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Why is Lord Capitalized Differently?

Why is the word Lord capitalized completely at one time then the next time it is just the letter “L” only? (LORD or Lord) Thank you, Doug T. The short answer is that when the Hebrew word Adonai (the Lord) is used in the Hebrew Bible it is  written Lord in the English Bible When Yahweh is translated it is translated as LORD to avoid over-using God’s name. Is it possible Egyptians knew of Yahweh as far back as 1400 BC?

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‘A diagram of the names of God in Athanasius Kircher’s Oedipus Aegyptiacus (1652–54). The style and form are typical of the mystical tradition, as early theologians began to fuse emerging pre-Enlightenment concepts of classification and organization with religion and alchemy, to shape an artful and perhaps more conceptual view of God.’

Gerard Gertoux, a Biblical archaeologist, believes so. Egyptians knew of Yahweh For a longer answer including the many names for God visit this site

4 thoughts on “Why is Lord Capitalized Differently?

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  2. Enjoying your Bible study. I enjoy studing too. I would like to give you some resourse web sites that I use. &, They have Q&A link too.

    1. Tom, thank you for your comment and your links. We appreciate knowing about other sites that support Biblical knowledge.

  3. God = ELOHIM “the Strong One” His creative name

    LORD/GOD = YHWH/ I AM / YAHWEH/ JEHOVAH “The Self-existent/ Holy, Holy, Holy, Covenant making / Covenant keeping / Redemptive name

    Lord = ADONAI (Old Test.) / KURIOS (New Test.) Master, Owner
    Sovereign / Royal name of God

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