Bible World History Timeline 1250 AD – 1500 AD

1000 AD – 1250 AD   Online Timeline Index 1500 AD – 1750 AD

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1250AD – 1300AD
1300AD – 1400AD
1400AD – 1500AD
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to 1500
400 BC – 1500 AD: Zapotecs (Monte Alban, Mixtla)
Chimu people expand in Peru 1250 Incas expand to the central Andes 1300 Acampitchitli chosen King of Aztecs 1370 Aztec Empire 1400-1519
Maya revival following collapse of Chichen Itza 1250 Aztec city of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) on an island of Lake Texcoco 1325 Peublo people gathers in large towns 1400 Inca Empire 1438-1538
Mayan late classic period 600-1300 Viracocha becomes eighth Inca ruler 1390 Inca emperor Viracocha dies 1438
Reign of Aztec emperor Montezuma I conquer Eastern Mexico 1440-1460
Inca city Machu Picchu built Peru 1450
Collapse of Chimu culture in Northern Peru 1470’s Amerigo Vespucci South America 1499
Rule of Aztec emperor Ahuitzotl 1486-1502
Aztec empire at height in Mexico
Columbus discovered America Oct 12, 1492
Materialism and Pantheism becomes common creed John Wycliff 1328-1384 Renaissance adds impetus to Reformation Henry VIII born 1481
Wycliff declares papacy anti-Christ 1378 Martin Luther denounced the sale of indulgences: taught the doctrine of justification by faith. 1483-1546
Melancthon b. 1497. (Luther’s co-worker)
Osman born 1259 Osman invades East Rome Turkey pushed as far as the Danube 1336 Wycliff’s Bible 1383 First siege of Constantinople 1422 Constantinople taken by the Mohammedans 1453 Knights of St. John defends Rhodes 1480
Jews driven from England 1290 Turkish domain in Europe 1357 Jews driven from France 1395 Jews driven from Spain and Sicily 1492
The Ottoman Empire founded 1299 Crusaders are defeated Bajazet at Niopoli in 1396 Cyprus ceded to Venetians
Order of Dominicans Clement V 1305 Alexander V 1410 Eugene IV 1431 Nicholas V 1447 Paul II 1464 Spanish Inquisition 1480
Order of Austin Friars Pope’s residence changes to Avignon (Fr.) 1309-1374 Three Popes claim Vicarship of God
Boniface VIII 1294 Pope dependent of France 1309 Alexander VI 1492
John XXII 1316-1334 John XXIII 1415
Sundiata Keita; Mali’s Lion Prince 1217-1260 Mansa Musa pilgrimage to Mecca 1324-1325 Swahili cities rise European slave trade begins Fall of Granada 1492
Store Houses of Zimbabwe constructed 1250 As Mali Empire declines 1400s Portugal takes the Azores 1439 Kingdom of Kongo (modern Zaire)
Yoruban culture 1260
Osmans take Gallipoli 1253 Osmans’Invasion into East Rome(Nicomedia) 1299 Osman on Danube 1326 Osmans take Adrian 1365 Osmans as far as Hungary 1402 Osmans take Smyrna 1426 Osmans take Eprius 1436
End of Latin Empire 1261 Osmans make Walladila Tributary 1416 Fall of East Rome 1449 Fall of Constantinople 1453
Seventh Crusade 1270
Mongols fail to subdue Japan 1275
Mongols Rule 1280 Christianity introduced 1307 1368-1644 Ming Dynasty the legal form until 1912
Marco Polo in China 1300
Yuan Dynasty Kubla Khan (Mongol) ruled China 1234-1305


1000 AD – 1250 AD  Online Timeline Index 1500 AD – 1750 AD

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