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John Exiled to Patmos

John, the Disciple of Jesus, was banished to Patmos during the latter years of his life. When Rome had exiled John to Patmos, he was the last remaining member of the Twelve Disciples of Jesus Christ. John was born 6 A.D. His life appears on the Bible Timeline Chart between then and 100 AD.  He was a close follower of Christ who was also called the Disciple that Jesus loved.

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"John the Apostle on Patmos"

His Service to Christ
Jesus first encountered John and his brother James on the shores of Galilee. He invited them to become his followers, and they complied. John then joined Jesus as he went about his public ministry. John traveled with Jesus during his ministry and was chosen to be in his inner circle as one the Twelve Disciples. This was a special privilege because Jesus had many followers. John was the only disciple that was present when Christ was crucified, and he also was extremely loyal to Jesus during his ministry in Jerusalem. Christ told him to watch over Mary his mother who was also present at the crucifixion.

The Early Church
When Jesus came back to life after his crucifix, he met John and Peter while they were fishing. Christ referred to him as the Disciple whom Jesus loved. John and Peter told the others what had happened, and they went back to Jerusalem until the arrival of the Holy Spirit. John was present with the believers in Jerusalem when the Holy Spirit had arrived. He received power and played a critical role in the expansion of the early church.

In the book of Acts John helped Peter to heal people, spread the Gospel and he was imprisoned for preaching the message of Christ. He also cared for Mary, Jesus' mother. Until the time she had died in 54 A.D.  King Herod Agrippa I attacked the Christians and caused them to scatter outside of Jerusalem (Acts 12: 1 -17). John ended up in Ephesus.

John Imprisoned
Some parts of John's life are not clear and historical sources claim that he was a leader of the church at Ephesus. Eventually, he was captured in a persecution campaign by the Roman Emperor Domitian. John was ultimately sentenced to Patmos (Revelation 1:9). Patmos was a small, rocky and barren area where many criminals of Rome were sent to serve out their prison terms in harsh conditions. There were mines on the island that the criminals were forced to work. John was sent to the island for the same reasons because the early Christians were considered a strange cult group who were known for causing trouble within the Empire. After John had arrived, he began to have visions that were written into the Book of Revelation of the Bible.

Some historians and scholars claim that John died while on Patmos and others say that he was freed from the island before his death. No one is certain when or where he died, but many people do agree that he was not executed like the other apostles.

Biblical References:
Revelation 1: 9 John speaks about his banishment to the island of Patmos
Acts 12: 1 -17 King Herod Agrippa I attacked the Christians and caused them to scatter outside of Jerusalem.

Picture By Jacopo Vignali - Giovanni Piccirillo (a cura di), La chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetano, Becocci Editore, Firenze 2006., Public Domain,
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173 thoughts on “John Exiled to Patmos

  1. What I do know is we’re in the last days of GODS kingdom yet to come life is in full circle of the life that GOD had intended for mankind and I look forward to GODS new world for mankind.

    1. The Kingdom of Gad started in 33 A.D. Jerusalem. Read Daniel 2:44.

      1. Best evidence I have seen so far places the Birth of Jesus in the fall of 6 BC. The key is when John the Baptist was born. He wasn’t conceived until after the 8th course of the Abijah Division was completed. I think that date is well established. His mother was in her 6th month when newly pregnant Mary arrives. The death of Jesus was closer to 1 AD since there was no 0 AD or 0 BC.
        Frank Steinle

        1. It looks like you meant to write, “the death of Herod the Great was 1 BC or 0 AD.” Also, can you explain more about the date for birth of John the Baptist, as in Spring of 6 BC? Unfamiliar with the reference there.

          1. There is no 0 AD. anno Domino — the year of our Lord — starts with 1.

          2. I believed if the persecution was not going to start, the gospel would have remained in Jerusalem.

        2. The death and resurrection of Jesus was closer to 30 AD or 33 AD. If it was 1 AD he would have only been a few years old at most.

          1. So Jesus died at the age of 6?? I think you may have made a typo.

          2. Herod died in 4 BC..If slaughter of innocents is true ? Jesus born 7 B.C. 1st day of pass over on Saturday only 26, 30, 33 A.D. Jesus was 33 1/2 when crucified.. had to be born around Sept 7 B.C.

          3. Actually according to Daniel chapter 9 it tells us the exact year Jesus would be baptized and crucified.
            According to Daniel he would be anointed or baptized marking the beginning of his ministry in AD 27
            Cut-off or crucified in AD 31.

            Leviticus chapter 12 lets us know the age in which Jesus would be sacrificed which would be 33 which means he was born in 3 BC

            Gabriel tells Daniel from when the decree is given to rebuild Jerusalem. According to the book of Ezra this was given in 457 BC then Gabriel says that it will be 69 weeks or 483 days (note it is a day for a year in Prophecy) so 483 years after 457 BC brings you to 27 AD “where he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week but in the midst of that week he shall be cut off but not for himself” amidst of a week is three and a half days so 3 and 1/2 years from 27 AD brings you to 31 AD. Leviticus 12 states that after a woman gives birth to a male child she cannot enter into the sanctuary until 33 days later when a sacrifices is made on her behalf. You think this was an arbitrary commandment? Or was it to tell something far greater? According to the Bible a woman represents the church, the male child is Christ according to Revelation 12. Then according to Leviticus after the woman gives birth to the male child it will be 33 days before his sacrifice is made on her behalf that she may have access to the sanctuary or the presence of God which is the Ark of the Covenant. At the age of 33 years old Christ Ascended into the holy place to be our high priest that we may have access to God through the sacrifice of Christ. As Jesus said to philp greater things than these you shall see for you shall see Angels Ascend and descend upon the son of man he was saying that he is Jacob’s Ladder the connection between man and God. The Bible has truly predicted all things and foretold all things of the messiah’s first and second coming. Some may say well then how could man have a relationship with God before Christ’s crucifixion? But God says we were redeemed before the foundations of the world. The promise of the coming Messiah to redeem man was a promise that Adam and Eve, Abraham and Moses and many others looked forward and believe the promise would come to fruition. For Us after the cross we look back to this promise either way before or after the cross, we are credited righteousness by faith.

        3. The 3 wise men that came to Jesus’s birth were out watching their sheep, they would watch them 24/7 in the spring that’s when the lambs were born, they are only born once a year, in spring. I believe that’s also when the lamb of God was born. Amen

          1. I do believe a careful study of The Bible will tell you that John the Baptist was born in March and Jesus was born 6 months later in September around the time of the Jewish New year, about the 20th. According to the Book of Daniel, Jesus entered Jerusalem in 33 AD on the day we call Palm Sunday and was crucified dead that same pass over week.

          2. It wasn’t the 3 wise men watching the sheep, it was shepherds. The 3 wise men didn’t come until Jesus was around 3 years old. Remember, after they left and didn’t come back, Herod sent soldiers to kill any male child 2 years or younger.

          3. The three wise men were not present at his birth. They came later from the east. Only the Shepard’s were mentioned being in the fields during his birth.

          4. There were not only three wise men … probably closer to 100.

          5. The 3 wise men is a misnomer. In three Far East they say 12 wise men. The bible pointedly says they traveled from afar, many throngs agree that they were descendants of Babylonian high ranking servants who served at the time of Daniel and that Daniel taught their ancestors to look for the sign of the birth of MESSIAH. The “Shepards” however, watched their sheep in shifts with variables like shearing or selling.

