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Arphaxad: biblical figure, son of Shem & Noah’s Grandson

Arphaxad is one of the sons of Shem and grandson of Noah (Genesis 10:22 KJV). He was born when Shem was a hundred years old or two years after the flood (Genesis 11:10 KJV). Given this case, we can assume that Shem was born 2 years after Noah reached five hundred years old which was 2446 BC. Provided this information, Arphaxad’s birth on the Biblical Timeline is 2346 BC.

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Arphaxad was said to the forefather of the Chaldeans.

The name Arphaxad means “stronghold of Chaldees” from Hebrew origin. It is said that Arphaxad dwelt in Mesopotamia and is the forefather of Chaldeans.

Arphaxad lived for thirty-five years and begat Salah (Genesis 11:12 KJV). After Salah was born, he lived another four hundred and three years and begat other sons and daughters before he finally rested (Genesis 11:13 KJV). Arphaxad lived a total of four hundred thirty-eight years. This would be from 2346 BC to 1908 BC on the Biblical Timeline.

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