Bible World History Timeline 1254 BC – 1004 BC

1504BC – 1254BC    Online Timeline Index    1004BC – 754BC

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1254BC – 1204BC
(2750 – 2800)
1204BC – 1104BC
(2800 – 2900)
1104BC – 1004BC
(2900 – 3000)
Ammonites     Judges 8: 10-12
Jephthah     Elon       7:14
Ibezan       Abdon
Philistines    Judges 10:7-9 , 13
ELI                              Eli Judge      Samson Judge                          I
Samuel 4:16-18        Samuel Judge I sam. 7:2,6,15
–>JOSHUA                                                                                                      Saul King          David King
Barak Judge        Gideon Judge    Tola Judge    Jair Judge      Samuel Judge     I Samuel 9:21     II Sam. 5:5-25
Judges 4:3-24     Judges 7:14      Judges 10:1-2  Judges 10:3   I Samuel 7:2-16                                            Solomon King
5:1-30                 8:28                                                                                                                     I Kings 1:33-40
–>ESAU   Kings of Edom                                                                                 David subdues Edomites
I chronicles 1:43-54                                                                                 II Samuel 8:14
–> ISHMAEL                                     Generations of Ishmael  Genesis 25;12-17
–> MOAB and AMMON                                                                                  David Smites Ammonites and Moabites
II Sam.   8:2  10:1-9  11:1  19:26-30
SYRIA King Tou  II Sam.8:9 David smites the Syrians
II Sam. 8:5
PHOENICIA Trades with German and British coasts Tyre principal sea coast town Hiram allied with David
I Kings   5:1
ELAM and ASSHUR Assyrian Power Increased Under
Tiglath-Pileser I
Midianites Subdued Israel
Judg. 6:9  6:22, 53, 54
Philistines rule Israel
I Sam. 4:15-18
HAM David and Goliath
I Sam. 17
NIMROD Native kings under Assyrian command
Temple at Thebes
Merneptha rules
     Rameses III
Wars with seapower
EGYPT Time of decay
ROME Aeneas a trojan, led a colony to Latium and built the town of Alba Longa. ( a legend )
Hercules Cecrops founds the Citidel of Athens Trojan war
GREECE The Ionian and Dorian Colonies 1000
INDO-GERMAN TRIBES Sanskrit (Probably the fundamental of all European languages)
JAPAN Culture and learning largely Chinese
CHINA Eunic system Zhou Dynasty Polygamy practiced Brick and stone works


1504BC – 1254BC    Online Timeline Index    1004BC – 754BC

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