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Jeroboam II son of Jehoash, Israelite King

Jeroboam II was the son of King Jehoash of Israel and he ruled Israel a total of 41 years. He appears on the Bible Timeline in the same time frame as Amaziah and Uzziah Kings of Judah. Jeroboam’s name means “God increases the people” or “he increases the people”. Jeroboam II was an evil ruler and he goverened the land in the same manner as the original Jeroboam who was the first king of the divided kingdom.

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Jeroboam II

The original Jeroboam who ruled the kingdom of Israel after it had split in two parts started a Golden Calf Cult so that he could maintain political power in Israel. This cult was designed to keep the people of Israel divided from the people of Judah through religious differences. Jeroboam didn’t want the Israelite’s going into the land of Judah to worship at Solomon’s Temple; otherwise they might have reunited with the people of Judah under one ruler.

Jeroboam II continued this same practice so that he could control the people. He also encouraged the people to worship foreign gods such as Baal. Many rulers after him made the Golden Calf Cult a part of their policy for governing the land. Jeroboam II ruled the land of Israel during the time of the prophets Jonah, Hosea, Joel and Amos. Jonah’s prophecies are primarily told in the book of the Bible that bears his name but God had also used him to inform Jeroboam II that he would restore the lands of Lebo Hamath to the sea of Arabah. Israel had previously lost these lands to Judah during a war. Joel, Amos and Hosea spoke prophecies to the people of Israel during Jeroboam’s reign. God used these men to try and turn the people from idolatry and to pronounce judgment.

The prophet Amos states that God had stirred up other nations to bring against Israel for their disobedience. During the reign of Jeroboam II the people were suffering from the tyranny of the king of Aram and his son. God had allowed these rulers to harass Israel for many years because they turned away from serving him. Jeroboam II became a deliverer for his people when God used him to stop the kings of Aram from troubling the Israelites. The Bible also indicates that Jeroboam II was a mighty king who fought in many battles and wars. He apparently had restored a lot of lost territory to Israel and he also beat back enemies besides Aram that caused problems for Israel. He eventually died and his son Zechariah became the next king in his place.

Bible References:

  • 2 Kings 14: 16 Jeroboam II was son of Jehoash
  • 2 Kings 14: 23 – 29 Jeroboam reign
  • 24 He ruled the kingdom in the same way as the original Jeroboam.
  • 25 Jeroboam the II restored lands that God had given to Israel and mentions that Jonah prophesized that he would. In reference to Amos 6: 14, God stirs up a nation that oppressed Israel from Lebo Hamath to the valley of the Arabah.
  • 26, 27 The people in Israel were suffering and God used Jeroboam II to save them
  • 28 He recovered Israel from Damascus and Hamoth
  • 29 Succeeded by Zechariah