        4. If Jesus was born 6bc and died close to 1 ad then he was 7 years old??

        5. How was his death in 1 AD and around this time john the apostle was born. I think Jesus death wasnt around this time

        6. Does this mean Jesus died at the age of 6 1/2?

          1. What are you guys talking about? Who said anything about Jesus dying in 1 AD

      2. What a typo! Didn’t you mean the Kingdom of GOD?

      3. Hi my sister it isn’t what god told me.almost a year ago I was gifted with prophecy I had never heard of it. I spent 20 years of my life as a bisexual woman who had a preference only for women. Married a woman, divorced, had one other situation then decided I’m no good at being in control of my life and decided that I wanted god to take over for me and committed to following his laws, if it says don’t be, do this, don’t do that I strive to not. I’m not boasting I’m simply telling my story. I’d hear things a lot it wouldn’t be much it sound like a voice Of a man. I’d go to study about what I heard and it would be written. I started living a life of sin in my teenager years i didn’t like the laws so I strayed far away from Christianity not knowing much except for the culture. It was written in Daniel those days wouldn’t happen until around the last i was studying Daniel 2-7 that’s when I heard a voice out of no where say to me “money is the root of all evil” I was guided to Abraham Lincoln who is on the copper coin eventually the Statue of Liberty which is also made of copper. Another time I heard This voice say to me as I was studying Ezekiel 23 “KJV” it said to me on the part where it said “they discovered her nakedness” it was talking about women executing judgement on the Statue of Liberty. Clear as day “that’s a he Statue of Liberty” I had not known.there are many different stories in Ezekiel about both history and future. This particular one is about Jerusalem as it’s written in psalms Jerusalem is considered to be citizenship of basically every nation if I remember correctly with the exception of Judah I just learned this yesterday. Back to my point the copper kingdom ruled all of the earth in Daniel 2 he is speaking of the United States then there’s a iron kingdom who eventually rules the spirit led me with the question along the lines of “who is number one in iron producing” it is China. I tell you these things because the more you study even down to the persecution. The more you understand what I know comes from god and that what is written is all true and these are the last days.china will become first in world power. I believe that man they spoke about who comes in the last days is that president. From the things I’ve been studying Thessalonians 2 speaks of a man who will be basically be cursing god,calling himself a god, and speaking against anything worthy of worship. There are Muslim camps in China and Christians being persecuted on a spectrum of outstanding numbers. If it is written to not do it, or to do it, we should be following the word as it’s written when Jesus returns he starts with the churches if I remember correctly James said. Do I believe in once saved always saved, yes but as my dad put it, it is for the true believers. And I don’t think most of us will truly know who that is. Revelation said “ not a speck on our robes. Even I Could’ve fell away from god unknowingly. My hope for my brothers and sisters is that we stop compromising the law in a gentle and loving way. All of us are struggling with something. That we try to help our brothers and sisters in love. Jesus is real and he will return.

        1. Praise God ~ thank you for sharing this.

      4. Kingdom of Gad? He was on the other side of Jordan. 🙂

    2. What are the references that John of Patmos was John the Apostle? Who says he was born in 6 AD or when he died, or was exiled and by whom?
      These are all assumptions and none are from scripture.

      1. Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian all affirmed the Apostle John as the author or Revelation.

      2. Exactly. From the perspective of the writer of Revelation, it makes more sense to consider that it was John the Baptist who had this inspired vision under guidance of the Holy Spirit during the time he was imprisoned(Patmos) by Herod, before being beheaded.

        1. No. Obviously you didn’t read the book of Revelations. 1:1-9.

          1. I received this from someone I know. Would you be so kind as to share your input, thanks! “I am beginning a series of sermons on the Letters to the Seven Churches this Sunday, and my preparation has stirred up my frustration with writers and commentators who repeat what they have been taught without any documentary or evidentiary support. For instance, almost every commentary I have checked states definitively that John was in exile on Patmos. There is absolutely no evidence that this is so. John himself tells us he was on Patmos “for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” No writer mentions John’s exile until Tertullian, who wrote nearly 150 years later. Patmos was a small island home of several fishing villages and was never recorded as a place of exile for anybody. What is very interesting is that in the decade preceding the 2nd century, which would have been while John was in residence, we have a record of several churches springing up all over the island. It seems to me much more likely that John, in his 90s at this point, retired from Ephesus to this quiet island and began evangelizing the villages he found there. He may not have been able to keep up with the metropolitan congregation at Ephesus any more, but God had a place of service for him yet.” What say you?

        2. John the Baptist was beheaded before Jesus was crucified, so no, John the Baptist was not on the Island of Patmos. Rome tried to kill John by poisoning, it didn’t kill him so they exiled him to Patmos. He had visions there, that is Revelations. God’s Kingdom began with Jesus, it is still culminating until his return.

          1. True i personally do agree with you that John was exied after they failed to kill him with boiled oil when he could not die they labled him a witch and exiled him to the Island refference go and read books of myrty

          2. John , the disciple ..(john 21;18) was imprisoned for the testimony of Jesus in 94 A.D… As was the custom, when Domitian died, who ever he exiled were released. The last record of John being seen was in 110 AD. John ate the little book and preached again to many people and kings

          3. What supports st John being poisoned in Rome?

        3. Correct, verse 5 clearly shows that it could not be John the Baptist since he was not a witness to the resurrection: “the first begotten of the dead,”
          Re:1:5: And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood

        4. Reaaalllly wrong wrong wrong…

          1. Am wondering if we’re Christians giving comments on this site because John the Baptist was not a disciple of Jesus. He had his disciples who later followed Jesus when he was beheaded so there is no way John the Baptist could be the revelator. John the revelator is a disciple of Jesus.

        5. john the baptist was beheaded before Jesus was crucified, see matthew 14:1-12. the John sent to isle of patmos to receive the revelations of things that was to shortly come to pass was the apostle john.

          1. God Bless You! When people come up against my knowledge of scripture as everyone claims to be right. The Lord taught me this scripture to put a stop to it.
            Do not waste time on unlearned questions for it does create much strife.

          2. Was he the same John as John the Baptist

        6. Wrong. It is John the Baptist that was beheaded by Herod not St. John the Divine, author of the Book of Revelations.

          1. true

        7. John the Baptist was not the same person as John the Beloved. The
          Baptist lost his head while Jesus
          was still ministering. John the Beloved ministered after Jesus ascended to Heaven and he is the one who was exiled to Patmos.

        8. John the Baptizer and the disciple John are two different people. John who was exiled on the Isle of Patmos was the disciple.

        9. Shalom! I believe Patmos was an island where Rome sent its criminal. It appeared that Yohanan was writing to Churches in the Roman provinces, not control by Herod. Also, Yahasha was living while Yohanan was in prison. This appearance of the one like the Son of Man, would probably not be Yohanan , of the Levite priesthood, Yahasha’s cousin, Elizabeth and Zechariah’s son, and the one who baptized Him.

          1. Oh! Wow! I didn’t realize that the Romans dealt with trouble-makers by sending them into exile. I had heard that they nailed them up and left them there to putrefy. Hmm – wait a mo – could that mean that Jesus of Nazareth, simon-bar-jonah and saul of tarsus were sent off somewhere to live out the rest of their days in peace and solitude? I must have been asleep the day they covered that in class.

        10. Can someone tell me where or what writing said that st John was poisoned but did not die then exiled to Patmos. I have read it on here but I didn’t catch what writing it came from. Possibly the catholic church maybe?

        11. john the baptist was beheaded long before John the apostle was exiled to patmos.wasn’t he?

      3. Everything you need to know is in the Bible it tells you who Exiled John and why He is the apostle John if you read the Bible it will answer all your questions and try to read with a open mind don’t be doubtful allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through the book and you’ll find everything that you are looking for the bless people in Jesus name amen

      4. I wondered that! I’ve never been taught the 2 John’s were the same(?)

      5. john the revelator and john of patmos are the same he exiled to the isle of patmos by herod

    3. Yes Kim, we are in the last days and JESUS took me by the spirit into the Universe one night or early morning and there it was revealed to me that the end will be in 2028 but we don’t know the day nor the hour, not even the angels nor Jesus; only the Father.
      Another chap had a vision of 2028 and devastation and destruction in 2024. Kissinger said that there will be no Israel in 2022; maybe it will change it’s name or it will be bombed out. Google THE END 2028 on youtube. Many books have also been written about this year 2028.

      1. 2008 huh? It is not known when the world as we know it will end, the faithful do not need evidence. The Lord will not show this to anyone. Repent for your blasphemies.

        1. She said 2028 not 2008.

      2. Yeshua does not take anyone by the spirit. Those days have long been over and anyone who claims Prophecies or Visions are liers. We are not in the last days bc it’s been over since the destruction of the Second Temple.

        1. In Joel 2:28 the Bible says And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: This prophecy is repeated in Acts 2 by Peter after Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and speaking today through true believers to those who will listen.

          1. Aomen yes He the Holy Spirit is ALIVE.

        2. Totally correct according to Daniel 9:24-27 which is fulfilled upon the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD.

