Bible World History Timeline 1754 BC – 1504 BC

2004BC – 1754BC     Online Timeline Index     1504BC – 1254BC

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1754BC – 1704BC
1704BC – 1604BC
1604BC – 1504
to 1729
to 1704
to 1679
to 1654
to 1629
to 1604
to 1579
to 1554
to 1529
to 1504
The twelve sons of Jacob
Leah‘s Sons
Reuben Simeon
Levi Judah
Bilhah‘s Sons
(Rachel’s Maid)
Dan Naphthali
Zilpah‘s Sons
(Leah’s Maid)
Gad Asher
Leah’s Sons
Isaacar Zebulun
Rachel‘s Sons
Joseph Benjamin
JOSEPH 17years old sold into Egypt
Joseph in prison – interprets butler’s dream
Joseph before Pharoah interprets dream
plenteous years-years of dearth
End of 7 years of dearth 1697 BC
Joseph’s sons born in Egypt by Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, Priest of On Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons Jacob blessed his sons
Amram Caleb
Kohath Moses
Levi Aaron
Jacob Moses 40 yrs, slew Egyptian
Isaac The Passover Exod.
–> ESAU             Genesis 36:9-34                                                                 EDOMITES
–> HAGAR and ISHMAEL  Galatians 4:20-30
–>ISHMAEL           Ishmaelites buy Joseph  Genesis 37:28-36
–> MOAB and AMMON        Moabites Ammonites      Deuteronomy 2:20  23:3
–> PHOENICIA                                    Baal, Astarte and Moloch
–> ELAM and ASSHUR                  Rise of Assyrian power
–> Gibeonites                                                       For generations of
Hittites                                                                 Canaan see
Jebusites                                                            Genesis 10:15-18
–> NIMROD                         Government of the Kassites over Babylon
–> EGYPT                Joseph in Egypt   Genesis 10:1-23  39:20  41:14-46
Intermediate Kingdoms
Victory of Hyksos Pharoah’s death – Israel enslaved 1530
GREECE                          The Pelasgi
–> JAPAN Mystery surrounds early history.  Culture and learning largely ChineseHistory begins about 660 BC.
–> CHINA         Tang-Shang Dynasty                Ancient Chinese great astronomers


2004BC – 1754BC     Online Timeline Index     1504BC – 1254BC

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