Bible World History Timeline 750 AD – 1000 AD

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750AD – 800AD
800AD – 900AD
900AD – 1000AD
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to 850
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400 BC – 1500 AD: Zapotecs (Monte Alban, Mixtla)
400 BC – 1000 AD: Nazca coastal culture, Western South America
Abbassides’ residence at Bagdad 750-1258
700-900 Pueblo in AZ first above ground homes
Pueblo inhabitants build circular rooms 900-1100
Maya power in New Mexico collapses 900-1100
Mayan Late Classic Period 600-1300
Hohokam culture growing in Arizona and New Mexico 900-1150
Pueblo in Pueblo Bonita, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 915-1130
Bagdad founded 762

Arabs defeated by Charles Martel

750-800 End of Teotihuacan civilization in Mexico

Hohokam people expand settlements 800

Caliphate at Bagdad

Mathematics, Philosophy, and Geography in use

Maya civilization Southern Mexico collapses 850


oltecs build capital at Tula, Mexico

Architecture and Science flourish

Huari empire fades in Peru 890

Caliphate becomes the only clerical head 935 Egypt and Syria added 969  Toltec people invade Chichen Itza 990
Migration of Nations
Charlemagne a German and Austrian-Frank Kingdom of England founded 827 Germany 843; Treaty of partition of Verdun 843
Charlemagne restored the West Roman empire 800 Nicholas I 858 Separation of Greek church from Rome 867 Christophorus 903 usurps the chair
Leo III 795-816; Stephen V 817 Leo IV John XI John 12th 951 Synod of Rheims 991; Gregory V 999
Sevano III male temporal head 752 787 Worship of images restored;
Worship of Images forbidden
787-820 LEO V
842 Definite and Goal Decision for worship of images 886 Arabs repulsed CONSTANTINE VII 905 963 Great decline of papacy 976 The most corrupt time of papacy during this century
Gold trade across Sahara 800
The classical age of literature largely influenced by Chinese Forms of mass and indulgence introduced into Buddhism Shintoism
Golden Age
Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist; Three forms of religion; Khitan Tartars defeated Invention of block-printing by Feng-To
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 907-960 Song Dynasty 960-1234
Tang Dynasty system of tithing 618-907


500AD – 750 AD   Online Timeline Index  1000 AD – 1250 AD

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