        3. You must be joking – John The Revelator’s prophecies were written long after 70AD and Titus’ sacking / burning of the 2nd Temple and Jerusalem. Also, the prophesies were only partially fulfilled “in-type” at that Time – still yet to have their true complete fulfillment at a later date … checking into this phenomena in several modern scholarly works which describe in infinite detail how this was NOT the literal complete fulfillment and how that is yet to come, along with both Jesus as Divine Husband coming FOR His Bride (The Church) and only then, coming back WITH His Bride (The Church and other believers) to set up His Kingdom on earth and reign with us literally 1000 years. After this Satan is loosed again for a short season to foment rebellion and a final conflict; then final judgement and punishment in The Lake of Fire. Yes, a literal Lake of Fire.
          Maybe try letting scripture interpret scripture and forget about mere men’s obviously ecclesiastically biased interpretations (RC Church, and incomplete reformed churches with a-millennial / preternatural views – I’m looking at you)

          1. Good job so few have it right!!!!

        4. You are wrong because I have been up by revelation. 3 times. I know that I heard about the scriptures and there was a time lapse of 5 hours one time that seemed like 5 minutes and I was not asleep. I had remembered that one scripture and I had to correct the church by the Bible. But yes indeed he does take his chosen up by revelation. I am one of his chosen out of many and I am not the only one who has had such an amazing experience.

      3. If you say it will end in 2028… it will indeed NOT end then! If God didn’t even allow his Son… which is perfect, upright, righteous, blameless and blemish free, sin free…. know when he would be coming back, then with all due respect… he certainly wouldn’t tell a human being that is unrighteous, sinful, lives by flesh, corrupt, and has to depend on a Saviour in order to get to heaven. We need to quit thinking that we are equals with God and that he would reveal things to us that he hasn’t even revealed to his own Son and the Holy Spirit. DO NOT BELIEVE IN SAID PROPHECIES OF HUMANS!!!!!

        1. I agree. No one knows but God. The bible says that the right will be believed to be wrong and the wrong will will be believed to be right. Also, “Their stomach will be their god.” These things are happening, true but the Holy Spirit comes only to believers. The world end when all those in Jesus book of life accept Him. (144,000????)

          1. Amein.
            The writer on this thread said, “Christ referred to him (John) as the Disciple whom Jesus loved.” I don’t think the writer of that scripture was saying that Christ referred to John as the one whom He loved. That was the writer’s interpretation. Yahasha loved all His disciples. John may have been Yahasha’s younger brother, or such a young devoted disciple.
            Therefore, Yahasha may have had a deep affection for him. Just my thought on my last point.

        2. Indeed brother you are right, the End shall not be disclosed to mankind or anything in heave and on earth. It is only GOD the almighty who knows the hour,day,month and year. This is written in the bible and a human opinion.

        3. Good job. Well said

        4. Amein.
          The writer on this thread said, “Christ referred to him (John) as the Disciple whom Jesus loved.” I don’t think the writer of that scripture was saying that Christ referred to John as the one whom He loved. That was the writer’s interpretation. Yahasha loved all His disciples. John may have been Yahasha’s younger brother, or such a young devoted disciple.
          Therefore, Yahasha may have had a deep affection for him. Just a lot on my last point.

        5. You may not but it is written that the young men will have visions and the older men dream and they are prophecy. I have seen the end times and one of those things has already happened and that was the rioting all last summer and nothing like that has ever occurred here before until the summer of 2020. I saw it happening several years prior. Dreams and prophecy and it’s written. Read the Bible.

      4. First please don’t put your trust in YouTube Video’s. I have seen so many people led down some crazy rabbit holes by listening to false teachers on You Tube. Secondly, Jesus and the Father are one. Read John 1. The Word (jesus) was in the beginning with God and was God. They aren’t two separate people. For further proof answer this simple question. Who created the world. In Genesis it clearly states that it was God, but in John 1 it states that the word created everything. That word then became flesh (john 1:14). Before being caught away with crazy ideas, first focus on who Jesus really is.

        1. Amen brother. Amen. It does indeed say that and the Apostle Paul had called Christ God. He was God came to earth in the flesh. He was the word also in 1 John 5. Also in Hebrews when he got to heaven God said that he was his God forever and to take the throne. In 1john it said in the beginning there was the Father, The Word and the Holy Ghost and these 3 are all one. Jesus was the word made flesh and they are all one. You are entirely correct. So many people try to separate them and they are all one. Paul also said that the devil trembles because of the one living God. David had prayed to the God of salvation. There is only one who gave salvation. Jesus. He said I am several times. He said to Philip in John that had he seen him that he had already seen the Father. Philip said show us the father and Jesus repeated it again. Then he said have I been been with you so long that you don’t know me? Also Jeremiah prayed to the God of salvation. Pretty clear to me that Jesus was indeed God. He was, he is, and he is to be again. In revelations written in red. He said I am the alpha and omega and the beginning and ending. He said I am he who was with you and died, I am he. I wish more people would start to connect things. Hallelujah! I praise his Holy name.

      5. No one knows the hour,how special are you that Jedus Christ could just reveal to you that the end is 2028,the scripture says that anyone lying in my name shall be forgiven but whoever lies in the name of spirit shall not be forgiven. Preach repentance and the hour which is here with us

        1. Yes indeed. Jesus compared repentance to the parable of the prodigal son. He sees us coming to repentance from a great way off and the angels will cheer. He knows all things. He knows when we come to repentance. It’s necessary to repent. It’s for the things we do or mistakes we make after being saved. We all mess up and God never used a perfect vessel. Nobody is perfect after being saved, otherwise we would have a world full of perfect people but we do not. We are forgiven. Those who have done much have much to be thankful for. When I had repented it took 3 days for the Holy Spirit to tell me that I was saved and that the old me was dead and buried and on the 3rd day I would arise anew. I began to prophecy and speak in tongue And he said that the strange tongue that did not sound like any one else was from India. Then I met a man from India. An old man who desired healing and he had an interpreter. I prayed for him. At the doctors office of all places. He was in a wheelchair. I had went back and I didn’t see him when he left but the office was really excited about a man from India that was wheelchair bound and he had walked out. I was astonished and I gave all glory to God. I was just a tool he had used. I didn’t do it but God did. I am always amazed by God and how he does things. He is able to interrupt the thought process and answer before I can finish thinking it. I stand in awe of his ways for they are much higher than our ways and I am thankful and am always amazed by God. To him I give all honor, glory and praise.

      6. Matthew 23 and 24 is all one story… Jesus (in ch. 23 was telling the scribes and pharisee that THEY were going to kill his disciples ..and while he was leaving them in the temple .. one disciple said something about the temple and then Jesus went up on the Mt. of olivet… Peter James John and Andrew followed Jesus and ask Jesus When is all of that stuff you told them Going To Happen. and when is the end coming ? Jesus said no one knows the day or hour BUT This Generation shall not pass till all if this is going to happen and everything I tell you now… I paraphrased but this IS WHAT Jesus said. The seven seal Judgments was cast upon those Hebrews untill there was not a single Hebrew to be found left alive through out the Promised Land ..FOR THEIR END of Days had come
        … The 70 weeks that were given to the children of Daniels people HAD come and WAS past.

      7. No man knows the time , day, or year when the Lord will come. It is foolish to say the world will end in 2028.

    4. Even though Jesus had a certain evial level of love for Peter, James and John, “The One whom he loved”, who is mentioned only in the book of John was not one of the 12, but was Lazarus (John 11:1-3).

      Jesus appeared [third appearance after his resurrection] to 7 disciples while they were fishing in the sea of Tiberias. John is one of the 5 disciples who are distinctly identified by name, but the one whom he loved is one of the other two who are not identified, to obscure this disciple’s identity (John 21:1-4)–and for good reason: this was his romantic partner. As it turns out, while the other disciples failed to recognise Jesus, it was this one who recognised him and alerted the others (John 21:7).

      When Jesus assigned Peter duties related to leading the disciples and the church just before Jesus ascended back to heaven, Peter was perplexed and annoyed about the one whom Jesus loved, knowing that the loved one was not part of the group that he was assigned to lead, but was more intimate to Jesus Peter asked what the role of that disciple was, but Jesus reprimanded him to mind his own business (John 21:20-22).

      Apparently, Peter was unaware that Jesus had introduced the one whom he loved to his mother saying, “Woman, behold, your son [in law]” and saying to the one whom he loved, “Behold, your mother [in law]” (John 19:25-27).

      Why would Jesus have introduced the disciple and his mother to each other in this fashion if it was John, who had his own mother, the wife of Zebedee, the father of John and James?

      It was this one whom Jesus loved who remained by Jesus’s side through Jesus’s arrest, prosecution and crucifixion while all the disciples under the charge of Peter fled. John, being inspired by Christ, actually fled to the Mount of Olives, where Christ revealed mysteries to him while Jesus of Nazareth was actually being crucified at Golgotha/ Calvary (google, The Acts Of John, Verse 97). And yes, Jesus Christ, the son of Yrue God, and Jesus of Nazareth, the son of the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, were identical but two separate individuals, just as True God and the Lord God are separate. Christ promoted Peter to be the oregect of the disciples and the foundation for realising this distinction (Matthew 16:13-20). By perceiving this distinction, Peter demonstrated that he had spiritually developed sufficiently for the Hoky Spirit to communicate directly with him, revealing mysteries to him; thus Christ promoted him.

