Bible World History Timeline 500AD – 750 AD

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500AD – 550AD
550AD – 650AD
650AD – 750AD
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400 BC – 1500 AD: Zapotecs (Monte Alban, Mixtla)
400 BC – 1000 AD: Nazca coastal culture, Western South America
400 BC – 600 AC: Mochica culture North Peru
Hopewell culture using pottery and iron weapons 500 Mississippian culture of Moundbuilders replaces Hopewell Pinnacle of Mayan Civilization Tikal becomes the largest city-state in Mesoamerica with 500k inhabitants Rise of Mississippi culture Mississippi River 700 End of Teotihuacan civilization in Mexico 750-800
Thule people expand to Alaska 500 The Maya city of Tikal becomes the first great Maya city Teotihuacan in Mexico is a trade center 650 683 The Emperor Pakal dies at the age of 80 Flat-topped mounds built as temple bases
375-600 City of Tiahuanaco pop 50k
Mayan early classic period 250-600 Mayan late classic period 600-1300
Peru divided into nine distinct culture and areas Tiahuanaco civilization in Bolivia 600 Huari in Peru Pueblo in Az first above ground homes 700-900
End of Paganism 508
Dan. 12:11, 8:13
Jews terribly persecuted by Heraclius Mohammed flees from Mecca in Medina 622 Jerusalem of Omar 638 Portions of the Bible translated into Anglo-Saxon by Caedmon about 680 CODEX Sinaiticus probably written by order of Constantine, 331 AD Preserved in the Monastery at Mt. Sinai, it was discovered by Tschendorf in 1859
Catholicism set up by Justinian 538
Dan. 8:13, 12:11
ARABS                              Kingdom of Yemen–Himyarite Dynasty
Mohammed born, Mecca 571 Hegira Mohammedan chronology begins 622 Koran Revised Arabs in Spain 711-722 Arabs defeated by Charles Martel
Persia, Syria and North Africa become
Mohammedan 630-711
Arabs fail in siege of Constantinople 715 Arabs in France 720
Migration of Nations
Theodoric the Great
Vandals in France 425-534
Ostrogoths in Italy 534
Lombards capital at Pavia
Visigoths in Gaul and Spain 415-711
Franconian Kingdom 487-843
German Invaders Rule Latium Popes secure the independence of their territory 568 England converted 597 Council of Whitby (England and Rome) 664 Sale of indulgences a church doctrine
Exarch of Ravennah ruled” 476-538 Gregory I The Great 590 Gregory II 715
Belisarius establishes universal authority of the Pope 538 Ecumenical Council of Constantinople 553
Rome conquers North Africa 300-600 North Africa converts to Islam, Arab slave trade begins 700 Moors (Islamic Africans) conquer Spain 740
Patrimonium Petri
Justinian 527-565 Heraclius 610-640 Attacks of the Arabs; Constantine IV 668 Repulse of the Arabs 717 Worship of images forbidden 726 Leo III 741
Justinian Code (Corpus Juris Civil)
Buddhism the state religon Empress Suko 593-628 Prince Shotoku compiled Japanese history Daihos’ legistlation Advanced Civilization
Foot-binding custom at court of Chi 500 Sui Dynasty 581-618 Tang Dynasty system of tithing 618-907
Christianity introduced 627


250AD – 500AD    Online Timeline Index   750 AD – 1000 AD

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