithotep.

Narmer’s Tomb

There were two tombs discovered that were connected to King Narmer. One was found in Abydos, which belonged to the ancient Upper Egypt by Flinders Petrie. The tomb had two chambers and was surrounded by walls of bricks. Important relics associated with Narmer and his family were excavated. But his body was not there.

The corpse of Narmer was said to be the one found in the tomb at Knockmany in Northern Ireland. Ireland?  Yes. Sumerian scripts seen around the area were similar to those of the “empty” tomb found in Abydos.

King Menes in the Bible

Mizraim is the ancestor of the Egyptians as mentioned in the Bible. Since Menes is known as the first pharaoh of the united kingdoms. And is considered by secular historians to be the founder of Egypt, historians Manetho and Herodotus deduced that the name “Menes” is similar to Mizraim.

King Menes’ Contribution to Mankind

King Menes was believed to have started the formality of writing. Historian Siculus said that he was the first legislator.

After unifying and later on ruling the two kingdoms, King Menes started the Egyptian civilization of pharaohs who later on appeared in the Bible under the texts about Egypt. Among them, one of the most famous is the pharaoh mentioned in Exodus who was cursed by God for trying to prevent the exodus of the Israelites.

Because of the unification, the kings became more prudent in protecting their borders. Menes was the one who launched the first Egyptian navy that he started at Memphis. It is believed that he also founded Crocodopolis. During his reign, he was able to stretch his territory up to the First Cataract.

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