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Extermination of the Jews Not Just A German Idea

The Jewish people have been harassed, exterminated and put into slavery since 600 B.C. One of the great exterminations happened in 135 AD during the rule of the Roman Empire which is where it appears on the Bible Timeline.

Here are the events leading up to that. The Jewish people were sent into exile around 600 B.C. when the Babylonians had conquered Judea and forced a great deal of its citizens to relocate to various parts of their empire. The Babylonians were conquered by the Persians, and the Jewish people served under them as well. God used the Persians to allow the Jewish people to return home and to rebuild their temple.

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These events took place during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah. When the Persian Empire fell to the Greeks, the Seleucid Empire dominated Judea. After the Seleucid’s were driven out of the land by the Maccabees, who established a dynasty that remained free for about 100 years. However, this all ended around 40 B.C. with the death of the last Hasmonean king of Judea. Herod the Great was backed by Rome and because of this Judea was considered a vassal state of the Roman Empire.

The First Rebellion

The Jewish people did not like this and wanted to be free from foreign rule. There were some anti-Jewish factions that formed throughout the land. They were hardliners who wanted to start an uprising against the pro-Roman Herod Dynasty and other Jewish sympathizers who were loyal to the Empire. They indiscriminately attacked Rome for many years and caused them problems. Eventually, all of this civil unrest came to boiling point around 70 B.C. when a group of Jewish people slaughtered Roman forces who witnessed the blasphemy committed against their religion. This event triggered the First Jewish-Roman War. General Titus of Rome ultimately defeated the Jewish people and deported many of them into other cities throughout the empire and sold much more into slavery. 66 – 73 A.D.

The Second Jewish War

Many Jews were deported to Cyrene, Libya, which is located in Africa. The Jews who were situated there rose up in rebellion against the Romans. Jews disliked the Romans and Greeks, and they eventually started to kill them. Meanwhile, trouble was occurring in Parthia and emperor Trajan had to get the situation under control. When Trajan forces were returning from their victory in Parthia, the Jewish rebels started to attack the garrisons that were placed in their territory. Many Jewish people all throughout the Empire got word of what had happened in Cyrene and decided to follow their lead. Soon many provinces had rebellious Jews attacking and killing Greek and Roman citizens. Cyrene, Libya was one of the worst places of the rebellion, so Trajan sent his forces to kill thousands upon thousands of people to get the situation under control. 115-117 A.D.

The Third and Final Jewish-Roman War

The Romans were sick of the Jews and by 132 A.D. they had passed a law forbidding the act of circumcision. Many fanatic Jews took this as an opportunity to rebel. Many Jews of the time believed that their Messiah had finally arrived, and his name was Bar Kokhba. They also believed that the end of the world was going to take place. So they decided to attack the Romans once again because this time around they believed they would overthrow them. At first the Jews were successful but they eventually started to lose many battles. The Romans were being defeated by the zealous Jews until they decided to enforce an annihilation campaign against the Jews. This strategy worked and hundreds of thousands of Jews all over the Roman Empire were slaughtered and killed during the process. Many Jews were forced to leave Palestine and sold into slavery. By 135 A.D., the Jews were scattered throughout the world and from this time up until 1949 they never had a country to call home.