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Tracing the Sons of Noah

‘Noah dividing the world between his sons (a Russian picture from the 18th century).’

Find out about each of the 16 grandsons of Noah and the nations they populated.

Open The Bible Timeline Online for the years after the flood

Click on each of the 16 grandsons of Noah to learn about him and his descendants.

Each link takes you to complete information on the grandson, his nations, the Biblical references and additional online resources.


Here’s a synopsis of what you’ll find

1.  Sons of Ham

Cush is Ethiopia

Mizraim is Egypt

Phut is Lybia

Canaan or Palestine Israel and Palestine today

2.  Sons of Shem (the Semites)

Elam,Persia (Iran)

      Asshur, Assyria

     Arphaxad,Chaldeans, Hebrews and Arabians

     Lud, Lydia (western Turkey)

     Aram Syria

3.  Japheth:
Gomer:  Gauls who settled France, Spain, Wales, Armenia, northern Turkey

Magog: Goths, Finns, Sweden, Southern Russia

Madia:  Medes  India

Javan: Ionians of Greece

Tubal: Throughout Europe, Turkey and Siberia

Meshech: Muscovites, Armenians, Caucasians


China, Japan and the eastern countries:  by Kittim Grandson of Japheth.

However other Biblical scholars believe differently.  For example this article suggests the Chinese are descended from Shem.


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  1. you do realise Ham and Shem married exclusively to one another,right? Afro-asiatics aka hamito-shem

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