      Jesus entrusted the care of his mother to the one whom he loved, Lazarus, because Lazarus was a very wealthy man, which John was not.

      The siblings Mary, Martha and Lazaras were the offsprings of Syro, the Duke of Syria and Echaria, aka Eucharis, who both reigned over several territories. These 3 siblings were very wealthy, which was how they were able to cater for the sustenance of Jesus and his entourage, and they had their own territories: Mary reigned over Magdala in Galilee, and she owned the tower or castle of Magdala, hence her epithet “Mary Magdalene”. Martha reigned over Bethany, where Jesus first met the rich, young, ruler, Lazarus (Mark 10:17-22). Lazarus owned the territory in which Jerusalem was built. This was why he was let into the courtyard with Jesus on Jesus’s way to be prosecuted while Peter was fotced to remain outside (Mark 14:51-54; John 18:15-16); Lazarus owned the place, and so he could go anywhere he desired in it.

      Because Jesus was intimate with Lazarus and Lazarus was so powerful and wealthy, Jesus felt comfortable jokingly casting him in a the parable where Lazarus was destitute, leprous and powerless eating crumbs from a rich man’s [Dives’s] table (Luke 16:19-32).

      In his real life, Lazarus deliberately gave up his wealth to charity and lived the life if a simple, destitute man as Jesus had advised him when they made acquaintance at Martha’s home in Bethany (Mark 10:17-22). Lazarus was so devoted to Jesus that while every disciple fled when Jesus was arrested, he was the only one that remaibed with him, only running away when the captors tried to capture him as well (Mark 14:50-52). Google “Secret Mark” for Jesus’s escapades with the one whom he loved.

      There is much, much more I could share on the mysteries, but I just wanted to clarify that the ONE whom Jesus loved, in a romantic way, was Lazarus, not John.

      1. You are are a liar and of the synagoge of satan. Satan the Lord rebuke you and the deciectful lies you are telling. May God have mercy on your soul.

      2. You must be out of your mind or an urgent of the devil.. Do not deceive people.
        The devil is out there to twist and deceive people. god forbid.

        Im in love with Jesus. He is in love with me
        ..Do not read the bible in flesh

      3. Hi

        You got the demonic lies from Da Vinci code.

      4. So very sad for you Derruc. You must live in a homosexual life. Someone has twisted the truth for selfish reasons. If someone has taught you this lie that you wrote, then RUN for your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You give your life to Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT will show you the truth!!! I am so very sorry for you Much needed prayers here fellow Christians!!! Father, i pray you will open Derruc’s understanding to your WORD. In Jesus name i pray!!!

      5. Pure garbage! Jesus never married nor had any romantic experiences. To say that he had a male lover is especially heinous blasphemy because he would be violating The Law, and He Himself said that he did not come to abolish the Law but came to fulfill it! That is that as the only sinless man He did not break even one of them and thus fulfilled their hithero unattainable requirements. Patrick is correct, you are of the synagogue of Satan; you are an antichrist and a stumbling block. Get behind me, Satan!

      6. Turn from the wickedness of calling Jesus a homosexual and turn from this sin yourself before it’s too late. God is not mocked. The Lord rebuke the devil and I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus.

      7. Your comments have no and I mean NO basis in scripture. The apostle John wrote of the spirtuality of Jesus. He got it, he understood what Jesus the Christ was teaching. In saying that Jesus’ love for John was physical is blasphemy because homosexuality is an abomination to God the father.

      8. The disciple Jesus loved and married was Mary.. It WAS the custom that a priest must be married. Their Priesthood began on their 30th birthday…. Jesus was called their Rabbi so he would have been married. He died in June of 26 AD, born end of Sept. 07 B.C. and Herod the Great tried to kill him a year or two o before he died in 04 B.C. Do the math.

        1. I believe Ye to be mistaken brother as the Lord offended No Man ( there are No real men here ) yet behold he offended ALL flesh for he did NOT fornicate ( thee original sin ) & the blood line ( if ye wish to argue ) was AND IS from David’s bloodline. Our savior, in the flesh ( by this material realms rules ) a son & seed of David ( as the Lord promised, so it IS & was done ) & in the spirit god’s only begotten son … we ALL knew this name for it is written I Am the roots & seed of David, I Am the bright & morning star.
          Behold that day of calamity commeth brother where the great serpent shall be ‘ cast ‘ into the pit & as written as the prophets spake, even if ye all hold hands….
          For men shall know pains of a woman who travels for one hour ( remember they can take 4 Xs the pain as they bring forth children )
          If ye do not believe this just behold our kingdom. The sperm, aquatic, amphibious, reptilian, then mammals <~ look & behold what is became of the 1st 4 especially in polluted areas.
          The tables in this “ marketplace “ HAVE been turned. Unlike our filthy, lying hearts
          ~ here’s Johnny ( rips vail ) let us bring in the new year & maybe perhaps they shall repent or just keep watching in wonder, believing they’ll be saved & that those gold rings of bondage shall hide anything from the fathers riders….

      9. complete rubbish, you are claiming a sinful Jesus, Get thee hence Satan!
        You will be held responsible for those you mislead.

      10. Jesus was not gay. Fornication has no place in the kingdom of God. Murderers, Fornication, liars will all be put away from Jesus. You have misinterpreted the scripture. That is messed up. Jesus was not gay.

    5. I believe John indeed was a faithful disciple of Christ and indeed the one that Peter refered to as the closest to him. And yes, exiled to the an island due to persecution and indeed visions written in the book of revelation. These visions deem Truth… The vision of the kingdom of God is a bit far fetched in some aspects. But indeed with Faith and works obedience to gods word there is a paradise awaiting for all who believe in Christ Jesus and god The father and that indeed a son was crucified and risen three days later that we each have a rebirth after death. This disciple John did indeed die or met his death while exiled…if Left he we would have been decapitated or hung as it is said “”cursed is a man that hangs from a tree””…and what is not written or known…cursed is is anyone beheaded before the spirit leaves the body in those times until about The 15 to 1600s

      1. I died a clinical death and I was gone for 2 minutes. I could see my body on the operating table but it had no meaning to me. I could see who was in there and who was doing what to bring me back. Then a light shown around my spirit and I went to heaven. I had not ever been saved yet when the operation gone wrong put me there and I tried to see the person speaking to me and it was not yet my time and I should not be there yet and I had to return to the earth. It was like I was sucked out like a vacuum and in my body. But it was a light of love. Love was what I felt and a pure love that we have never given nor gotten. I have loved and been loved much but nothing like the love of the light. I tried to see but the brightness of his glory was much too bright and all of heaven was lit up by his light of love. It took 3 and a half years to be saved. I went to the first night of a revival and for a split second I felt that love I knew in the light and I heard not the evangelist but I heard Jesus telling me to come up to him. I guess it was the altar call but I knew that voice and the same voice I knew in the light. I got saved then. I know his voice. I can hear him. He had told me to pick up his cross and follow him and I was ready to get up and go anywhere he said but he told me later to wait upon him. He has been teaching me the word of God for several years. I bet I have spent more time under his teaching than most read in seminary school. I spend time and lots of time in the word. I am being taught by the Holy Spirit. I am being prepared for the end times which are very near. I will have to overcome some physical health problems but I see some glorious things that will come. Miracles will take place. When God marks his people then the devil cannot touch us and we shall be light, and the devil will go after his own to keep them from knowing Jesus. Our testimony will get many of us killed. But I would rather die for Jesus than to reject him. I will never be silent nor hold back on testimony. There is power in our testimony. He will open the doors. I am doing what he has instructed me to do in the meantime for my time is not quite yet. But he has chosen me before I was ever born. He had given me a new name. When I read the scripture and ran across it I was dumbfounded by how he shows me things and it’s always in scripture and it will always back up what he says. I am just always amazed by God. I am always giving him praise even in the storms of life, I try to find something to be thankful for even when everything seems to crash around me, I still am thankful for the things that didn’t happen and could have happened. So I praise him even when I face the storms. It seems like it helps things too. I don’t know how he does all he does but I am thankful and amazed by God. I have had experiences with Jesus that nothing on this planet could ever do. I will never turn from him after the experiences that I have had. No drugs for I am older. He gives a high like no other way could ever do. When I wondered why he had chosen someone older, he had asked me how old was Abraham when he begat Isaac? I didn’t wonder any more. He has a plan and that I am very sure of. I am still in the school of the Holy Spirit. He can keep me busy reading.

