Bible World History Timeline 1004 BC – 754 BC

1254BC – 1004BC    Online Timeline Index    754BC – 504BC

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1004BC – 954BC
954BC – 854BC
854BC – 754BC
Division of Kingdom
I kings 12:16(975B.C.)
   Elijah and Elisha
I kings 19:16 17:1 18:1
II Kings 14:25
Amos and Hosea       Menahem
II Kings 15:14-20
     Nadab King        Elah & Zimri    Jezebel              Ahaziah            Jehu                 Joash                   Zechariah
I Kings15:25-28     I Kings 16:8  I Kings21:25  I Kings22:51-52  II Kings9:1-6  II Kings13:10-13        Shallum
Jeroboam King    Baasha           Omri King            Ahab        Jehoram      Jehoahaz          Jeroboam II   II Kings15:8-23
I Kings 14:20    I Kings 15:27   I Kings16:23-27  I Kings16:29 II Kings3:1 II kings13:1-9  II Kings14:22-29
    Rehoboam King         Asa King         Eleazer Prophet           Jehoash                        ISAIAH                         JOEL
I Kings 14:21-23     I Kings15:8-12      IIChr.20-37          II Kings12:1-2
Ahaziah           Athaliah                Amaziah                   Azariah or Uzziah
Abijam King   Jehoshaphat            Jehoram         II Kings11:1-3       II Kings14:1-2           II Kings14:21-22
I Kings15:1-2   I Kings22:41-42    II Kings 8:16-17                                 II chr.25
War with Israel  II Kings 3
II Chr.25:14-19
MOAB and AMMON Jehoshaphat Subdues Moab and Ammon
II Kings 3:       II Chr. 20
SYRIA King Ben Hadad
I Kings 20:22
King Hazael
II Kings 8:6-18
          PHOENICIA Carthage founded
814 B.C.
ELAM and ASSHUR Shalmanezer  nbsp;Tyre, Zidon, Midea and Israel
Asa defeats Ethiopians
2 Chr. 14:8-14
HAM       See Isa. 14;28-32
II Kings 18:8
NIMROD                                                Asshur and Babylon unite
EGYPT Shishak I against Jerusalem
I Kings 14:25
       Egyptian power declines               Egypt subdued by Piye
king of Ethiopia or Nubia
ROME          Etruscan war
Romans and Sabines unite
GREECE Homeric Poems Lycurgian Constitution and legislation                                First Olympiad
776 B.C.
PERSIA Subject to the Assyrians
INDO GERMAN TRBES Development of the Pantheistic Brahmanic religion
JAPAN                               Culture and learning largely Chinese
CHINA Age of vigorous thinking FEI-TZ a great Horseman                       LI the wicked ruler


1254BC – 1004BC    Online Timeline Index    754BC – 504BC

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