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What is the significance of the oil and blood in the Thanksgiving sacrifice

Bible Question:
In the Thanksgiving offering in Leviticus 7:11-15—the unleavened cakes are to be mingled with oil. The wafers to be anointed with oil and in verses 13-14-the heave offering of bread is to be sprinkled with blood by the priest. What is the significance of the oil on the unleavened offering and the blood on the leaven offering?  (This sacrifice is part of the law of Moses given to the Israelites and found on the Biblical Timeline Poster around 1500 BC.)

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Answer:  We have to assume the blood represents the blood of Christ and the oil the anointing oil referred to by David in his Psalms as well.


Here’s an interesting response to that question posted on our site:
Through the years, we have been celebrating the American holiday for Thanksgiving. However, I have paused to reflect towards the significance of Thanksgiving as a Christian myself. As I usually do when I study a word or thought, I have looked up Thanksgiving within the contents of the Bible. According to Leviticus 7:11, the cakes that are unleavened are to be mingled up with oil and that the priest will sprinkle the blood upon the offering of the bread. I have always been wondering what the significance of the oil for the unleavened offering. Basically, this is the main law for the sacrificial phase of peace offerings. Since then, I have decided to figure exactly what this certain passage (verses 11-15) had been trying to tell us about Thanksgiving in Leviticus.
To start off, I have noticed that the “Thanksgiving Sacrifice” was not at all a separate type of offering, but rather a certain type of offering for peace. This peace offering portrays how Christ had satisfied the rage of God towards sins and have made been able to make true peace with God and each sinner who would be trusting only in Jesus. It also portrays that the peace we have through Jesus Christ who is described to passeth each and every single understanding (Philippians 4:7).
Secondly, the Thanksgiving offering is a multiple type of offering. It has to be made up of unleavened wafers, unleavened cakes and cakes from fine flour (verse 12). All of these various forms of such sacrifice are not given as choices but are demanded to be all offered together. Not one less was supposed to be left out. To say it, in other words, it is right to give God thanks and praise for everything (Ephesians 5:20). Choosing what our favorites are and ignoring the items that we find unpleasant is not something that can be possible. Aside from the cake, he will offer as a part of his offering the leavened bread that comes with the Thanksgiving sacrifice (verse 13). Leaven, which is yeast in the scripture, portrays that it is impure, sinful and false. Now, how can leaven even become a part of the said offering? Remember the part when it is quoted that everything must be given thanks for? Obviously, there is no exception to that. The good things in life are not the only ones that must be given appreciation, but the bad ones too. We do not have the right to judge what the purpose of God is for everything in this world. Because he will eventually work things out if we remain loving and faithful to him (Romans 8:28).
This leads us to why the mingling of the oil and sprinkling of the blood are both significant. This act shows that each Thanksgiving celebration is with accordance to the shedding of blood by Jesus Christ to clear our sins. That is how he was able to give successfully salvation towards humanity.

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