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Two brothers, two offerings

Bible question: Why did God accept Abel’s offering and not Cain’s?


Genesis 4: 3-5 states that Abel brought the firstlings of his flock of sheep as an offering while Cain brought fruits and vegetables.  God respected Abel’s offering but not Cain’s.  Why? Did God just like Abel better?

This offering and the offerings of later prophets even before Moses tells us that from the beginning men were taught of the coming Messiah, the sacrificial lamb and the need for a blood atonement.  Abel responded and brought the required offering.  Cain could have arranged to get such an offering through trade or other means.  Instead, he brought his own idea of an offering and completely missed the point.

However, God did not let Cain go without a chance for redemption.  He told Cain that if he did well, his offering would be accepted. And if not, then sin was at the door.

Here is more information and additional Bible references on Cain’s and Abel’s sacrifices.

Cain and Abel are located after Adam and before the birth of Seth (130 years after Adam) on the Bible Timeline Chart.