Bible World History Timeline 1000 AD – 1250 AD

750 AD – 1000 AD  Online Timeline Index 1250 AD -1500 AD

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1000AD – 1050AD
1100AD – 1200AD
1200AD – 1250AD
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400 BC – 1500 AD: Zapotecs (Monte Alban, Mixtla)
Abbassides’ residence at Bagdad 750-1258
Jews terribly persecuted 1087-1294
Pueblo inhabitants build circular rooms 900-1100
Maya power in New Mexico collapses 900-1100
Mayan late classic period 600-1300
Hohokam culture growing in Arizona and New Mexico 900-1150
Pueblo in Pueblo Bonita, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 915-1130
Hohokam in Arizona build platform mounds 1100-1200
Leif Ericson reaches North America 1000

Farmers in America grow sweet potatoes and corn 1000

Sultan becomes Mohammedan

Mohammedands take India 1030

Arabs driven from Saragossa by King Alfonso I of Aragon 1118

Rise of Incas in Peru farmers/warrior chiefs 1100

Anasazi cliff dwellings Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly 1100

Height of Chimu at Chan Peru 1100

End of Hopewell culture in North America 1150

Arabs pushed from Castile 1157





Mexican Toltec’s Capitol in Tula overthrown Chichimec nomads 1170s

Toltecs driven out of Chichec Itza 1180

Jerusalem taken from the Christians by Saladin 1187

End of first-period flat-topped mounds bases for temples in the Mississippi River area 1190

 Cahokia in North America 1200

Incas in Peru city of Cuzco 1200

High rises and kivas at Cliff Canyon and Fewkes Canyon Co 1200-1250

Alphonao IX of Portugal drives the Arabs from Algeria 1212

Chimu people expand in Peru 1250

Maya revival; following collapse of Chichen Itza 1250

Caliphate at Bagdad destroyed

Mongols embrace the Mussalman faith

  • Seeds of Rebellion among European nations
  • Materialism and Pantheism becomes common creed
Sylvester II 1003 Adrian IV 1154 Alexander III 1181
Clement II 1046 Victor IV 1159 Council of Toulouse 1229
Nicholas II 1059 Gregory IX 1227
Gregory VII 1073 Order of Dominicans Inquisition formally established 1233
Decree of election of Popes Order of Austin Friars
Urbane II 1088
Paschalis II 1099
Height of Empire of Ghana 1000 Sundiata Keita; Mali’s Lion Prince 1217-1260
Leaders of Mali converted to Islam 1235
Stone houses of Zimbabwe constructed 1250
Order of Malta founded 1048
Total separation of Greek and Roman Church 1054
Alexius I 1081
First Crusade 1096 Second Crusade 1140 Third Crusade 1189 Fourth Crusade 1203 Fifth Crusade 1222 Sixth Crusade 1248
Successful combats against the Turks 1118 Establishment of Latin Empire 1204
Time of great superstition
Political Reform Yuan Dynasty Kubla Khan (Mongol) ruled China 1234-1305
Gunpowder used
State socialism(scheme)by Wang-An-Shih
Song Dynasty 960-1234


750 AD – 1000 AD  Online Timeline Index 1250 AD -1500 AD

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