        1. Thankyou for sharing your testamony. It is a great encouragement to me. Your always finding something to be grateful to God for and you consistent time spent in God’s Word is wonderful. May God bless you and keep you in your walk with Him

    6. One thing that I can see is that John took a bad situation and turned it into a Holy Ghost praise time too. God wants to get us alone so that he can tell us our purpose. John met Jesus and he told him to write a letter to the Churches. Are you in Patmos situation. Let’s seek God turn off T. Vs computers phone . instead of crying it’s a purpose in itBe

    7. Can any let me know who was the Pastor of the Church in Ephesus when John started to receive the Revelation…

      Sandeep Chauhan
      New Delhi.

  2. What was the culture on the prison island? What did they eat? How did they eat?

    1. I have had a hard time finding out the food John ate the ship he left patmos in. I know about the little book. The exact time john was on patmos. I read between 5 and 15 years. I am lost. Where can I get futher information that will help in my study.

  3. Is there any proof that when John fell somehow and God was putting the stars in place that He looked over His shoulder saw him fell and God made the star to fall out of His hand to catch John. I heard thisnstory from two total different preachers can someone help please

    1. No. That didn’t happen.

    2. That Doctrine is not in the Bible. Read Revelations 20:15

  4. Henry:
    Please read Genesis and find out the truth on how God spoke and the sun was placed in the sky. No where in scripture does it talk about John falling and God catching him. Hope that helps

  5. Where in the Bible is John set in the Coulton of boiling oil?

    1. That is not in the Bible but is in other accounts about John. Here is a link that refers to those later writings.

      1. It’s through some writing of a not verified or reliable source in Rome. Another account is that they poisoned him and he didn’t die. I don’t think that we will ever know exactly until we get to heaven and we will know things then. There will also be a great tribulation coming. We will rise up out of the great tribulation.

    2. At no place where it is written but if you are willing go and and fox book of myrtys these things takes place during the dark ages when Roman Catholic have take over the church persuting the saints for preaching the word of God under inspiration of the Holy spirit which was against what they believe acording to Roman catholic doctrine in those days

      1. WHEN the Roman Empire established the Universal Church (Catholicism).. Constantine divided the empire into seven districts, appointing each district one POPE. He then divided these seven into three Regions. The largest church in each region was given another pope having authority over church business in THAT district.. It was a BEAST with seven heads and ten crowns. The Emperor was the AUTHORITY over the church. Constantine then gave his palace to the Pope in Rome. The devil gave the beast his authority and his seat. And anyone that would not take the mark (call themselves Catholic) could not buy or sell. This happened in Feb. 380 A.D. when THIS church was officially named as the ONLY religion through out the Roman Empire. READ the history of the church… Martin Luther and all the other Protestant reformers understood this and proclaimed The Pope and Catholicism to be the beast described in Rev. 13…. They were using the day for a year method. (WRONG) In 539 BC Gabriel said, The Messiah will be killed after 62 weeks… 565 years Jesus was killed… A week in prophesy is 9.1129 years. A day is 1.30184… years. 42 months after Feb.380 would be (give or take a few months because a miscalculation of .0001 makes a big difference ) July of 2020. All of prophesy has been fulfilled except for the 7th trumpet and 7th vial judgment.

    3. john was poisoned and would not die and it was obvious his God was sparing his life so he was exiled to the isle of patmos to permanently dispose of him because of his teaching Gods word




  7. i believe in him as son of God ad
    whoever believes in him will not meet destruction by any means as far as you are among the choosen ones for his inheritance

    1. The Disciples believed Jesus was the Son of God too but they did meet with destruction by why of martyrdom. The demons also know that Jesus is the Son of God and we know that they will meet their destruction. Satan also knows and yet is said to be headed for the lake of fire.

      Christians are not the only ones knowing and declaring that Jesus is the son of God, because even the demons declare it.

      1. Yes, the demons know it, believe it and they shudder

    2. Is every person one of gods chosen or is it only oersons that ask god in our hearts

      1. No, not every person is chosen. God sent His only begotten Son Jesus that all who believe in Him would be saved and have eternal life. If a person does not turn his or her life over to Christ, they will have to face judgment.

      2. Asking God or Jesus to come into your heart is fantacy. To give your life to Christ, is to ask him to provide for you every day in every area of your life and your living. Faith is the name of the process by which God provides for us. It is this Faith that saves us. In allowing God to provide, he changes us and eventually resurrects the Christ within each man. To do otherwise is to deny Christ and not to believe is of the anti-Christ- all scriptural. .

        1. What you say is true except the fantacy (sic) part. When you declare Him Lord of your life and believe God is real you receive a new recreated spirit, which resides in the center of your being (your spiritual heart). And yes, faith is the foundation of our hope in the promises and counsel of God.

  8. Does anyone know how long did John The Divine spend on Patmos?

    1. Yes. He was on the Isle of Patmos, only about a year, and then wrote down, all that he had seen in visions, in Ephesus. Imprisoned in,,AD95, and released in AD96.

  9. How could John have been born 6 a.d. And been with Jesus as the one most loved? This is confusing me.

    1. That would make John a few years younger than Jesus. This is John the Apostle, not John the Baptist, Jesus cousin born a few months before Jesus.

      1. Both John the Baptist (son of Elizabeth – Jesus’ mother’s cousin – and Zechariah) AS WELL AS John the disciple/apostle (born of Salome – Jesus’ mother’s sister – and Zebedee) were cousins of Jesus.

    2. I read where Jesus was born about 3 AD which would have made him 3 years older than John the Apostle. But the BC and AD calendar confuses me, too.

      1. It is confusing mainly because of switching to the Gregorian calendar. Because of some pretty solid historical facts Jesus was born probably between 4 and 6 BC. That in itself is confusing (bc)!
        I am amazed by many of the postings on this Revelation subject, most of which don’t seem to follow scripture at all.

    3. John was born 6 a.d means that Jesus was older to John for 6 years. In Christ Ministry , He called John and James to follow Him. Because John had contemplated much about the grace and love of Jesus, the Bible teaches us that early life of John was bad. he was called the son of thunder. Because of taking time to be close to Jesus , He went on experiencing life transforming power from the word of God in the mouth of Jesus. Later John became an intimate friend of Jesus everywhere Christ was. It is the same like me and you , as soon as you get closer to Jesus in prayer and constant study of the Bible , you will become like Jesus. God bless you !!!

    4. You are right to question. BC means Before Christ and AD means After Death of Christ Jesus.

      1. The Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Father God in the flesh is a time of itself in between BC and AD. What Indescribable and cannot be compared Living Lord and Saviour Father God and Christ Jesus the Spirit of Truth. Amen.

      2. Not after death, Latin anno domini, Year of the Lord, because all the years of the world belong to our Lord since is birth. Now they try to change it to C. E, for common era because they want to deny that these are the years of the Lord.

      3. A.D. is Latin for “Anno Domini” which translates as “in the year of our Lord”. This is a pretty common mistake. If it meant “After Death,” then would we call the years between His birth and His death?

        1. You have wrong information. Anno Domini means after the birth.

      4. Anno Domini= after the birth.

  10. Thanks

  11. Was John able to see when he was at the island of potmas ?

  12. Atlist i’ve learnt something…Thanks

  13. A really informative moment. Keep it up and God reveal more for us.

  14. How old was John when
    he arrived at Patmos?

    1. I read where John was exiled about 81 AD, but didn’t get the revelation until 95 AD and died in Ephesus about 100 AD.

  15. People for all of time have tried to understand the Revelation of John… not just the symbolism, but the message. What is amazing to me is that this is taking place right here, right now… all that was to “come to pass” is coming to pass…. and the message is just as real today as it’s ever been. When we see these things we are to look up, for our redemption draws near. I believe with my spirit and soul that it is very nigh. Thank you for your words of understanding.

    1. I respect your opinion but I don’t believe it’s accurate. Those living in the first century AD were told they were living in the last days and the end was near. The question is: The end of what? The Old Covenant age is the focus of eschatology. It came to an end shortly after the completion of the New Testament. That age ended in AD 70. We are not living in the last days! Great news!

