How Many Times Does The Word Appear In the Bible

How many time was the word immediately used in the Bible. Egbetola O.

Here’s the tool we like to use
This lets us choose

  • which version of the Bible to use
  • The number of verses the word is in
  • A list of those verses
  • By clicking on Interlinear view we can find out the Hebrew or Greek word that was translated as that and what else it means
  • Commentaries on those verses.

This is what we found for the word “immediately”

Can you see why we love this tool?

What tools do you use?

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  • Londell

    How many times does the word ( IT ) appear in the bible? Need to know for a study i’m doing, Thank You!!!!

    • Where are you studying,sir?Can i study the Bible there?How,when?cost?particulars need?

  • kevin hudson

    how many times in KJV does the word {AND} began a verse?

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