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Apocrypha, Bible Timeline and the

Many scholars and historians regard the Bible as the greatest literary masterpiece of all time. This religious book has a history that goes back over 5,000 years and it reveals the nature of God to each generation of people that exists on the Earth. When the Bible was being formed into one book only certain types of manuscripts were considered sacred and authentic.

The 66 books that are contained within the Bible are believed to be inspired books and authentic writings from God-inspired authors. The books were written by individuals who wrote them from first-hand experience. Many biblical authors also had scribes who transcribed the stories for people who were directly involved in a biblical account. Other qualifications for the books included original manuscripts being written in Hebrew for the Old Testament and in Greek for the New Testament. The books also had to be considered sacred to the Jews, inspired by the Holy Spirit and they had to contain doctrine that was identical to the rest of the Bible. These requirements were necessary for preserving and keeping the authenticity of the Bible.

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‘Early church fathers and rabbis had decided that only 66 manuscripts that were preserved throughout the years met the standards of authentic Biblical doctrine and they now make up the books of a standard Bible. ‘

Early church fathers and rabbis had decided that only 66 manuscripts that were preserved throughout the years met the standards of authentic Biblical doctrine and they now make up the books of a standard Bible. Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant believers all agree that the canonized 66 books are God inspired manuscripts. Orthodox and Catholic believers have also added the Apocrypha to their versions.

Catholic and Orthodox Christian followers typically view the Apocrypha as inspired books that should be included in the Bible with the 66 original manuscripts. Most Protestant denominations do not consider the books to be inspired because they contain inconsistent doctrine and they do not seem to have been created from Hebrew sources. Also, the OT was established during a meeting of Rabbis at Jamnia in 90 A.D. With the exception of Nehemiah and Ezra, all writings that were created or found after this date were rejected. Since the Apocrypha appeared many years later they were not included with the canonized 66 books.

The Apocrypha consists of the books 1 and 2 Esdras, Tobit, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), Baruch, and 1 and 2, Rest of Esther, Song of the Three Children, The Prayer of Manasseh, The Idol Bel and the Dragon and Maccabaeus. Each of these books is included in many Orthodox and Catholic Bibles between the Testaments. The Apocrypha was placed between the Testaments to help explain the 400 years of silence that occurred between these two time periods. The Apocrypha is mentioned on the Biblical Timeline during this time period.

The Roman Catholic Council of Trent established their Bible in the 16th century in order to hold back Protestant heresy. They included the Apocrypha into the Catholic Bible during this time because the council agreed that the books held merit as authentically inspired manuscripts. Some early Protestant believers such as Martin Luther also included the Apocrypha in their biblical variations. However, many Protestant believers began to question the validity of these books and did not include them in later translations that were used by Protestant believers. Many priests and preachers within western society do not preach from Apocrypha books and they are not frequently quoted. The books might be used by some Christian followers, but they are not be held in the same esteem as the canonized 66 books.

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5 thoughts on “Apocrypha, Bible Timeline and the

  1. I’m quite curious of how many of the people calling these books uninspired and inconsistent Doctrine actually read them because I read apocrypha Canon Deuteronomy and the five books of Moses and several other Hebrew scriptures and I’ll say the book say leave out seem to add to and complete the overall story

  2. The Bible says that there is only one true Gospel,but they are talking about Jesus being the true Gospel,and if we add more Gospels about Jesus,then we can get the overall picture of what Christ the son of God looks and acts like.
    Adding Books into the Bible that WHERE canonical seem to complete the missing pieces of the greatest Story that was and will be ever TOLD-
    Conner Jordan;15 Years old

    1. yes i get that but some of the gospels, for example the infancy gospels, those tell about things in his life on earth that no one has ever been able to verifiably prove, and while it might help us to get to know Him better some of these are better left out. but please look into it and try to disprove me

      – sophie; also 15 years old

  3. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to Investigate the Apocrypha. I’m led to ask this question: Those that have read, and know it is truly inspired because they have discernment and are being led by the Holy Spirit, do you believe that The Lord actually kept these hidden from the world until the right time? And are meant for His chosen elect?

    I have not read it all so far; only 1 Book and I have been doing a lot of other research too. But what I have read so far lines up with the New Testament in every way and you can feel The Spirit in it. I’m quite astounded actually.

  4. The list of books was incomplete. No listed were: Wisdom of Judith, Solomon and Psalm 151. I use the New Revived Standard Version with the 16 books of the Apocrypha in the middle. I am Rev. Marvin T. Cook with a Master of Divinity earned from Duke Divinity School in Durham. NC. I am a retired Member of the Virginia Conference United Methodist Churches. Only 4 denominations do the Rite of Christening babies. John Wesley started the Methodist Church in London, England after reading that “Jesus told his disciples to go in the world and baptize all.” There is no limit on age. The Presbytery like it and the Presbyterian Church was established. In Lacaster County, Pennsylvania in 1697 was the formation of the Unted Brethren belevinig in baptizing babies. At first was the Church of Christ The word Chirct means Salvation that had Baptism after the 13th birthday of a child on the following Sunday. It changed after the siter of one of its Ministers married a Methdist Minister in Cookeville, Putnam Tennessee in 1910. I do read every day.. It was in the early 1700s all this occurred with John Wesley. The Rite of Baptism was created in the Roman Catholic Church in 325 in Rome, Italia. It knew a Jewish boy when he was 13 was admitted to his ‘church’. Unknown to it was the Synagogue and it was a Bar Mitzva on his 13th birthday. A Jewish girl has her Bat Mitzva. Any bar will stop any object smaller. Any bat can stop a baseball from going into a catcher’s mitt. Bar means stop being a boy and be a man. Bat means stop being a girl and be a lady. Only Hebrew is pure. There is the Japanese island where the US Flag was raised by Marines with two who were Navajo (the j is phonetic as the letter h). In Hebrew are 2476 words unlike the 400,000 in the Meriam-Webster Dictionary. There is no see, view or observe; only look There is no mid, middle or median; only med. Shalom has 9 meanings: Peace; Harmony; Love; Respect; Faith; Honest; Trust; Hello; and Goodbye. In Navajo ( the j is phonetic as the h
    ) is yatahi phonetic as yah tah he meaning Hello and goodbye.
    In Blackfoot is Adhiya phonetic as Add high yah meaning Hi. In other Native tribes is the right palm up facing out to the visitor with the word How meaning ‘How are you doing?’ Getting back to Mitzva is the meaning of celebrate. A required reading of a book of 16 books for Mark was the Hebrew/English Dictionary at Duke Divinity School with 2476 words.. Unknown to the vast majority of the world’s Christian population is the FACT the entire 3 parts of the Bible were written in Hebrew by different Jewish men taking over 7000 years Roman Emperor Agustus (August) Flavius (flavor) was wanting to know all about the Jews in Judea. He had a Senator who knew Greek. Thus, the New Testament only was rewritten in Greek by Joseph who Flavius had the writer named Josephus Flavius; Joseph had studied in Greece. The last five to rule were Jullius (Julie and Julia) Caesar, Marcus (Mark existed) Antonio
    (Anthony), Augustus Flavius, Claudius I and Claudius II (Claud) plus a Roman citizen named Jessi (Jesse and Jessica). It was Claudius II that named the large island with no name as Britannia and the smaller island (named Eire) as Hibernia (hibernate). The United States has U.S. English; I learned 100%. I learned American Sign Language 100% used in most nations of North America I did the same with British, French and Hebrew 100% because I want the unknown to my mind to be known. Another unknown is that Deuteronomy means end as does Apocrypha. There will never be an end to Christianity.

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