      1. Hebrews 9:16

      2. That is a belief that many hold but it is not true. The book of Revelation was written after 70 “AD and nothing that happened in 70 AD fits any of the prophesies of the Old Testament, much less the New. God reveals His Word to those who search it and study it. The idea that the Covenant of Grace only lasted 40 years is stretching God’s Word by just a couple of thousand years.

  16. Many scholars believe Jesus was born at 4 BC, as a Monk merely guessed at the year of His birth. But judging by Leaders at the time of His birth, that guess was off by a few years. It was the will of God for John to have a long life, as he had much to accomplish in writing the Gospels and Revelation. John was younger than Jesus by about ten years..and lived to be nearly 100.

  17. Do we know if John was on Patmos with other prisoners and what type of mining were the prisoners bound to? Also what would he have sustained himself with I am looking to present to my students and would like to paint a picture of what life might have been like for John. Thank you, God Bless you.

  18. did mary the mother of Jesus died as other apostle or she was assumed into haven?

    1. The Bible does not say. I have to refer you to your pastor since we are only qualified to respond to historical questions.

    2. She was human and she died.
      No record but common sense. It is given unto man once to die and then comes judgement.

  19. Revelation is not a prediction of the future. John was writing directly about what was going on in Rome and its provinces at the time. He was responding to the cultural, political and economic climate where Jew believers of Christ were accommodating Rome imperial cult worship at Trade guild events in order for political and economic advancement. He was Palestinian Jew who professed Jesus as Isreal’s Messiah much like the James, Jesus brother, and Peter. The first part of Revelation is a direct polemic against Pauline tradition omitting the Torah requirements for converted Gentiles. Having a vast knowledge of the Hebrew bible, he makes allusions in to stories only insider Jews would know, converted Gentiles would not have made the connection. Case in point, Rev 2:14 and the reference to Balaam and Balak in Numbers. converts would not have made the connection. He also ues Pauls exact wording when he speaks about stumbling blocks for believers that Paul uses in in I Corinthians 8. He sets up his writing much like Paul does, by claiming the information is reveled by Christ. He also follows the prophetic tradition of declaring the word of God found in the Hebrew Prophets, Thus says…
    Lastly, John is almost writing his fantasy on how Yom Yahweh takes place with the Chirst figure. the day of atonement that Amos references. What is very clear once the taken the time to actually study the book, the overarching message John is making that Jesus Christ is the Israelite Messiah.

    The dangers of not understanding John of Patmos, his world and his traditions has lead to the book of Revelations being one of the most misunderstood, miss used books in the new testament. Starting with the misuse to influence the early church in the second century.

    1. You are correct! If one would only study context, learn when John wrote his Revelation, which was approximately AD 68, and how it aligns with the coming destruction of the temple just two years later, one would start to understand that Revelation has nothing to do with us in the 21 century western Christianity, but for the AD 70 converts from Judaism to followers of Christ, that were reverting to the Old Covenant, of which, Revelation admonishes them.

      1. This does make some sense because the seven lampstands were the seven churches all in the same region close to each other in what is now western Turkey.
        However, I believe all those letters written to the churches in the New Testament were intended for all the churches to come as well. There were specific messages for the churches. What modern church now does not need those messages, even the messages in Revelation?

    2. Few of the events seen by John have come to pass. While some may be applied to his personal era, the worlds Oceans have not turned to blood; 1/3 of the fish have not died; 1/3 of the people have not died and a burning star the size of a mountain has not hit the Earth. Just saying…

  20. Did John have to do hard labor with the other prisoners while he was in Pathmos?

  21. Did John have his eyes plucked out as alleged by most people and if yes, at which point did it happen?

  22. In preparing my book, I have noticed that ‘Bibles”, while believed to be the “Word of God” by many, have been systematically edited/modified over the years. No, I am not talking about the various translations, I am talking about references being made, then omitted later. Years ago, the Book of Revelation was entitled:
    “The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ as Given to John the Beloved, an Apostle of Jesus Christ while in exile on the Isle of Patmos”

    Attempt to locate a bible with that information on the ‘Book of Revelation!

    The original meaning of “Apocalypse” was to Reveal; to make known something hidden. The Apocalypse of Jesus( ‘ ) Christ is the revealing of the resurrected Christ in the Believers- those who are Alive in the Earth! This is what occurred in the Upper Room, as well as receiving the Holy Spirit. What the Apostles received has been conveniently omitted in most Bibles today!!

    One is only “alive” if Christ has been resurrected within. That spiritual life is the only ‘life’ God acknowledges. These have their names written in the Book of LIfe. The remainder of humanity will be destroyed and eventually will be judged and cast into hell – around 6-7 billion people.

    The Bible, an most other information from the time of Jesus has been omitted, edited and changed until little remains today of the Truth. The Bible still says that ‘… anyone that denies that Jesus’ Christ has come in the flesh is of the anti-Christ…’ Note the tense of the word ‘Jesus’ , it is possessive. That simple punctuation mark has been omitted throughout the New Testament, which changes the Gospel and ignores the Truth. Obviously Christians, their Church, their literature, their religion etc, etc is of the Anti- Christ. Sorry – but do you know the “Truth”? Jesus was the Truth, the Reality of God’s plan for all his children- the resurrection of Christ, the anointing of every man- exactly as Jesus was anointed!! The End… Freely received, freely given:

    1. Please do not omit the email address. I am more than willing to converse with anyone who is sincere and hungry. Thanks much

  23. Some people say 7 is the perfect number of the Lord God, 7 times 7 forgiveness, 7 angels, 7 churches, 7 days, 77 is the symbol of the cross…for me yes it make sense. In the Bible, GOD created earth in 7 days and on the 7th he rested. So that means Earth is only 7 days old to God? but some said 1,000 years mans time equals to 1 day God’s time? what do you think? and yet in Science, scientists mentioned billions of years old here and there? how can a man measured billion years old? while in the Bible before? man can only live up to 900 years old or so? does it make sense? me I think Earth is only 7,000 years old? and we are only in 2,000 years old, right? 2018…So that means, If a man now a days can live up to 101 or so then the 7 days work of GOD make sense?, Me as an artist I like peoples idea and comments right or wrong who knows? at the end of our time, where are you going to be? floating in the air? In Heaven? in hell? Only God Jesus Christ can judge right? I cannot judge anyone in this world or comments against anyone? but I just want to praise God my Creator and my salvation that’s all I know…the rest is up to you brothers and Sisters. Now read and study about the story of Noah? on which tribe you came from or which of Noah’s sons you belong?, wow that’s interesting you think? please share it to me when you have time? God Bless you all!

  24. There is absolutely 0 evidence to support that John was captured and banished under the rule of Domitian. There is however evidence to argue he was banished under Nero.

    1. Nice but can you tell me what it is please? I have been looking all day without result other than John would be knocking on 90 by Domitians day… I cannot see the Romans sending a 90 year old to a work camp xsomehow… But in Neros day hed have been nearly 60 which makes sense…

  25. John was also called ‘Salt Mine John’. Researchers believe that sodium fumes which John inhaled at the salt mine caused him to have the visions.
    Most actually what is written in the Bible is fiction and just stories made up by illiterate, poor and downtrodden people at a time when story telling was the only way of expressing yourself. All religions are the creation of man – man created gods, not gods that created man. Just sit still for a moment and think you will realize that religion caused more wars, discontent and strife in this world than anything else also, THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH WORLD WIDE IS THE RICHEST ORGANIZATION THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN with as many millionaires in charge than in business houses…Mega Churches spouting just a lot of nonsense.

    1. What nonsense from someone whose mind seems to have been damaged by living in this toxic culture of the Western world presently being led by the USA . May the LORD of all heal you and allow you to see the Truth who was expressed to all in the flesh and blood of Yeshua.

  26. If you read the Bible, you would have a much different opinion. In any library, Find 56 books written by 40 authors over 1500 years that agree. The Bible does. If you study the Book of Isiah you will find it explains the bible. The book of Isiah also explains Christ’s crucifiction hundreds of years before crucifiction was used as a means of punishment. Read about the Dead Sea Scrolls, the book of Isiah is there, not fiction, not opinion, fact. I pray you find Christ before it is too late. May GOD Bless you.

  27. I need to disagree with one of the 1st statements made about John on Patmos. You have him listed as being born about 6 A.D. Simply impossible if he was a disciple of Jesus. You can’t be friends with someone if your born after they died.

    1. Different accounts indicate that Jesus was born between 1 AD and 4 AD. Jesus was 2 to 6 years older John.

    2. 6 A.D. means that John was born 6 years after Jesus was born, making him only 6 years younger.
      A.D. (Anno Domini) means after the birth, not after death.

