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Exciting Biblical Discovery just North of Jerusalem

An intriguing excavation site has been discovered where many questions are being answered about the Bible and ancient times. There is some debate about the dating of et-Tel and its connection with the Exodus.

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This city Maqatir has promising signs suggesting that it was around all the way back to the Exodus. There is also a possible connection with Abraham and Jacob.
“Bryant Wood of Associates for Biblical Research began the excavation to search for evidence to support his belief that Maqatir, and not the nearby site of et-Tell, was the location of Ai, the city conquered by Joshua after the destruction of Jericho.” – Click here to read about it.

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50 Biblical People Confirmed by Archaeologists

archaeological evidence of the Bible

Archaeological evidence shows that at least 50 people in the Bible are confirmed by inscriptions found by archaeologists. Many of these people are found on the Bible Timeline

You can read more about who the 50 people are and what archaeological evidence exists here

More information is found on our post about Historical Proof of the Bible

Photo of engraved hieroglypics in public domain from French Wiki article, needed for translation of article.

Source: fr:Image:Egypt Hieroglyphe4.jpg Afbeelding van hiërogliefen, afkomstig van gebruiker w:fr:Utilisateur:Aoineko en geplaatst onder de GNU Vrije Documentatie Licentie door deze.