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Fun Foods and Activities for Bible Based Fall Festivals

There are many fun ways to celebrate fall and make it Christian centered. Below is a list of great ideas for fun activities and food that are about the Bible.

Noah's ark
Jonah and the Wale
fall fun
The Trinity
NO hiding from God
Be Wise
No fear with God

Here is a list of more ideas:

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How Is The Bible Organized?

The Authorized King James Bible is organized in the following way:

The Old Testament

Histories and the Law (Genesis through Esther)
Wisdom (Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes)
Prophecies (Isaiah to Malachi)

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The New Testament

Histories (the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts of the Apostles)
Wisdom or Doctrine (the letters concerning doctrine starting with Paul followed by Jude,  Peter, and John. These are organized by length, longest to shortest, rather than in order written)
Prophecies (Revelation of John)

A list of the books of the Bible including the author, when written and where, as well as the time frame covered, can be found on the page:  Chronological Order of the Books of the Bible

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Bible Timeline As a Gift

The darling Ashley (we don’t know her but we think she’s adorable) is not showing our Bible World History Timeline but we still like her video.

This is a great gift for Father’s Day and birthdays as well as Christmas – and for dads, husbands and good friends not just grandfathers.

The advantages of the Bible Timeline Chart over a book:

  • You can see it all in one view – without opening page after page
  • It’s compact – you don’t need a 20 foot wall to see it all
  • It has world history too – Find out what’s happening all over the world (China, Europe, The Americas) during any Biblical time period on up to 2000 AD
  • You can frame it and hang it on a wall – makes a great conversation piece.

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Tell me more about the Amazing Bible World History Timeline

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Teaching Idea: Tobey is better than Fatorams

Remember when Saul decided to go ahead and make a sacrifice to God because he got tired of waiting for the prophet Samuel to show up?  (see 1st Samuel 15)

Samuel said to Saul, “To obey is better than sacrifice and to hearken than the fat of rams.” 1st Samuel 15:22

Here’s a simple idea to permanently mark this idea on the brains of students (adults or children).

Make two batches of cookies – chocolate chip are great of course.  Substitute a half cup of salt for a half cup of sugar in one batch.  Label that batch Fatorams.  And the correctly made batch is labelled Tobeys.

You’re guaranteed that decades from now people will still remember that “to obey is better … than the fat of rams.”

Share your favorite teaching moments in a comment.

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Teaching Idea: Serving Others By Just Being There

A volunteer at Mother Theresa’s home for those dying of AIDS said he felt completely useless since he could do nothing for those dying or for their physical pain.  He could just sit with them.

Mother Theresa said, “What were Mary and the others doing at the foot of the cross?”

Here’s a way to demonstrate how just being there can relieve the suffering of others.

Supplies:  old fashioned clothes pins with springs – one for each class member.

Have each class member use the right hand to hold the clothes pin so it’s open (pressing down on the ends and compressing the spring.)  Tell them not to change hands but to just keep holding it open while you read them a story.

Now read them a nice long inspirational story of service and caring.  When you notice some are starting to look pained pause your reading.

Tell them to keep holding the clothes pin open.  BUT now take the left hand and wrap it around the right hand holding it gently.

left hand holding the right hand holding the clothes pinNotice the relief.  The right hand is still holding the clothes pin and still doing the work of holding it open.  But the left hand gives support just by being there.

You can then finish reading the story. (you might need more than one to be sure they “feel the pain.”)

Leave a comment below and share your best teaching/learning ideas with us.

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Teaching Idea: The Whole Armour of God

Using activities and role-playing get people excited and talking. Here’s one for a lesson on the whole armour of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Have class members make paper darts and write temptations on it.. discouragement, being too busy, jealousy and more.

Dress a volunteer up in the “whole armour” made of materials found around the house. A black rubber trash can lid makes a great shield!

Class members start throwing darts at the person in armor. (Caution: Very active boys might get too excited. Tell them in advance to stay in their seats! I learned this from sad experience.)

One unexpected insight: Even when the person wearing the armor doesn’t notice darts coming from behind or beside him/her the darts still bounce off the armor. Application idea?

What are other insights from you or your class? Other good examples of teaching you’ve used or seen? Leave a comment below!