    3. Please read comments about what ad means. It doesn’t mean after death. I thought that too. Aloha!!

  28. That me and was punnished over and over again.
    Locked down for lies others told about me.
    Laughed at constantly.
    Looked at as the lowest of Lows,one could be.
    I was not taken seriously.
    Nor was I treated like I mattered to anyone.
    All my friends who were in jail with me, mocked me,made fun of me.
    The turn keys were at times unbarable.
    I was picked on when normally I was popular.
    Others stole from me while I was in there.
    I was so sick and was put in confinement for it.
    But I just kept pushing through this time as I knew it wasn’t forever.
    I made goals to read my Bible,so many chapters a day and night.
    I took notes and tried to dissect the Bible so to say.
    And one day I was just flipping through the Page’s and looking at the pictures in this (jail Bible) and seen a picture of a man who had a drug problem who’s life story was much like mine, But he had been saved and released from all his nasty habits.
    I had not yet.
    I got hope seeing this,and started asking God to help me.
    if he was really real,is what I said to him to please show how to see him as real.
    Because at that point in my life I had went away from truly believing in what I needed to believe,which was….
    * (there is only one God)!!!
    *(One son)….!!!!
    * And there was a Holy Spirit I needed to meet!!!!!!!
    But I still hadn’t got it by the time I was released from jail.
    So I got out of jail and was homeless, I had nobody to call and nobody to help left in my life.allni had was money and my vehicle and my boyfriend.
    My car was broken and had to be fixed just to drive it.
    My daughter who was 19 at the time,was posing as a deranged Lesbian and is quite a bit of the narcissist, insisted on going with me even though I had nowhere to go and only a small amount of money to servive and figure it out.
    She in a very weird way took over my money my time my life and my vehicle.
    The money ran out and I still had nowhere to go and I could not even get a cheaper hotel room to put a roof over my head at this point.
    So I lost hope again.
    I started using again and overdosed and had to be revived.
    Then our friends came from out of nowhere and talked us into going to get dope,and on the way back was set up to go back to jail.
    But I wasn’t arrested my husband was for a second time.
    I was crying and didn’t know what to do.
    The police took my husband who was my boyfriend at the time to jail and this time in a different county.
    My car was impounded also in a different county.
    My two friends had a ride arranged to pick them up,well this is what they told me when I asked them with tearful eyes where they was going as they just left me there alone and they said they already had someone waiting on them down the road.
    We were miles and miles away from our own home town.
    It was then I realized my friends had set us up.
    * I deserved this for putting my faith in my friends and not the Lord.
    The arresting officers were careless as could be with absolutely no care for my distress.
    They was even going to make me walk alone to my mother’s house in the middle of the night being over 30 miles away.
    Until I begged them for a ride and made them realize how far that walk would be for me with no home’s around to even ask for help should a wild animal approach me,and of course telling them I would Lodge a Lawsuit if something happened to me due to being left like an animal out in the middle of nowhere.
    Because I had no clue as to where I even was due to the two friends who were telling us directions as to where to go to get back to our own home town before being pulled over at a block in the road that seemed to be there just for my car.
    Truly I believe the Lord helped me get one of those police officers to take me, Because they truly wasn’t going to.
    When I got to my mother’s house my father was mad I was there,so this upset my mother and due to life’s long battle in my relationship with my motherand father, my mother left me and my daughter who who had a death grip on me in the next town the very next day.
    She took us to a house my daughter’s friend in which my daughter asked to be taken.
    My daughter took too long inside the house my mother took us too and so mother told me to go in and tell her to hurry or she would leave.
    But when I went to this door to knock
    To tell my daughter to come on I was let in by whoever answered the door.
    I went to find my daughter.
    No sooner than I found her and told her what my mother had said,we walked outside and on seen my mother taking off in her vehicle.
    So I ran down the road screaming please wait I’m here.i found her.dont leave me please!!!!!
    But she kept on going.
    I had no vehicle and wasn’t dressed for the cold weather we had that evening.
    I had no money.
    No place to go and nobody to call.
    I walked to my grandmother’s house and my daughter with me we ran into. Man who we knew, A friend.
    We told him waht just happened and that we had been stranded,with no hope at all.
    He said we could come stay at his apartment.
    Normally I would never had done that but I had absolutely no other place to go so I went with my daughter to this man’s house.
    I was lonely and broken and my boyfriend was gone to jail.
    I ha no vehicle to get around and it was raining cold rain.
    But this man who helped with palace to Saturday was up to nogood!
    He had an appartment full of drugs and people from my past there too and his and his father’s intentions were to get me in the sack.
    When they realized I would not give my body to them as they desired our stay there turned very sour.
    I noticed people talking in secret to ech other.
    Their body language showed their fowl intent.
    They went outside and called the police on us lied and told them we were not invited to stay in their home but that we just came and stayed.
    They (my friends) did this calling the police thing while I was in the tub taking the hot relaxing bath they told me to take because after what had happened to me I deserved to just relax.
    I had no clue they were calling the police and lying to them,I thought they cared about me and us my daughter and I….
    Boy was I so wrong!!!
    I should have known but for some reason I wasn’t thinking the way I normally would.
    I was ripped out of the tub naked, humiliated and like a wet dog.
    And made to leave with my daughter and they would not let me get what little belongings I had with me because they weren’t where I put them before taking that enviting bath I was talked into taking.
    Someone had stollen my thing’s because they knew the police were coming they were hoping to have me arrested but I was not arrested I was just told to leave after all they could not arrest me if I had been envited which I was and thank God all mighty I had the text to show them where I had been begged to go stay there, actually convinced to come there and to stay.
    So no arrest was made.
    I left mad but thankful for not going back to jail.
    I walked to my grandmother’s house again crying halfway clothed and wet in cold weather,with wet hair and a 19yr old daughter who would not leave.
    I called my mother again and cried and begged for help and she came and got us and took us back to her home.
    My daughter’s girlfriend, came to my mother’s and had a ride to take me to make money to get my car out if inpoundment. I was also forced to try making the money to bail my boyfriend out of jail.
    I worked so hard to gather up the cash to do these things and was able to get my car out of inpoundment, so my mother took me to the town where my boyfriend was in jail,and my car was impounded.(to get my).
    On the way my mother told me, to just shut up and stop crying!!!
    This brine me as I was already broken and alone.
    I had almost died 3 days before this due to an overdose of Herion.
    I Thank God I was revived!!!!!!!
    But the feeling of loneliness and being stressed alongside the fact of being stranded with no money nobody and no hope.(got to me)
    I seen the world for what it really is and could not take it.
    This was the woman who gave birth to me and if she can’t care why should I is what was going through my Head.
    I was a total and utter failure to myself and my life and my family but especially my kid’s.
    I could not see the light at the end of the conclusion I had made up in my own Mind!!!!
    My mom stopped at a Burger King in that town I just payed with hard earned what I call “blood money”to get my car out of the inpoundment Yard, she had me follow her because she didn’t know how to drive in a bigger town’s and was afraid to o alone and wanted me to follow her so I did.
    But the whole time I was in despair!
    I was in between this world and my depression.
    And could not brake Free from Sadness, Loneliness, abandonment…etc
    Soni told her to go on in and I would wait in my broken car for her to get back out and that we could just go on to her home right after and I told her the roads in which we would be taking so if anything happened she would not get lost.
    In the back of my head I realized I had dope on me and I just wanted to die!!!
    I felt it would be best for everyone but most of all would end my suffering.
    I looked at the amount of what I had and decided that was best.
    So I made a syringe packed full of the last of what I had into one shot and I decided it was not enough because too many times I had been saved and I didn’t want to be saved anymore it was just too painful!!! So I began to search my vehicle for anything many dropped in the arrest of my boyfriend not knowing if.i was even going to find anything at all but I did!!!
    The Devil work’s to help us destroy ourselves in ways we can not imagine in our human mind’s!!!!!!
    No sooner than I started looking,,, out dropped a syringe already made up and packed that my boyfriend had hidden just before he was arrested.
    “Ready to go it was”
    I seen it as another sign to just go ahead and do it, because I didn’t deserve to live.
    I didn’t deserve my kids, I didn’t deserve love, kindness or anything good, warm or nice.
    Knowing I had already taken in too much for the first shot I would surely die if I did this one too.
    And I did…
    The girl with my daughter came out of Burger King to check on me for my daughter, little did my daughter know I had overdosed and was dying already.
