Bible World History Timeline 1500 AD – 1750 AD

1250 AD – 1500 AD    Online Timeline Index 1750 AD – 2013 AD

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1500AD – 1550AD
1550AD – 1650AD
1650AD – 1750AD
to 1525
to 1550
to 1575
to 1600
to 1625
to 1650
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to 1700
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to 1750
Ponce De Leon in Florida 1513 Huguenots (Fr.) in America 1535 St. Augustine founded(Fr.) 1565 Virginia settled by English 1607 Montreal founded by French 1642 LaSalle explored the Miss. River 1673 Salem witchcraft 1692 Georgia settled (Oglethorpe) 1732 Thomas Jefferson born 1743
Balboa discovered Pacific 1513 DeSoto discovered Miss. River 1541 Sir Francis Drake sailed the Pacific and circled the globe 1577-1580 Confederation of N. England Colonies 1643 Philadelphia settled 1681 Louisianna settled 1699
Negro slavery introduced into West Indies 1517 Quebec founded by Hudson 1609 NY taken by the English 1664 Benj. Franklin born 1706
New York by Dutch 1613 Connecticut settled by Dutch 1633
Plymouth settled by Pilgrims 1620
Slavery in America
Lutheran Reform movement begins 1517 Angelian 1534 Presbyterian 1560 Baptist 1612 Puritans found Plymouth MA USA 1620 Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 1647 Bible published in Algonkian Native American language 1661
John Calvin b. (Fr.) 1509 Conversion of Pascal 1654 Edict of Nantes revoked 1675
John Knox b. in Scotland. Pioneer in Puritanism 1503
Dutch Reformed Church 1520
Venetians driven from Morea 1500 War about Venice (Morea) 1645 Transylvania and Hungary to Austria Bulgrade a part of Serbia 1730 Russo-Turkish War 1768
Turkey flourished under Solyman II (Sultan) 1520-1566 Cypress ceded to Turkey by Venice 1571 Turkish Empire declines Ottoman Empire Thrived Under Sultan Mehmed IV 1648 Second Russo-Turkish War 1787
Tyndale translated the New Testament 1525 Geneva Bible 1557 Authorized Version 1611 John Eliot translated the Bible into the Native American tongue 1663
First edition of the Old Bible by Cloverdale 1535
Great Bible 1539
Oliver Cromwell born 1599
William Shakespear born 1564
Julius II 1503 England withdraws from Roman Church 1532 Gregory XIII 1572 Massacre of St. Bartholemew Innocent XI 1676 Innocent XIII 1721 (the 8th Pope in his family)
Leo X 1513 Paul III 1534
Diet of: worms 1521 Scripture reading forbidden at Council of Trent 1545
Clement VII 1523 Augsburg 1551
Fall of Songhai Empire 1591 Dutch of Cape of Good Hope Colonizing Boers 1652 Ashante Empire trades slaves for guns 1700-1717
Height of Atlantic slave trade 1700 Epic poem of Story of Tambuka 1728
Michael Romanov, first Czar of Russia 1613 Alexis I, second Czar of Russia 1645 Emperor of Russia, Head of Greek or Orthodox Church Peter the Great defeats the Swedes 1709 Catherine I rules after death of husband 1725
Ivan V and Peter co-rule 1682 Ivan V dies 1696
Christianity introduced by Francis Xavier (Jesuit) Persecution of Christians
Christianity spreads by Jesuits Opening to Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish Queue wearing began 1644-1912
Dynasty of Qing


1250 AD – 1500 AD   Online Timeline Index 1750 AD – 2013 AD

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