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Did A Year Used To Last 360 Days?

I believe evidence shows that before and after Noah’s flood for a period of time, the year consisted of 12 thirty day months equalling 360 days exactly.  The chronology of the flood certainly seems to verify this;  It is also evidenced by Deut. 34:8 and 21:13, and Num. 20:29 where mourning for the dead is ordered for a “full Month,” and is carried on for thirty days.  There are also many ancient writings from India, Persia, Babylonia, Assyria etc, whose writings describe the year as having 360 days, 12 thirty day months.  Their writings go on to say that in the seventh century B.C. 5+ additional days were added.   In your knowledge of time and history, can this be confirmed?   God bless you,  Arnold

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Seasons of the Year

Hi Arnold : I am not sure if you asking if the cultures of the day used a 360 day calendar or if the earth actually rotated around the sun in 360 days rather than the 365 and 1/4 days it actually takes. If you are asking the first question then yes you are correct.  Many cultures did use a 360-day calendar that led to season creep.  In other words a month that used to be in winter would eventually become a spring month as the decades and centuries progressed because it takes 5 and 1/4 extra days for the earth to rotate around the sun.  Eventually, that extra 5 days was recognized and incorporated into calendar systems.  However, even that was a problem because of that 1/4 day.  Which is why we now have a leap year. And this little tidbit: Leap year was first introduced by King Ptolemy III, Egypt in 238 BC For the short and sweet version of how we got our current calendar, check out the  AD and BC article on our site. Or for a much longer but interesting explanation of calendars (there are about 40 different ones still in use around the world today) try this site

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