    The girl seen this as an opportunity to steal all my money and drugs and cigarettes.
    As I layed there not being able to defend myself not being able to move a muscle she took everything out if my braw in which I had on me, telling me how sorry she was to be doing this at a time like this and that she will go get help as soon as she found it all.
    I told her I don’t want help I didn’t want to live anymore.
    She said I’ll wait a few minutes to tell them then after I go inside.
    Everything got dark I felt life fade away from me and before I knew it I was being woke up in an ambulance from deaths grip on me.
    I could not believe this!!!! I was so angry and upset to be Alive!!
    I immediately started screaming a scream I have never done before nor even ever heard before the EMT,s must have thought that very same thing because the man who was working on me to bring me back said ” My God” this is a first!!!!
    It will he just fine!! Your ok we saved you.
    I smacked his hands and rolled over and I don’t want to be ok!!!!!!
    I didn’t want to be saved!!!!!!
    Would you do this I’m No Good!!!!!!
    You shouldn’t have done this you should have just left me alone it what I wanted!
    He asked me why I felt that way….
    I told him, because it’s true.
    He said you did this to die???
    I said yes.
    He said why???
    I said because I’m a mess and can’t get better I’m a mess up and can not be fixed! Please please just let me. Die! As I cried whelmed tear’s and sobbed as if someone I loved alot had just died.
    H looked at the man there helping him and said yup this truly is a first for me.
    He said not on my watch, if I can help it.
    He said it’ll be okay, I’m going to get you some help just lay back and rest we will take care of the rest.
    I remember just rolling over shaking my head in disbelief to be alive.
    I could not understand how I was I had taken two grams of Herion inside if two shots within 10 minutes.
    (I shouldn’t be alive today)
    I know this
    I had to have help to walk with a belt due to being unstable.
    They told me they gave me 3 shots of narcan when they were only supposed to give 2.
    They gave me 2 more in the hospital once I got there back to abck and woke me all the way up.
    My mother came in crying and told me she doesn’t Love me and that she knows I did this intentionally, but wanted to know why.
    I had no answers for her to soothe her mind so I just lated there.
    She told me how my daughter came out to the parking lot after her friend told her I was overdosing and tried to save me but I died anyway while my daughter did CPR on me never being taught this Technic is what kept me sustainable for the EMTs when they had arrived, this is what the EMTs told my mother.
    (My poor daughter)
    I felt even more worse and still don’t know how to make it up to her for that moment in time.
    My daughter to this day is angry at me for that day.
    This has changed her too
    For the worse.
    Yet still that was not enough!
    I was released from the hospital and went to my mother’s and my boyfriend was released from jail a few days later.
    I said I would not us no more because that was too hard not to die when intended.
    My mother would not let my boyfriend stay there and said if I was staying with him that I had to go too so once more I was left out in the cold with no place to lay my head, forced to stay at my boyfriend’s Brothers home where I again was stolen from and taken for all I could be taken for and still weak from just dying and being revived,shocked back to life and all, confused and desolate.
    After a couple of weeks go by living from place to place going through terrible terrible thing’s emotionally, spirituality,and physically, I finally was able to get my own place again.
    This is the place I found God at!!!!!
    My first week living in this apartment I noticed my youngest sons use of a Drug that was destroying him!!!!!!
    This killed me even more.
    I begged him to stop using it and told him the truth to what it was doing to him and he heard me. I watched him battle this demon and it was a hard hard watch to do.
    I almost lost him.
    This opeaned up the deppresion hole and poured out salt into it for me.
    And one again I was more lost than ever imaginable.
    I began to Pace back and forth in my long hallway and talking out loud to God not knowing exactly who I was talking to yet had a sense. I began to debate with myself my life’s decisions, actions, and feeling’s….
    On the second day still pacing back and forth in my hallway debating….not eating not even knowing I wasn’t eating….third day still no eating and only realized I hadn’t ate much for a whole month but water sips when my son started crying to me that I hadn’t ate anything in weeks and I would die if I didn’t…he told me to look in the mirror at myself I did and seen a demon staring back at me laughing in my face telling me I’m no good and to just look at me.
    To go finish myself off and do the world a favor!!!
    *That it was time.
    Yes I actually seen it…(the demon who had controlled my life for so long!
    I was so scared of my own self knowing what was truly inside me!
    This demon told me to look at my skin and I did I seen sores all over my body and leasions forming on my back ( this was very real) not only I could see if but everyone in my home saw it.
    I instantly began to say how so very sorry I was crying with my whole heart and soul!!!
    Screaming at God saying,oh God I’m so sorry!!! I didn’t know or maybe I did just my pain in this world was too much to bare.
    My skin was pushing out keytones through my skin from not caring enough about myself to eat.
    I weighed so little compared to what I should be.
    I looked like a demon and my poor body had been wasted away.
    I said Lord please please forgive me for all I had ever done!!!
    And I meant it.
    I said if your truly truly real please I beg you to just show me something anything so I can move towards you.
    I was sincere!!!
    I truly meant it all that I was saying!!!
    And after that 3rd day the sun came up and shined through my window blinds in a way I had never in my life seen before!!! This unfamiliar light came into my eyes and went down through my body and out through the tippy top of my toes!!!
    I felt my body life up and rise in the air and then I felt it drop so hard as if made to bow daown and worship the Lord who I just knew because he told me so.
    I repented and the Lord changed me to a new person!!!
    I thought how easy this was yet why did I see this so hard before?!?!?!
    I had questions and the Lord answered them all with an answer I was pleased and so much was taken from me that I literally felt I had no body weight at all that if I took one tiny step I would fly off into the air maby outerspace!!!!!
    One week had passed…7 days!!!
    And still I could feel myself walking with Jesus!!!
    This made me feel such sadness for the people still lost of this old world!!
    Also for some reason I felt like I was a hidden secret of the Lord that soon and I mean very very soon he would be coming for me to marry me to be the husband I’d never had before!!!
    This made me feel so good like I had actually been picked by someone for who I truly am and can be without all the bad stuff.
    I stopped smoking cigarettes that moment and using drugs was not a thought in my mind anymore…the only thing I wanted was to be with Jesus.
    I have so much more to tell but as anyone can see I’ve been writing for 3 hours…..
    God is too good to us!!!
    Please do not take him for granted!!!
    I was an atheist at this point in my life and a Devil worshipper!!!
    I also worshiped money,drugs,sex,and crime!!!
    I envied people not our Father in heaven like I do now.
    You can not know what I’m trying to say unless you have had it yourself! God message to me was to let them know he is so angry and disappointed at humans actions!!!!!!!!!!!
    He said he is. Coming soon and he meant it!!! He told me to go get ready because he is coming and soon!!! Sooner than we think and this is not a joke!!!
    Satan did not want me to tell this story he has interrupted my writing of this so much to day making it almost impossible to get out to anyone.
    I feel this is not only because it’s my testimony to help others but because I have backslid and am smoking cigarettes I am asking for prayers as many as I can get to help me through this that I can get out of this backseat and back to my Lord God, Son, Holy spirit.
    I no longer watched TV as I seen demon’s in ever face it would go from on to the next and there are so many around us.
    God opened my eyes all the way I see it all now and understand the reasoning…..
    Cern is something I’ve never known to even exist yet he showed this to me as being another tower to heaven that needs to be tore down as it is destruction of man kind as we know it.
    Project Blue beam as well…
    Depopulation project…
    Immunation shots for children….
    My eyes were opened so much to so much more than I ever knew was possible to be done by any human…
    Please pray for me to get to where I need to be.
    I fear it’s close to being too late as he himself told me he’s already on his way!!
    I love you Lord
    Signed;Brandy Hottenstine

  29. Have any of you dear people considered that the end of the WORLD is the end of evil? Jesus said his kingdom was NOT of this WORLD. St. John didn’t disappear when the NEW world was revealed to him; he saw it clearly right where he was and it contained no evil, no death, nor sorrow, no crying, and nothing could enter that could defile or make a lie. As with Moses, all of God’s goodness passed before John’s spiritual vision. Jesus’ entire teaching and demonstrations of healing were to let us know how wonderful God’s world of Reality is and the path to it is agape, mercy, goodness, peace, charity, loving kindness, etc.Otherwise what cause have Christians to believe, “The Eternal God is our refuge and Underneath are the everlasting arms?” Made in God’s image how could God’s creation have a beginning and an end. We are pre-existent eternal beings with a loving Father-Mother God. guiding us home as we listen and obey.

  30. Nowhere in the gospel will you find 3 wise men, thats made up. There were however wise men that came bearing three kinds of gifts. And no sheep were involved, they were Maggi not shepherds.

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