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Why Should We Pray That Our Flight Not Be In Winter?

In the article What Are The Signs of the Last Days, we are reminded that Jesus cautions us to pray that our flight be not in winter (Mark 13:18) (Making your escape perilous or tempting you to delay your flight. Matthew 24:20 adds “or on the sabbath day.”)

Why should we pray that our flight not be in winter?

Here is a variety of Bible commentaries. “When days are short, roads bad, the weather inclement; and when to lodge in mountains, is very incommodious, and uncomfortable.” (John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible) “Such is the vanity of the creature, which the time may often be, when the greatest comforts may prove the greatest burdens. It would likewise be very uncomfortable, if they should be forced to flee in the winter (v. 18), when the weather and ways were bad, when the roads would be scarcely passable, especially in

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the mountains to which they must flee. If there be no remedy but that trouble must come, yet we may desire and pray that, if it be God’s will, the circumstances of it may be so ordered as to be a mitigation of the trouble; and when things are bad, we ought to consider they might have been worse.


It is bad to be forced to flee, but it would have been worse if it had been in the winter.” (Matthew Henry Commentary) “Not in the winter. Because the streams were then impassable torrents from the heavy rains and the weather cold and wet, hard on homeless people. Nor on the sabbath. Because then the gates of the city were closed, preventing departure. History tells us that the army of Cestius Gallus enclosed Jerusalem in A. D. 67, then deterred by its strength, retired to Cæsarea. This was the signal for which the church waited, and it then fled beyond the Jordan. The sign given by the Lord for the flight, the environment of the city by the Romans, and the panic that caused their sudden withdrawal, occurred on Tuesday, in October. Hence the flight was neither in the winter, nor on the Sabbath day.” (People’s New Testament)


People’s New Testament tells us what actually did happen when the Roman Armies returned. “The account given by Josephus, the Jewish historian who witnessed and recorded the war, is almost an echo of the predictions of Christ. Women ate their own children from starvation; the Jews within the city fought each other as well as the Roman army; on August 10, A. D. 70, ) the city was stormed and there was a universal massacre; 1,100,00 persons perished, and 100,000 survivors were sold into slavery.” (see the 1st century on the Biblical Timeline Prior to the second coming of Christ similar events will occur as discussed in the Signs of the Times article on this site.


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4 thoughts on “Why Should We Pray That Our Flight Not Be In Winter?

  1. Flight comes not in winter is a foreshadowing command to modern day Christians and tells us the direction to go as well.Go North to Canada if you live in present day Babylon, not south to Mexico. Otherwise winter wouldn’t be mentioned.
    Not during the Sabath is a modern command to have your passport so that you can exit the U.S.
    Turn not back for your cloak means have your passport immediately
    ready, since the destruction of Babylon comes in one hour.
    The tribulation began after the first full blood moon. there after the war in Gaza escalated with 1.8 million people trapped in the war zone. Obama aligned the U.S. with the Muslims and all the significant nations of the world capable of war are now against Israels Jews except Canada.
    Yes, the U.S. is unfortunately Babylon. Do your homework before you disregard these

  2. Please look Luke 21:20-24. The same story but it clarifies that Jesus talked to people in Judea to flee and judea had no walls. So the explanation about city gates being closed on Sabbath is incorrect. Jesus asked them to pray not to have to flee on the sabbath day, day of rest. Since the same prophecy refers to the end times the same sabbath pray applies.

  3. Wow so many amazing answers I don’t think mind stands a chance. Well the truth is people who have healing powers and other various gifts from the Creator need the Sun to recharge their crystalline light bodies so they can use the energy. Also when following the patterns of the Earth everything seems to rest in the winter. So we also are supposed to rest in the winter and just exist and fast etc. So we’re left slightly powerless and we’re supposed to be in a relaxed state. Aside from that who wants to run in the snow. There are many cycles that a lot of people are unaware of because it’s not popular to think outside the box

  4. Pray that the rapture(flight) wont take place during the coldness(winter)of our faith.

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