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What tree was Christ crucified on?

A Reader asks:
The cross that Jesus was crucified on, was it made from the Dogwood tree?
Also, the wreath of thorns that Jesus wore, what was it made from? And could you please direct me as to where it is located if anyplace in the Bible.

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None of the well-known Bible Dictionaries speculates on the type of wood used for the cross.

The Bible does not state what type of wood was used to make the cross. Nor does it state what type of plant was used for the crown of thorns. Smith’s Bible Dictionary has this to say about the crown of thorns:
Crown of thorns,
Matthew Our Lord was crowned with thorns in mockery by the Roman soldiers. Obviously, with some small flexible thorny shrub, perhaps Capparis spinosa. “Hasselquist, a Swedish naturalist, supposes a very common plant naba or nubka of the Arabs, with many small and sharp sines; soft, round and pliant branches; leaves much-resembling ivy, of a very deep green, as if in designed mockery of a victor’s wreath.” –Alford.

None of the well-known Bible Dictionaries speculates on the type of wood used for the cross.

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22 thoughts on “What tree was Christ crucified on?

  1. I see in the video what looks like a typo in Adams geneology concerning Arphaxad – KJV states Gen 11:12,13 Arphaxad lived five and thirty years, and begat Salah: and Arphaxad lived after he begat Salah four hundred and three years, and begat sons and daughters. According to my math the chart should read 35 + 403= 438 years. Not 483 years. It looks like a transposition in numbers. When did you last update the chart and will you be updating the chart- it looks like a wonderful tool for study. Thank you.

    1. Why is Job, left out of Bible timeline it’s not even in index

      1. Chester please see article for discussion. Thanks for visiting and participating!

    2. Actually who cares? If I lived 400 years I wouldn’t care if I lived 38 or 83 more. If my health was failing I would opp for the 38.

      1. The reason we care is simply that he must be accurate!

    3. Why rewrite the bible when on the last pages god tells us to not add or take from his word or he will add or take from us if its the the kjv bible yhen it is true because i know my heavenly Father isnt going to lie to us just keep his laws and his Commandments yhe way we need to

      1. Because that statement was referring to the word that was given to The Apostle John in the vision, the revelation, not pertaining to the all the prophecies of old and the epistles that would be later cannonized and become the King James Bible. There were other Bibles before the KJV. The Geneva Bible is older than the KJV just not as complete. The conglomeration if the scriptures was an evolution so if Gods statement at the end was true then it was messed up from the beginning. The Bible didn’t get pieced together seemlessly.

        The revelation would be Gods final word and judgement so it is not to be changed or manipulated and even as a warning to John to heed it himself so as to write down exactly what he saw and heard. John was given the difficult task of having to experience all of the foretold and futuristic events that were and were to come. A heavy burden. He was to be mindful of his dictation and to warn others of the same because of the gravity of this revelation being Satans wrath but ultimately Jesus Christ’s victory over Satan, Gods wrath and final judgement.

        1. What does the catholic bible say? Rome is where Peter built christ’s church, where the Roman catholic church is. Not Germany where Lurhers from.

      2. 100% right!

      3. James, you must proofread what you submit. Otherwise you look like a fool.

  2. so what tree was used??

  3. Who was cannon’s mother? We know ham was his father.

  4. Does YWHW have daughters? Was Eve ever a daughter of YWHW?We know Adom is a son of YWHW. Are women, & girls only daughters of men (sisters cousins, aunts), wives, & mothers and not daughters of YHWH?

    1. Daphne,
      I am told YHWH is an early biblical name for God.

  5. It was not the kjv back then it was the Torah and Hebrew letters, and yes wer still need to study them and know the true word puff God. Eveything else is a version edited from the real. Even the New Testament scriptures were Hebrew and Greek.

  6. Eve was the only woman that didn’t have a navel. She was not born by woman, God made her. Paintings of her showing one are wrong.

    Tree was the Dogwood Tree that Jesus was crucified on. It tells us itself by sign language if we just look. Sorta like the deaf do here in Alabama school for the deaf.

    WE humans make things so hard and fight among ourselves proving we are the ones that have it all just right.

    1. Do you have the Bible verses to back up your statement?

      1. Riggt?

    2. I didn’t realize you were there at creation Alabama John. I’m pretty sure you were not! How do you know if Eve had a navel or not? God may have still created her with one. Does it really matter? Will you glorify God more if she didn’t have one? Just saying…… your point is immaterial and irrelevant!

      1. The relevance is rightly immaterial yet it does pose the question did she have a navel or not.
        Understanding the purpose of the navel you could draw the conclusion neither of them had one. The first born of their union would have needed one to live and grow. Symbolically Adam and Eve would have had a spiritual umbilical cord that was cut off by Satan in Eden.

  7. Wow. This has been a good page to read. It really did something for my soul on an intellectual and spiritual level. Muchas Gracias all of you. God smile wide upon you.

  8. What ever the wood or the tree..after reading the entire book if Jeremiah…gid is appalled at man made symbols of granite or metal objects of worship.
    This includes statues of Mary…dead saints….the crucifix….indoctrinated by Constantine 300 years after the death of Christ.
    The “cross” in its original form…was a pagan symbol used by many civilizations hundreds of years prior to Christ.
    It is in its origin…totally pagan.
    To bow down to it or concrete statues of Mary…any saints…people…shapes….
    If you still don’t get it…Google the “origin if the crucifix” then re read the first commandment given to.moses….even before Murder.
    If you still have issues…read all of Jeremiah.
    If it’s still not clear…I pray that the Holy Spirit reveal to you the true ways to please God.
    Bowing before a man made metal crucifix…..
    Not acceptable….

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