Nahor II

Nahor II: Brother of Abraham

Name and Genealogy: Hebrew Bible.

Nahor II is the grandson of Nahor I, son of Terah and is the brother of Abram and Haran, all offspring of Shem.

Nahor means a Snort or a Snorting (Job 39:20, Jeremiah 8:6, Job 41:12) and Charred or Scorched (Psalm 69:3, Jeremiah 6:29 and Ezekiel 15:4 ) Book of Genesis.  Nahor I is listed as the son of Serug.  According to the Bible Timeline he was born and raised in the Sumerian capital-state of Ur on the Euphrates River of lower Mesopotamia, approximately four Millennia ago.  He lived to be one hundred eight years old and had a son named Terah at the age of twenty nine.

Story of Terah’s People:

Nahor II married the daughter of his brother Haran, Milcah, his niece.They were all born and raised in the capital of Ur.

He traveled to the land of Canaan with Abram as commanded by God. Terah, their father, also travelled with his kin west to their destination. They followed the Euphrates River, with their herds, to the Padan-Aram region. This was approximately halfway along the Fertile Crescent between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean, in what is at the present called southeastern Turkey. Nahor and his people settled in Haran, till the time of Jacob.

When Jacob fled from Haran all association between the two branches of the family came to an end. His grand-daughter Rebekah became Isaac’s wife.

Where Nahor is mentioned in the Bible:

  • Genesis 11:22-26; 1 Chronicles 1:26. Nahor I Grandfather of Abraham
  • Luke 3:34. Nahor I Grandfather of Abraham in the lineage of Christ
  • Genesis 11:26; Joshua 24:2. Nahor II Brother of Abraham
  • Genesis 11:27,29; 22:20-24; 24:15, 24. Marriage & descendants
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