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2348BC – 2004BC    Online Timeline Index    1754BC – 1504BC

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2004 BC – 1954 BC
1954 BC – 1854 BC
1854 BC – 1754 BC
ABRAHAM 175 yrs. Genesis 25:7-8
  –>  ISAAC 180 yrs. Genesis 25:26-27   35:28-29
JACOB 147 yrs.Gen. 25:26 47:28
SARAH               REBECCA ESAU Genesis 25:26-29
HAGAR and ISHMAEL cast out
–>HARAN ISHMAEL Genesis 15:16
LOT     Genesis 11:27-31
MOAB and AMMON    Genesis 19:37-38
SYRIA (Armenians) Syrians came from Kemuel Genesis 22:21   25:20
Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed Genesis 19
–>ELAM and ASSHUR            Cuneiform writing  King Ninus                                  Shamshai Adad I
–> Gibeonite                        Abraham in the land of
Hittites                                 Canaanites; Genesis 21;34             Abraham in the land of Jebusites
Jebusites                                                                                                Abimelech; Genesis 20:1-11
–> Cush, Mizraim, Phut, Canaan
–>NIMROD        Amraphael founds the Babylon kingdom Genesis 14:1
–>EGYPT                        CHEOPS  Josephus Book 1, 8                           The Hyksos
INDO-GERMAN TRIBES      Doctrine of Zoroaster (probably 2200 BC)
–>CHINA   Silk industry about 2000BC           Emperor YU great colonizer ruled 1919 BC


2348BC – 2004BC    Online Timeline Index    1754BC – 1504BC

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