Bible World History Timeline 754 BC – 504 BC

1004 BC — 754 BC      Online Timeline Index     504 BC – 254 BC

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754BC – 704BC
704BC – 604BC
604BC – 504BC
to 729
to 704
to 679
to 654
to 629
to 604
to 579
to 554
to 529
to 504
The first carrying away
II Kings 15:19
The prophetess Huldah
II Kings 22:14-20
Habak 1:1
Pekah Hoshea Manasseh
II Kings 20:21. 21:1-8
Amon II Kings 21:16-20 Jehoaz 500 BC Burial mounds
in Illinois
Ezra 8: 79 years
Assyrian captivity
II Kings 17:4-6
Jehoiakim Babylonian Captivity
The Apocrypha, Esdras 13:39-46 722 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar invades Judea 605 BC Jehoiachin released
from prison
The Second Decree (Darius) to build Temple
Jotham Ahaz Destruction of Jerusalem Gedeliah Daniel Temple Finished
Alliance with Syria Jehoichin Zedekiah Jeremiah Jews return from Babylon and begin to rebuild the temple
Wars with Arabs and the Philistines Ezekiel Joseph’s prosperity over wall
Micah Hezekiah
Time of the Kings
Sabbatical and Jubilee years
The Kingdom of Judah (Judah, Benjamin, Levi)
 ISHMAEL                                                           ARAB NATIONS
MOAB and AMMON                                                                                                          II Kings 24:1-2
 Carthage a naval power Tyre subject to Babylon 575
Elam and Asshur
Assyrian Great Power
Tiglath Pileser III
Sargon II
185,000 smote by Angel
II Kings 19:35
Sardanapalus 621 Great library preserved Ninevah destroyed End of Assyrian Empire 602
Assyrian Empire
Asshur and Babylon unite 727 Nabopolasser 626 New Chaldaic Kingdom Nebuchadnezzar 561
Belshazzar subject
to Persia 538
Dynasties from 22-30 and many foreign rulers in Egypt from 905 – 305 BC
King of Ethiopia Israel seeks alliance with King So King of Asshur
conquers Egypt
King Necho Egypt to Persia 521
Time of the Kings Time of the Republic
Etruscan War Romans and Sabines Unite 753 Numa Pompilius Tilius Hostillius 640 Ancus Marcius 616 Tarquinius Priscus 575 Servius Tillius 534 Tarquinius the Proud Wall around 7 hills
Beginning of the Roman history
Year divided into 12 months
Athens Thrives Draco Legislation Oracle of Delphos Hippius 527
Solon’s Legislation 594
The Median Kingdom founded by Deioskes 700 Cyrus 559 Darius I, organizer of the Persian Kingdom 522
Media Conquered 550
Indo-German Tribes
Buddha the Wise The Kingdom of Magadha
Culture and learning largely Chinese. The history of Japan begins about 600 B. C.
722-481 Spring and Autumn Period – decentralized power, war lords
System of tithing advocated Confucius 551-479 BC


1004 BC — 754 BC      Online Timeline Index     504 BC – 254 BC

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