Bible World History Timeline 1750 AD – 2013 AD

1500 AD – 1750 AD    Online Timeline Index

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1750AD – 1800AD
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1900AD – 2013AD
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Electricity by Benjamin Franklin 1757 Declaration of Independence 1776 The Monroe Doctrine 1823 Mexican War 1845 Alaska Purchased 1867 Telephone (Bell) 1876 Arizona and New Mexico become US states 1912 US stock market crashes 1929 Alaska and Hawaii become US States 1959 Falklands War: Argentina and Britain 1982
Alexander Hamilton born 1757 George Washington President 1789-1797 James Monroe President 1817-1825 Brigham Young let Mormon Pioneers to Utah 1847 Abraham Lincoln President. Civil War 1861-1865 Grover Cleveland President 1885-1889 Panama Canal Opened 1914 Great Depression as a result of 1930 US President John F. Kennedy assassinated 1963 Sept 2001 US attacked, War on Terror, Patriot Act
Surrender of Quebec 1759 California declared US territory 1848 Pacific Railway 1860 McKinley President, Spanish-American War 1898 US President Wilson; 14 points end WWI 1918 US Scientists build first atomic bomb 1945 US Federal Civil Rights Acts 1964 War on Iraq 2003
Stamp Act 1765 Electric Lights (Edison) 1870 Phonograph (Edison) 1888 US Astronauts land on the moon 1969 Hurricane Katrina 2005
Franciscan Monks founded San Diego, CA 1769 Micro-computers in the US 1970-1974 Obama first black president of US 2008
First Continental Congress 1774 Global Economic Recession 2008
Revolutionary War 1775-1782
Slavery in America
First Black Baptist Church in America 1773-1775 Methodists separate from Church of England 1784 David Livingstone 1813-1873 Azusa St. Revival major catalyst to Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches 1906 Conversion of Billy Graham 1934 Second Vatican Council (supports Ecumenism) 1961-1965
Napolean abolished the temporal power of the Pope 1798 African Methodist Episcopal Church Founded 1816 The Oxford Movement 1833-1841 Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center 1910-1997
Bible translated in Burmese 1835-1837 Conversion of C.S. Lewis 1931
Mary Slessor Scottish 1848-1915 World Council of Churches – Ecumenism 1948
Russo-Turkish War 1768 Second Russo-Turkish War 1787 Turkey loses domain generally Greece independent 1830 Serbia become independent from Turkey 1878 Egypt a British protectorate 1882; Revised Version 1881-1885 Tripoli to Italy 1912; Balkan War 1912-1913; British take Jerusalem 1917 First Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas 2003
Turkey under Christian sway 1830 Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Romania become independent states 1878 Dividing of Turkey 1919; Palestine becomes British mandate 1920 The Treaty of Sevre’s Egyptian independence 1922; Jews returning to Palestine 1929 Jewish state created in Palestine 1948 Six Day War; Israel vs. Arab states 1967
First British convicts shipped to Botany Bay 1788 “And in the days of these Kings shall the God of Heaven set up a kingdom.” Dan. 2:34-44 Self-Govern. by Australia 1856 WWI 1914-1918; Britain E. Rutherford splits atom 1919 WWII begins; Germany invades Rhineland 1939 DNA discovered by Watson and Crick 1953
Jet aircraft England and Germany 1941 Berlin Wall built 1961 Berlin Wall dismantled 1989
Beginning of the end of WWII 1944
Clement XIV 1769 End of the temporal power of the Pope 1798 Pope’s territory reduced 1809 Gregory XVI 1831 Benedict XV 1914-1922 Blessed St. John XXIII 1958-1963; John Paul I 1978 John Paul II 1978-2005
Abolishment of order of the Jesuits 1774 Leo XII 1823 Constitution of the Pope’s territory 1848 Infallibility of the Pope declared 1870 Leo XIII 1878 Paul VI 1963-1978 Benedict XVI 2005
Pius VI 1775 Pius VII 1799 Pius VIII 1829 Pius IX 1846 Pius XI 1922-1939 Pius XII 1939-1958
The Interesting Narrative of the life Olaudah Equiano, inspires growing abolitionist movement 1789 British take Cape Colony 1795-1815 Amistad Revolt 1839-1842 Ethiopia resists colonization 1896 British defeat Kenyan resistance 1956 Rawandian Genocide 1994
Black Republic of Haiti founded 1804 British abolishes W. Indies slavery 1832 Boer War 1899-1902 Benin Independence 1960 Sudanese Peace Agreement 2005
Zulus rise under Shaka 1818-1828
Liberia est. By African-Americans 1222-XXXX
Catherine the Great takes over rule 1762 Alexander I resigns 1801 Napoleon invades Russia 1812 Russian Social Democratic party forms 1898 Russian Revolution 1917 Stalin dies 1953 Coup USSR breaks down 1991
Paul, son of Catherine, reigns 1769 Nicholas I succeeds Alexander I 1825 Bolshevik party started in Russia 1901 Communism only political party allowed 1921 First into space Russian Sputnik 1957
2004 Tsunami kills 20,000
National Awakening Japanese-Chinese War 1895 Russo-Japanese War 1904 Pearl Harbor Japanese attack US 1941 Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 North Korea Tests Nuclear Power 2005
Chinese ports open to Europe 1842 French and British War 1861 Boxer Rebellion in China 1900 Mainland China Communist & Taiwan Republic 1949 China invades Tibet 1950-1951 First Astronauts launched by China 2005
China becomes 2nd largest world economy 2011
Queue wearing began 1644-1942


1500 AD – 1750 AD   Online Timeline Index

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