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Which of Japheth’s descendents became the Chinese?

There are various beliefs regarding which son was responsible for the Asian peoples. This site ( ) has a good reference giving the source of Asian peoples as Kittim grandson of Japheth.

Here are the pertinent paragraphs “Look at these Japhetic peoples for a moment. We know that Meshech and Tubal are associated with Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Some people have even connected the city of Moscow in Russia with Meshech. That is a possibility. These nations of Japheth moved north and then on farther east. Later on, we find that Gomer and Javan and the others of Japheth followed them into the east into the region of what we call China today.

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‘There are various beliefs regarding which son was responsible for the Asian peoples.’

They also went into Southeast Asia, and then through the Malay archipelago into various islands of the ocean… Look at what this means regarding the Chinese who were once known as the people of Cathay or Kittim. Believe it or not, the Kittim people were the original ones who first settled the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean after the Tower of Babel incident. From there they went further westward and made settlements in Italy. Then they were pushed northward and then eastward by Semites coming from the eastern Mediterranean areas. The people of Kittim journeyed even further north and then eastward into the central areas of Asia. Finally winding up in the region we now call China (indeed, an early name of China was Cathay which comes from the root word Khitai which also answers to Kittim, the “im ” is plural).”

Here’s an article giving the sixteen grandsons of Noah and the cultures/countries that descend from them. Also answers two common questions on race and that pesky “did God really condemn interracial” marriage question.


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8 thoughts on “Which of Japheth’s descendents became the Chinese?

  1. I appreciate your selfless labour in bringing out this information. Thanks.

  2. It help alot for me to understanding my root…thank you.

  3. The descendants of Japhet settled in the coastlands. The Bible says Japhet shall dwell in the tent of Shem. So the Chinese are from Shem,Ham and Japhet and not specifically from Japhet or Ham.

    1. Japheth was the only one of the three sons of Noah who was associated with Gentiles. Chinese came from that line at some point . They were sea men as you said, but the “shall dwell in the house of Shem” is a prophecy. It’s happening now.

  4. I’m sorry but that is terribly false and only shows you have a very limited understanding of East Asian history. China was never identified as Khitai or Kittim by those who dwelled there. It was only known as Khitai or Cathay by countries situated to the West of China because they could only penetrate eastward until they came upon the Khitan Empire ruled by the nomadic Khitais. The REAL China was further East beyond Khitan lands around the Yellow River delta region where the locals referred to themselves by the Dynasty during which they lived.

    1. The land of Chittim (kittim), is Italy and/Greece,not China. Remember, Alexander the Great was from Kittim. The Chinese are descendants of the 8th son of Canaan, whose name was Sinim. Canaan was the 4th son of Ham. Therefore, the Chinese are Hamites.

      1. I think your wrong and you put information just to benefit yourself

  5. A lot of work was put into this! I just stumbled across it. Blessings to you!

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