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Teaching Idea: The Whole Armour of God

Using activities and role-playing get people excited and talking. Here’s one for a lesson on the whole armour of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Have class members make paper darts and write temptations on it.. discouragement, being too busy, jealousy and more.

Dress a volunteer up in the “whole armour” made of materials found around the house. A black rubber trash can lid makes a great shield!

Class members start throwing darts at the person in armor. (Caution: Very active boys might get too excited. Tell them in advance to stay in their seats! I learned this from sad experience.)

One unexpected insight: Even when the person wearing the armor doesn’t notice darts coming from behind or beside him/her the darts still bounce off the armor. Application idea?

What are other insights from you or your class? Other good examples of teaching you’ve used or seen? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Idea: The Whole Armour of God

  1. Good idea is to tear off the point of the dart. I nearly pot a kid’s eye out in Istanbul Kindergarten…

  2. Please note the Armor of God doesn’t include anything to cover our hind parts, because there is no retreat. Christians are to always press forward teaching God’s word and living a life that doesn’t cause us to defend against acquisitions of wrong doing.

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