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Enter To Win A Free Bible World History Timeline

Tell us how you will use the Amazing Bible Timeline with World History and why you want it!

We will randomly choose a commenter to win.

To qualify you must comment by 5 PM Tuesday August 23, 2011.

Use a valid email address when you leave your comment because that is how we’ll notify you if you win.

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4 thoughts on “Enter To Win A Free Bible World History Timeline

  1. I will use it for my Bible study

  2. I would use it when I spread knowledge about Jesus Christ to my classmates that believe that the bible is just a fairytale. I could prove the validity of Gods word and win souls to Christ.

  3. We are studying the old testament prophets on Wednesday nights. This timeline would be so very helpful in helping us keep track of whick king was in power during the lives of the different prophets. When we get to the New Testament, a time-line would greatly increase our knowledge as to when Jesus performed His miracles and what the historical significance is. I love history — World as well as Bible and Family. This timeline would be a great help in all of history. Thank you and God bless you. May He increase your wisdom and knowledge to continue producing such valuable study “helps”.

  4. Thank you Gail, Denishia and Alex for participating. After running the random selector, Denishia is getting the Amazing Bible Timeline!

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