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When Is Esther On the Bible Timeline

Esther became queen to the Persian King Ahasuerus traditionally identified with Xerxes I of Persia.  Xerxes I of Persia reigned from 486 BC when he was 36 until he was assassinated in 465 BC.  Xerxes figures prominently in the Greco-Persian Wars building the bridge across the Hellespont and taking part in the famous Battle of Thermopylae.

Esther is known for her beauty, but she was also a woman of great courage.  She was willing to do God’s will even though she risked her life.  She had a deep understanding of the power of fasting and prayer.

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“Esther talking to Mordecai”

Esther’s story is written across a backdrop of great wars and epic battles.  Phoenicia was subject to Persia at the time.  Rome was ruled by consuls (and had not yet become the great Roman Empire), and the great Greek historian Herodotus was alive and writing at the time. See Esther on the Bible Timeline.Esther’s story is found in the book of Esther in the Old Testament.

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3 thoughts on “When Is Esther On the Bible Timeline

  1. Herodotus stopped writing after Xerxes’ reign. He doesn’t mention the important events of the book of Esther.

    Ahasuerus (Hebrew) more likely refers to the name Artaxerxes. Consider the two parts Aha and Suerus. The first part resembles Arta, the second part Cyrus.

    This also suggests the names Cyrus, Koresh and Xerxes are the same, written in different languages.

    The Artaxerxes of Nehemiah is Artaxerxes I, while Nehemiah 2:6 suggests Esther.

    1. The Elephantine papyri mention the Johanan of Ezra 10:6 was a contemporary of Darius II.
      This then would suggest the Ahasuerus of Ezra 4:6 and Artaxerxes of Ezra 4:7-24, who precede the Darius of Ezra 6:1, are Artaxerxes I as well.

  2. thank you that was very helpful

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