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How Long Was a Year In Bible Days?

How long was a year in Bible days?  For example, was Methuselah really 969 years old as in 365 days times 969, or did their years have fewer or more days than ours today?

Lyne Hitt

There is so little change in the earth’s spin and revolution that the times and seasons have remained the same for the last 6000 years.  24 hour days, 365 1/4 day years ( they are based on revolutions around the sun and revolutions of the earth.)   That would mean Methuselah did live 969 of our years.  You might enjoy this information from Tom Whiting on the astronomical earth year.

“I know the spin rate (one day) is slowing down due to the gravitational effects of the moon…..about 3 millionths of a second per year  (65 million years ago, the dinosaurs had a 20 hour day)….but I’ve never read where our speed around the sun has changed over the millennia.

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‘The flow of sand in an hourglass can be used to keep track of elapsed time. It also concretely represents the present as being between the past and the future.’

In fact, I would assume that as we spiral in closer to the sun (very slowly) we would actually speed up, thus a slightly shorter length of the year.  But then again, the sun is continuously losing mass through the fusion process to produce energy, so that would allow the Earth (and all the planets) to drift outward slowly, thus lengthening the orbital (yearly) time period. Perhaps the two effects offset each other, because I’ve read nothing about the “year” growing longer (or shorter) as the centuries and millennia go by.  But if it has, it certainly is not measurable in our lifetimes, and it would probably affect our calendar by only one day every few million years. ”


4 thoughts on “How Long Was a Year In Bible Days?

  1. I think you have missed the point here? The bible years are human assessment of astrological year .so the unit of measurement for man at that time would vary over the astrological time.This difference could be greater at or nearer the equator where daily variance is not soo visually pronounced.the claims that Moses was 140 upon his death is a cultural claim.This civilization respected age and therefore pumping up the ages of bible figures was done to gain respect as apposed to a biological claim.This with the human measurement of the year at the time caused these inaccuracies.It is likely Moses would have been around 90 on todays calculations.

  2. What does 7 years really mean? Does it mean actual years?

    The reason why I am asking is because one of the big things about to happen next year is the Obama Peace Treaty which if it’s passed will spark the stage for the Jews to rebuild their temple as stated in the bible. There are exact measurements of the temple too. The image of the beast will be held there as the man Antichrist will receive a fatal wound and be brought back to life thru a false miracle. (3D Hologram anybody?)

    It will look real enough to fool the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if since the 90s the Military has been messing with hologram technology.

  3. In fact it even says that God will shorten the day in the sakes of the elect.

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