Bible World History Timeline 2004 BC – 1754 BC

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2004BC – 1954BC
1954 – 1854BC
1854BC – 1754
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Peruvian ceremonial
centers 2000
Nahor the son of Terah
Noah 950 yrs Milcah, Nahor’s wife
Shem 600 yrs Bethuel the Syrian, Rebecca’s father
Arphaxad 483 yrs Laban, Rebecca’s brother Leah and Rachel, Laban’s daughters
Salah 433 yrs
Eber 464 yrs
Reu 239 yrs
Serug 230 yrs Hagar
Terah 205 yrs Hagar and Ishmael cast out
Abraham 175 yrs
Abraham lived 150 years during the life of Shem. He was no doubt familiar with antediluvian events and would have given to his generation a very direct account of the same. Isaac 180 yrs – Isaac is offered (Abraham 120 yrs old)
Abraham gave tithes to Melchizedek,
and was blessed by him.
God’s covenant with Abraham,
the law of circumcision
Isaac marries Rebecca
Abraham, 75 years old, departed with Lot from Haran Jacob 147 years
Abraham 86 years old when Ishmael was born Esau
Haran Sodom and
Gomorrah destroyed
Esau married Judith and Bashmeth Hittites
Moab and Ammon
Damascus – Syria (Armenians) Syrians came from Kemuel
Elam and Asshur Astronomy – AstrologyCuneiform writingKing Ninus subdues Babylon – Shamshai Adad I
The Nations of Ham
Cush, Mizraim, Phut, Canaan Abraham in the land of the Canaanites Abraham in the land of Abimelech
Amraphael founds the Babylon Kingdom Horses came from Iran
Intermediate Kingdoms
The 12th Dynasty The Hyksos
Colonial States Probable date of building the Great Pyramid
INDO-GERMAN TRIBES      Doctrine of Zoroaster (probably 2200 BC)
Fu-Hi The great benefactor and founder of the silk industry, probably around 2000 BC
Emperor Yu great colonizer Rules 1919 BC


2348BC – 2004BC   Online Timeline Index 1754BC – 1504BC

1754BC – 1504BC

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